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The Book of

José Prager

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The Book of Passwords
The mentalist asks anyone to chose any page
and then any word from a regular unprepared
book, they can even change their mind.

The mentalist asks them to imagine that

their freely chosen word is their new
Facebook password and the freely selected
page their new credit card PIN.

The mentalist is then able to cleanly

divine both!

No strange procedures are used to select

the page or word. They truly have a free
choice. No forces of any kind are used.

Everything is examinable, there is nothing

to find.

An anytime, anyone, anyplace mind reading


I bring out a pocket dictionary and hand it
to my participant.

"Please make sure it's a regular

dictionary, all the words are different,
all the pages... yes?"

Participant: Yes.

I retrieve the dictionary and while I turn

my head around so I can't see I riffle
through the pages as I say:

"Say stop whenever you like..."

Participant: Stop

"Right there?"

Participant: Yes

I open the dictionary towards them with my

head still turned.

"Take it, hold it up so even if I turned my

back there is absolutely no way for me to
see the words... Now choose any word you
like... anywhere from the page... say yes
when you have one in mind"

Participant: Yes

"Close the dictionary without losing your

page so when I turn around there is no way
for me to see any of the words, just place
your finger inside and put the dictionary
behind your back... say yes when ready...

Participant: Yes

I turn my back and face them.

"So you've got a word in mind right? And

there is no way for me to know it correct?"

They agree.

"Imagine that this word is your Facebook

password... imagine yourself holding your
smartphone in your hands and entering the
password... again enter the password just
in your mind..."

I take a business card.

"I will write what I am getting from you"

I write, place it in my pocket and say:

"I'm committed there is nothing I can do

to change what I wrote... be honest what
was the password..."

Participant: Philosophy

"Ok, to be honest I was close... I want to

try something else before showing it to

Participant: Ok

"I will turn my back around again and this

time you will remember the page number
where your word is."

I do as I say.

Participant: I’ve got a number in mind.

"Again keep the dictionary behind your

back and when ready let me know..."

Participant: Ready

"Imagine that this number is your credit

card PIN, you know the one you put in the

Participant: OK

"Imagine yourself being in front of the

ATM and pressing the first digit... the
second... and the third one... that last
one was clearly an 8."

Participant: How do you know?!

"I will write down again what I am getting

this time..."

I write something on another business card

and and place it along the other card.

"Again there is nothing I can do... what

was the number you imagined placing on the

Participant: 358

I take both cards from my pocket and hand

it to them facedown and again ask:

"So your Facebook password was..."

Participant: Philosophy

"And your PIN code?"

Participant: 358

"Turn the cards over take a look at what

I've wrote"

Jaw drop.

The secret
All I need is a dictionary or book with the
page numbers on top, they are fairly
common; that and two business cards.

After handing it for inspection, I hold the

dictionary vertically with all the pages
facing towards them. I riffle trough the
pages with my head turned and instruct them
to say stop whenever they like and as soon
as they say stop, I ask:

"Right there?"

It is at this moment that I take a peek at

the page number on top of the page. And
immediately turn my head back again.
I remember this number.

The fist part is basically a variation of

Marc Paul's AAA Book Test; a must know for
any mentalist.

I then ask them to choose any word as I

hand them the dictionary and turn my back.

They choose a word and they place the

dictionary behind their back without losing
the page that has their word.

I pretend to read their minds and I write
my impressions, in reality I write:

Number: (Number I peeked)

I place it in my pocket and say that I'm

committed, they name their word out loud
and I pretend to be slightly wrong, so
almost as an afterthought I propose a
second experiment before showing them the
word in my pocket.

I turn my back again and I ask them to

remember the page number where their word
is located.

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