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Me and my friends are decided to open an online E-commerce store. The store will be there for
facilitating the home users to shop freely at lower budget. The website will be updated on daily
basis. The store has variety of different items. It will allow users to buy their favorite product at
low cost.
To implement this idea of business we should follow the principles of hery fayol that are
planning organizing leading controlling.
The first step that we have to go through is planning. Planning means thinking about the
activities that how to set up the process and achieve your goal. To start an e-commerce online
store, we have to make up the team for our business that should comprises of manager leader and
workers that will be managing the websites and updating it on daily basis. We should also require
some delivery men so that we can provide the delivery service at user's home. we have to be
engage with the dealers so that they will provide us the products for our store.
The second step is organizing. Following this principle, we have to organize our website that
should comprises of relevant information. the website should be updated .it should show the right
information on each page that help the customer to buy their needs. Delivery service should be
fast and there should be undo option so that if customer made any mistake, they can undo their
mistake and reorder.
There should be leading factor to control a business. We should have a leader that leads the team
to achieve the goal. The leader will not give the order he should have the ability to comminute to
their team. he should have the ability to make decision at any time. He should work as a team
member so that members don’t get offended, they should inspire and will be motivated.
Another important factor to run any business is controlling. We should have a control over our
online store in order to avail the goal. There should be some procedures, rules and other
protocols that must be needed to run a business.