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Lesson Plan

FB Writing and Grammar

Weekly Theme: Descriptive paragraphs
Lesson Subject: Introducing definition paragraphs

Date: Tuesday, June 5th


Students will 15-20 Journal. Students will write in their

increase their min journal for 10 minutes without stopping.
writing fluency If students do not know a word in
by writing English, have them write it in their
without native language. After 10 minutes are
stopping for 10 over, have students look up the words
minutes. they didn’t know and write the
translations in English. Then have them
share new vocab with a partner.

Students will be Review: 4 features of paragraphs. Ask

able to describe students to describe the 4 features of a
what a paragraph learned yesterday to a partner.
paragraph is. Overview: written on the board

Present: Definition paragraphs.

Students will 15 Dictionary Define seafood. Show dictionary
identify the min definition on definition.
topic sentence slide Activity 1 page 118 questions 1-2
of a definition
paragraph. Practice: Analyze the paragraph on
page 122.
15 Book Look at topic sentence and identify main
min and controlling ideas.
Discuss question 2 as a class.
Have students write their own
definitions of “pretzel” and then share
their definitions with the class.
10 Produce: Brainstorm “What is
min Excellence?” Have students define
excellence and then share with a partner

Evaluate/Summarize: As a class,
5 min define definition paragraphs and what
they do.

Contingency: activity on page 120