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1.FOUNDATION : With isolated column footings with necessary tie at plinth level. Foundation
depth & size will be as per the drawings enclosed .

2. Sub-Structure : Brick work , 9" thick over the plinth beam in C.M. 1 : 6 mix, the height of
basement from the existing second level will be 3'6''.

3. Super Structure : All outer walls shall be 9" thick, brick with in C.M 1:6 mix and all partition wall
shall be of 4 and half thick work in the C.M.: 1:4 mix. The roof height shall be of
10.6" from floor level.

4. Lintel Sunshade : R.C.C 1 : 2 : 4 mix, 4 and half thick lintel for both outer and inner walls with
sufficient reinforcement sunshades & left shall be of R.C.C. (Only in every room)
shall be R.C.C. 1 : 2 : 4 mix 2" thick. having a width of 2'0" for sunshades & 1'6"
for loft .
5. Roof Slab : Roof slab shall be of R.C.C. 1:2:4 mix with sufficient reinforcement the thickness
shall be 4 and half.

6. Flooring : 1. For Hall and Bedroom 2'x2' Vitrified titles including skirting.
2. For Kitchen - 16"x16" Ceramic tiles.
3. For Bathroom - 12"x12" Non Slippery ceramic titles.
4. Wall Titles - 12"x12" size glazed Titles upto 7'0" height. All-around bathroom
& up-to 2'0" height above kitchen table
5. Polished Blue granite top for kitchen platform with 24"x18" S.S. Sink.

7. Doors : Main door & frame shall be of Teakwood(Size 4''x2')' with molded skin flush
door with brass oxidized Tower Bolts, Godrej Lock with Nattic Eye.
All other doors frame shall be of Bed Country Wood (Kongu) with door shutters
of 30mm thick factory made water proof flush door shutter, with aluminum
Tower Bolt. Alu. Handles with Laxmi Lock.
For Bathroom with SINTEX door with handle

8. Windows : inbuilt grills with Best Country Wood(KONGU) frame with glass panes.

9. Electrical : 3Phase Power Supply with concealed Finolex wiring in PVC Conduits with ISI
marked wiring . Finolex switches with Finolex Switch box.
Power line and switched for Air Conditioner in Bed Rooms, Geyser point at
Bathroom, one 15 amps point at kitchen. Havells Switches
Three Phase supply with MCB and inverter
Total Points(Each floor) - 5Amp -15 Points
15 Amps -2 Points
A/C Point -2 Nos.
10. Plastering : - Ceiling , Sunshade be rough plastering with C.M. 1 : 4 mix
- Wall Plastering with C.M 1 : 5.

11. Water Lines : Concealed PVC lines & S.I. Lines for Geyser lines , PVC lines for waster water &
Sewerage line.
- I.V.O & One EMU shall be fixed, Color - White.

12. Opp. Board : Open with cuddapah slap planks in Kitchen & in Bedrooms (size : 4'x7' Only).

13. Paintings : - Polish for main door frame.

- Enamel Paint - 2 Coats over one coat of primer for wooden items.
- Inside wall finished with water base Birla Putty & 2 coats of emulsion wash ,
Exterior wall with exterior emulsion wash.
- Ceiling with 2 coats of white cement only.

14. Cement : Cormondel

15 : Under Ground : Sump with Titles
16: Upper flooring : Soruvu oodu
17: Head Room
18. Balcony for Each Floors
19. Building Corporation plan Approval
20. Bore-well - 300 feet
21. Demolishing 3/4" wall
22. Steps : S.S. Pipe
23. Cement Tank with Tiles
24. Sanitary - (Parry-ware) - Indian Style
25. Steel : ARS or TATA


1. Water and electricity shall be provided by the owner at free of cost.

2. The Builder shall arrange watching at his own cost.
3. All materials used on work should be on good quality.
4. The Sq.ft rate will be firm until the completion of work.
5. Time required for physical completion of contract in 5 months from the date of agreement. This
period may be extended due to natural calamities like flood, rain e.t.c
6.Payment will be made within four working days free the date of completion of the stage wise work

Total Sq.ft : -1500sq.ft

Total Amount - Rs. 25.000,00/-
Due : 3 months

 Construction Period - Based on Construction Area

 Cost for Construction including material and labour as per above specification is Rs.1500/-