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School LEGAZPI PORT ES Grade Level IV

Teacher MARGIE V. BOTICARIO Learning Area English 4
Time & Date February 22, 2019 7:00-7:50am Quarter 4

I. OBJECTIVES Objectives must be met over the week and

connected to the curriculum standards. To meet the
objectives, necessary procedures must be followed
and if needed, additional lessons exercises and
remedial activities may be done for developing
content knowledge children find significance and
enjoy in learning the lessons. Weekly objectives shall
be derived from the curriculum guides.
A. Content Standard OL – The learner demonstrates understanding of verbal
cues for clear expression of ideas
LC – the learner demonstrates an understanding of the
elements of literary and informational texts for

B. Performance Standard OL – The learner efficiently delivers oral presentations

LC – The learner identifies story perspectives and text

C. Learning LC – Draw conclusion in informational text heard

Competencies/Objectives EN4LC-IVe-33
(Write the LC code for each) OL – State conclusion to informational text

II. CONTENT -Drawing Conclusion in Informational Text heard

-Stating Conclusion to Informational Text
Value Integration:
-LOVE for one’s family;
-March- Awareness Month on Fire.
-Read and understand all directions/instructions to
prevent mistakes.
IV. A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages TG pp. 390-392
2. Learner’s Materials pages LM pp.
3. Textbook pages Interactive Skiibook in English 4 pp. 181-182
4. Additional Materials from
learning Resource (LR)
B. Other Learning Resources Pictures, Chart, PPTx, foldables
V. PROCEDURE These steps should be done across the week.
Spread out the activities appropriately so that
students will learn well. Always be guided by
demonstration of learning by the students which you
can infer from formative assessment activities.
Sustain learning systematically by providing students
with multiple ways to learn new things, practice their

A. Reviewing previous lesson or The teacher shall post the topic for the day’s lesson:
presenting the new lesson. Drawing conclusion
B. Establishing a purpose for the Unlocking of Difficulties:
lesson a. Frightened (through context clues)
b. Blanket (through picture)
c. Wrapped (through context clues

C. Presenting/instances of the new Motivation:

Who among of you here are the eldest in the family?
What does the eldest child usually do for his/her
family? Is it good to help your parents, and siblings?

Motive Question:
In the story: Who was the eldest child in the family?
What does she do to save his siblings from fire?

D. Discussing new concepts and Pre-reading:

practicing new skill #1 Standards in Oral reading
During Reading:
Pop corn reading
Comprehension Check:
a. Who was the eldest child in the family? What
does she do to save his siblings from fire?
b. Who are the characters in the story?
c. Where does Pat come from when she arrives
d. What Pat do after she arrive home?
e. What did she do after hearing that there was
a fire near their house?
E. Discussing new concepts and Guided Practice
practicing new skill #2 Read and draw conclusion on this informational text.
1. You can conclude that the setting of the story is
a. A school building
b. A television news program
c. The house of Pat
2. Dark smoke was all around. Pat ran to the bedroom
and shook Jun-Jun. From these sentences, you can
conclude that ____?
a. There’s a fire nearby.
b. The windows of the house were closed.
c. Some was making a bonfire
3. The thick smoke, the people shouting, and police
officers all around are meant to give you a __?
a. Cheerful feeling.
b. Frightening feeling
c. Funny feeling
4. “Jun-Jun, there’s a fire somewhere. Don’t be
frightened. “ from these sentences, you can
conclude that Pat was _____?
a. Very shy
b. Calm
c. Brave
5. “Hold on to me,”’ Pat said to Jun Jun. “Hold on to
Jun-jun,” she told the twins. “Cover your face with
your blankets,” she told the younger children. From
these sentences, you can conclude that Pat is the
kind of person who ____?
a. Knew what to do
b. Knew what to say
c. Knew where to go

F. Developing mastery (leads to Group Activity.

formative assessment 3) What conclusion can you draw from each situation? Write
your answer on the blanks.
I. Mr. Bona has one child. Both of them went out
with their rowboat one day. When they came
home the sun was almost down. The rowboat
was full of fish.

What did they do all day? Color the picture

Answer: They went _______________.

II. Jazper never liked going to the doctor. This

year, Jazper’s mother took him to a new
doctor. Dr. Cabildo gave jazper a shot, he
said, “This will feel just like a little pinch.”
Later Jazper told his mother about Dr.
What did Dr. Cabildo do to Jazper?
Answer: Dr. Cabildo gave him medicine through

III. Sarah waited nervously. She knew the nurse

would call her next. She looked at the models
of healthy teeth. She hoped her own teeth
would be healthy.
Where was Sarah? ________________
WHy was she in that place?
Because she wanted to let the dentist
___________________on her teeth.
( repair , Check , Display)

IV. The people living near the volcano observed

smoke coming from its crater. Rumbles were
heard from the volcano. Sparks of for can be
seen around the crater.
What will the people do?_____________

Standards of Group Activity

Presentation of Group work Rubrics

Presentation of Group output

J. Finding practical applications of Directions: READ AND ANSWER.
concepts and skills in daily living Lewis wanted to wear his new jeans but they were
dirty. He put all his dirty clothes in a pile. Then he picked
them up and put them in the machine. He read the
directions on the box of soap, poured some into the
machine, and pressed the start button.
How did Lewis solve the problem? Cite evidences.
K. Making generalizations and Drawing conclusions is a reasonable judgment you form
abstractions about the lesson based on details you listen/read. To draw conclusion from
a selection, look for supporting details and combine
details with what you know.
Ask yourself the following questions:
-What is the selection about?
-What do you know about the selection based on your
own experience?
-What conclusion can you draw?
L. Evaluating learning Directions: Read each paragraph properly. Choose the
correct conclusion for each one.
1. Nena was playing in the garden. She came upon a
beehive. She touched the beehive with a stick.
Nena was heard shouting, “Help!, Help”
a. The bees stung Nena.
b. The bees flew away from Nena.
c. The bees stayed in the hive.
2. Oscar saw Mother Hen and her newly hatched
chicks. Oscar tried to catch one of the chicks.
After a minute Oscar was crying for help.
a. Mother hen moved away with her chicks.
b. Mother hen left the chicks.
c. Mother hen pecked Oscar’s hands.
3. The farmer’s wife was cooking rice. Her baby was
crying hard. She could not leave the baby alone.
After sometime, she smelled something burning.
a. The rice got cooked.
b. The rice got burned.
c. The rice remained uncooked.
4. Mother asked our helper to set 4 mouse traps
under the shelves in the kitchen. The following
day I did not see any mouse running on the floor.
a. Mice were caught in the trap.
b. No mouse was trapped.
c. The trap was gnawed by the mice.
5. Marilyn picked some flowers for her vase. She put
the vase on the table but she forgot to put water
in it.
a. The flowers looked beautiful.
b. The flowers wilted.
c. The flowers became plenty.

M. Assignment Give the conclusion which would most likely to happen:

1. You are not careful when picking roses from the
garden. __________________
2. You accidentally disturb the bees in the hive.
3. You climb a tree and step on a small branch.

A. No. of learners who earned 80%
of the formative assessment
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities to
C. Did the remedial lessons work?
No. of learners who have caught
up with the lesson
D. No. of learners who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies
worked well? Why did these
F. What difficulties did I encounter
which my principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or localized
material did I use/discover which
I wish to share with other

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