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Alex Thornton

425 Opelika Road

Auburn, Alabama 36830
(334) 444-5314
April 20, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my interest in attending The University of South Alabama’s Occupational

Therapy graduate program. I would like to become an occupational therapist to better the environment for those
with disabilities and help them reach their full potential. I believe in equality and focusing on how I can
improve the lives of individuals that face any kind of challenge. My past volunteer work with Storybook Farm,
Youth Leadership Forum, and BraveHeart makes me an eligible candidate for this graduate program. My
knowledge of the disabled community, 3.23 GPA, and love for people makes me an excellent fit to further my
education in occupational therapy. I would like to attend this specific graduate program because it is a high-
quality academic environment. The University of South Alabama is a prestigious college that I am confident I
can excel in.
Auburn University’s rehabilitation program has taught me how to look at the big picture of therapy.
These classes have helped me understand what occupational therapists professionally do and the broad spectrum
of people they help. The hours I have spent volunteering at different programs for people with disabilities has
helped prepare me for the work I will be doing in graduate school and in the future. My shadowing experience
at East Alabama Medical Center has given me one on one time with occupational therapists in different settings.
I have learned medical terminology and vital information when it comes to patient care. I am able to assess
situations and help work through problem solving.
I believe my social skills, knowledge, and love for all people makes me an excellent candidate for a
position in The University of South Alabama’s Occupational Therapy graduate program. I am willing to have
an open mind and heart to learn as much as I can as a graduate student in this program. Thank you for your
consideration and it would be a pleasure to hear back.


Alex Thornton