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Designation Code for Harmonized Cables-

according to DIN VDE 0281/0282/0292

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
H 07 V C V2 H - K 25 G 1.50
Ident Volta Insulatio Structural Jacket Special Conductor No. Ground sqmm
Ificat ge n element Structural type Of conductor
Ion element cor

1: Identification of designation
A: Authorized national standard
H: Harmonized Standard

2: Nominal Voltage U
01 :100V
03: 300/300 V
05: 300/500 V
07: 450/750 V

3: Insulation Material
B: (EPR)
G: (EVA) Ethylene-Vinylacetate-Copolymer
N2: (CR) Chloroprene rubber for welding cables
R: (NR/SR) Natural or synthetic rubber
S : (SiR) Silicon rubber
V2: PVC – HR
V3: PVC – Low temperature
V4 : PVC – cross linked
Z: (PE) Polythene cross-linked

4: Structural Elements
C: Shielding
Q4: (PA) Additional polyamide conductor jacket
T: Additional textile braiding over laid up conductors
T6: Additional textile braiding over individual conductors

5: Jacket Material
J: Glass fiber braid
N: (CR) Chloroprene rubber
N2: (CR) Chloroprene rubber for welding cables
N4: (CR) Chloroprene rubber HR
Q: (PUR) Polyurethane
R: (NR/SR) Natural or synthetic rubber
T: Textile braid
T2: Textile braid with flame retardant compound
V2: PVC – HR
V3: PVC – Low temperature
V4 : PVC – cross linked
V5: PVC – Oil resistant

6 – Special Structural features

D3: Stress-relieving elements (support wires)
D5: Center conductor (No supporting element)
FM: Telecommunication conductor integrated in power cables
H: Flat separatable cable (Twin)
H2: Flat, non-separatable cable (Two conductor shielded cable)
H6: Flat, non-separatable cable (multi and multiple shielded cable)
H7: Two Layer insulating jacket
H8: Spiral cables

7 – Conductor type:
D: Finely stranded, for welding cables
E: (very) finely stranded, for welding cables
F: (Very)Finely stranded, for fixed installation
H: (Very) finely stranded, for flexible cables
K: Finely stranded, for cables for fixed installation
R: Multiple-wire, round, class 2
U: Single-wire, round class 1
Y: Tinsel wire, DIN 47104

8 – Number of conductors

9 – Ground conductor
G: With Ground conductor
X: Without Ground conductor

10 – CS Area in mm²

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
H 07 V - K 2.50
Harmonized PVC-insulated single conductor cable, 2.5 mm², nominal voltage 750V
Designation Codes

Identification of Insulation & Sheath Materials

Designation B Ethylene-propylene rubber
A authorised national (EDR) +90°C
standard B2 Ethylene-propylene rubber
H harmonised standard (EDR), hardened
B3 Butyl rubber
Nominal Voltage E Polyethylene
01 100 V E2 Polyethylene, high density
03 300/300 V E4 Poly-tetrafluorethylene
05 300/500 V E5 Eethylene propylene rubber
07 450/750 V E6 Ethylene tetrafluorethylene
E7 Polypropylene
Structural Elements G Ethylene-vinylacetate (EVA)
- Concentric Conductors J Glass fibre braiding
A Concentric aluminium J2 Glass fibre wrapping
conductor M Mineral insulation
A6 Concentric aluminium N Chloroprene rubber (CR)
conductor, meander-shaped N2 Chloroprene-rubber (CR),
C Concentric copper- welding cable
conductor N4 Chlorinated polyethylene
C6 Concentric copper- N5 Nitril-rubber
conductor, meander-shaped N6 Fluorinated rubber
C9 Divided concentric N7 PVC nitril rubber compound
copper conductor N8 Polychloroprene rubber,
- Screen water resistant
A7 Aluminium screen P Impregnated paper
A8 Aluminium screen, insulation
individual conductors Q Polyurethane (PUR)
C4 Copper braid screen Q2 Polyethyleneterephthalate
C5 Copper braid screen, Q3 Polystyrole
individual conductors Q4 Polyamide
C7 Copper tape screen Q5 Polyamide
C8 Copper tape screen, Q6 Polyvinylidene fluoride
individual conductors R (NR, SR) natural or synthetic
D Screen of one or more rubber
thin steel tapes S (SIR) silicone rubber
- Armouring T Textile braiding
Z2 Armouring of round steel T2 Textile braiding with flame
wires retardant
Z3 Armouring of flat steel T3 Textile conductor wrapping or
wires tape
Z4 Armouring of steel tape T4 Textile conductor wrapping or
Z5 Braiding of steel tape, flame retardant
wires T5 Corrosion protection
Z6 Supporting braid of steel T6 Textile braiding over
wires individual conductor or cable
Z7 Armouring of sectional V PVC
steel wires V2 PVC soft, resistant to
Y2 Armouring of round increased temperature, +90°C
aluminium wires V3 PVC soft, for low
Y3 Armouring of flat temperatures
aluminium wires V4 PVC soft, cross-linked
Y5 Armouring of special V5 PVC soft, oil resistant
materials X Cross-linked polyethylene
Y6 Armouring of steel wires Z Cross-linked compound,
and/or tape and copper wires LSZH
Z1 Thermoplastic compound,
Conductor Material LSZH
w/o designation Copper
-A Aluminium Note: for details in insulation
-Z Special material and/or properties, please refer to:
special shape - Cable Insulation Properties

Special Design Features

- Supporting Structures
D2 Textile or steel wires
over cable conductor
D3 Textile elements
stranded in conductor cable
D4 Self-supporting cables
and wires
D5 Central conductor
- Special Versions
w/o designation round cable
H Flat type as separable
cables with or without jacket
H2 Flat type of cables not
H3 Building Cable, flat
H4 Multi conductor flat
cable with one plain
H5 Two or more single
conductor stranded, non-
H6 Flat cables with 3 or
more conductors
H7 Cable with two-jacket
extruded insulation
H8 Coiled conductor

Conductor Type
-D fine wire stranded for
welding cables
-E extra fine wire stranded
for welding
-F fine wire stranded for
flexible cables
-H extra fine wire stranded
for flexible cables
-K fine wire stranded
conductor for fixed
-M Milliken conductor
-R conductor of multi
stranded wires
-S sector-shaped conductor
of multi stranded wires
-U round conductor of
single wire
-W sector-shaped conductor
of single wire
-Y tinsel conductor
-Z conductor of special

Protective Core
G with green/yellow earth
X without earth conductor
- See more at: