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We should focus on studies or on


We are people and we interact with each other. Relationships

between people are so different and complicated that sometimes you have
the feeling that an unqualified person would understand you better than the
person you talk to. Each of us has different relationships with the people
we interact with, and that's because everyone is looking differently and
everybody wants you different: family relationships, couple, close
friendship, collegiality, friendship In general, people relate to verbal
communication, but it may be surprising to find that sometimes nonverbal
communication is more important. How many times have you been in
embarrassing situations from which you could just come out with a simple
understanding of your eyes? Or, how many times did you do a blunder,
because your facial expression and your view contradicted verbal

First of all, social connections are an important source of fun,

pleasure, sense of security and support, all of which play in maintaining
good physical and emotional health. For example, when you fight
depression, simply getting out of bed can be a struggle, and the
accumulation of energy and the motivation to visit friends and family can
be harder.For this reason, researchers have found that people who feel more
connected to others have higher self-esteem, are more empathetic to others,
have more trust and co-op, and as a result, others are more empathic and
more supportive in return. In this way, the social connection generates a
positive feedback loop of social, emotional and physical well-being.

On the subject of stress. It's a normal part of life. You can feel the
stress in your body when you have too much to do or do not sleep well.
You can also feel stress when worried about things like work, money,
relationships, or a friend or family member in a sick or in a crisis.
However, when you react steadily to stressful situations, you will feel the
stress that can threaten your health and well-being. Also, a good social life
can reduce to a certain extent the stress level in your life.
Finnaly, we should focus on studies or on relationships?

I think none of them is important. FRIENDS come and go and as they

grow alive, their priorities are changing and they will change as well. In
other words, the friend you know right now can become the person you
hate in the future. There's no point in investing in Friends. STUDIES In the
real world, learning, study, and education itself will continue to grow as
you choose your new line of work. And characteristics such as
communication, leadership, critical thinking and creativity, which are
extremely important in the real world are never thought of in schools. So
what exactly is important? Just one word - YOU. You need to focus on
YOUR Brand YOUR Personality YOUR Skills YOUR Expertise YOUR
Contacts YOUR Mental & Emotional Intelligence. There are, of course,
cases and cases where people think:

“But studies will not help him in everyday, physical and emotional issues.
Studies will not share happy moments and sad moments. Friends make life
interesting to live. Friends can help you whenever we need.”


“But friends can leave you at any moment of life. Education will be with
her forever. Friends can share food for once. Education can provide food
for a lifetime!”

Try to be balanced in terms of the two choices. Balance is important.

Both studies and friends play a vital role in our lives. Because if life
education makes you a gentleman then your friends in life can give you the
freedom to be crazy. And you can share it with your friends!

To sum up, if education can make your life worthy to live, your
friends can make your life interesting to live. And most importantly, you
can learn everything in universities, but friends teach us some of the most
important lessons in life.