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Cebu City) S.S.


I, Cassandra Cruz, of legal age, Filipino, with office address at 1515,

Keppel Building, Cebu Business Park Ayala, Samar Loop, Cebu City,
after having been sworn in accordance with law, hereby depose and
say as follows:

1) That I am the duly elected Corporate Secretary of XYZ

Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "XYZ"), a corporation
duly organized and existing by virtue of the laws of the
Republic of the Philippines, with principal office and place of
business at 1515, Keppel Building, Cebu Business Park Ayala,
Samar Loop, Cebu City;

2) That I am the custodian of the corporate books and records

of XYZ, including the Minutes and Resolutions of its Board of

3) That at the Special Meeting of the Board of Directors of XYZ

held on April 15, 2019, during which a quorum was present
and acted throughout, the following resolution was
unanimously approved:

(Resolution No. 0015)

RESOLVED, that any two (2) of the following officers be hereby

authorized to sign and endorse for and in behalf of XYZ
contracts, agreements, instruments, statements, reports, and
other documents pertaining to the day-to-day business
operations and activities of XYZ with Bank of the Philippine
Islands – Cebu Business Park Branch.


Murphy Valdez President
Jon Lucas Dizon Vice President
Ricardo Yap Treasurer
Samuel Gil Auditor

4) That the foregoing resolution has not been altered, modified,

nor revoked; and that the same is now in full force and in
effect; and

5) That I am executing this Certificate for whatever legitimate

purpose it may serve.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature and
the seal of XYZ this 20th day of April 2019 at Cebu City.

Cassandra Cruz
Corporate Secretary

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this 20th day of April, 2019

in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines, by affiant Cassandra Cruz, exhibiting
to me her Tax Identification Number 555-000-111, issued at Cebu
City on December 5, 2012, as proof of her identity.

Doc. No. _________;

Page No. _________;
Book No. _________;
Series of _________.