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Teacher Candidate: Jacquelyn Smith Semester: Spring 2019

Inventory Completed By: __________Self _________College Faculty

Faculty Name/Course:

Directions: Based on your observations, please evaluate the student on growth and professional
qualities as per the criteria provided below.
Professional Quality Regular Some No No Basis for
Evidence Evidence Evidence Judgment
Self-Directed Learner 
Professional Ethics
(honest, respectful, consistent) 
Ability to Self-Reflect and Self- 
(not defeated by failure) 
Participates in Scholarly Discussions 
Listening Skills 
Tolerance of Ambiguity
(suspends judgment, accepts 
Maintains dispositions of an equitable 
Ability to access and utilize a variety
of resources 
Intrapersonal skills 
Ability to examine issues from
multiple perspectives 
Leadership Potential 
Diversity Consciousness 
Open to new learning situations 
Work Habits
(On time, prepared, prioritizes, 
Makes connections between courses 
Views learning as a process 
Two skills I’d like to improve upon are my listening skills and my disposition. I try my best to
listen when others are speaking, but I still sometimes catch myself waiting for them to finish
speaking so I can share rather than giving them my full attention and connecting to what they’re
saying. It’s a bad ADHD habit that I’m working to quash. My disposition has been strained of
late with the pressures of completing several large projects before graduation and personal
responsibilities. It is an awful lot to juggle my family, full time school, and a construction
company but that’s no excuse for me to be cranky or frustrated. I’m working on that.