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CH6701 Chemical Reaction Engineering - II


1. Define Catalysis.
2. What is catalyst promoter?
3. What is catalyst inhibition?
4. What is impregnation process?
5. What is semiconductor in catalyst?
6. List the general characteristics of catalysis.
7. What is homogeneous catalysis? Give one example.
8. Does a catalyst alter equilibrium conversion of a chemical reaction? Explain.
9. Define adsorption and adsorbent.
10. What is Chemisorption?
11. Explain two characteristics of physical adsorption.
12. What do you mean by adsorption isotherm?
13. Explain Knudsen diffusion.(NOV/DEC 2013)
14. Distinguish between Knudsen diffusion and Bulk diffusion.
15. Write short notes on surface diffusion.
16. Define Effective diffusivity. (May 2015) / (NOV/DEC 2014)
17. Give two examples of an fluid-solid reaction in which the particles do not change
their size on reaction.
18. Name the models used in gas-solid non-catalytic reactions. (NOV/DEC 2013)
19. Explain Progressive Conversion Model. [Dec 2012]
20. When the heterogeneous fluid-fluid reactions take place?
21. Give the importance of equilibrium solubility in gas-liquid operations.
22. Define Enhancement factor. (NOV/DEC 2014)
23. ‘Enhancement factor is always greater than or equal to one’. Justify this
24. Define Hatta number. (NOV/DEC 2013)
25. Explain the significance of Hatta number.
26. Does the enhancement factor decrease or increase with Hatta number? Explain.
27. How do you classify the kinetic regimes in gas-liquid reactions?
28. What do you mean by instantaneous reactions in the gas-liquid operations?
29. Give examples for absorption with chemical reaction.
30. What do you mean by slow reactions in the gas-liquid operations?
31. What are the advantages of surface renewal theory?
32. Brief the mechanism of Surface renewal theory.
33. What are the various resistances involved in developing rate equations for gas-
liquid reactions?
34. Write short notes on slurry reactors.
35. What are the advantages of slurry reactors over fixed beds?
36. Explain Film penetration theory. (May 2015), [Dec 2012] (May/June 2014)

37. Write short notes on trickle bed reactors.

38. List the types of flow regime that are possible in trickle bed reactors.

39. In a gas-liquid reaction, it was observed that the reaction occurs on a plane with
in the liquid film. Is the reaction slow, fast or instantaneous? Explain.
40. Explain the significance of Hatta number.