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40k missions

2nd edition rulebook Wargear cards

– The Assassins
– Engage and Destroy
– Dawn Raid
– Take and Hold
– Witch Hunt
– Guerrilla War

3rd edition rulebook

Standard Missions
1. Cleanse
2. Night Fight
3. Patrol
4. Recon
5. Rescue
Battle Missions
1. Take and Hold
2. Meat Grinder
3. Bunker Assault
Raid Missions
1. Sabotage
2. Ambush
3. Strongpoint Attack
1. Rearguard
2. Breakout
3. Blitz

4th edition rulebook

As 3rd edition with following addtions:

– Secure and Control
– Seek and Destroy
– Combat Patrol

5th edition rulebook

Standard Missions
1. Seize Ground
2. Capture and Control
3. Annihilation (can't find rules in rulebook?)

6th edition rulebook

Eternal War Missions

1. Crusade
2. Purge the Alien
3. Big Guns Never Tire
4. The Scouring
5. The Emperor's Will
6. The Relic

Extra Missions/Example Missions (?)

1. The Crucible of War
2. Scour the Starfort
3. The Blood of Martyrs
4. Battleforce Recon
5. The Pact of Blood

7th edition rulebook

Eternal War Missions same as 6th edition

Maelstrom of War Missions

1. Cleanse and Control
2. Contact Lost
3. Tactical Escalation
4. The Spoils of War
5. Cloak and Shadows
6. Deadlock

8th edition rulebook

Eternal War Missions

1. Retrieval Mission
2. No Mercy
3. The Scouring
4. Big Guns Never Tire
5. Secure and Control
6. The Relic

Maelstrom of War Missions as 7th edition

Narrative Play/Crucible of War missions

1. Meat Grinder
2. Ambush!
3. Patrol
4. Blitz
5. Sabotage
6. Rescue

Open Play Missions

1. Annihilation
2. Hold at all costs
3. Death or Glory

Other Missions
– Only War
– Ambush at Dhorak Pass
– Planetfall
– Firesweep
– Bunker Assault
– Tactical Strike
– Carnage
Codex missions

– Frontal Assault (Blood Angels 3e)

– Stop the Ritual (Daemonhunters 3e)
– Terminate the Daemonvessel (Daemonhunters 3e)
– Death by Moonlight (Dark Angels 3e)
– Slave Raid (Dark Eldar 3e)
– Tomb Raid (Necrons 3e)
– Planetfall (Space Marines 3e)
– Hostage Situation (Tau 3e)
– Defend the Shrine (Witch Hunters 3e)
– Recover the Relics (Adepta Sororitas 6e)
– Defend the Shrine (Adepta Sororitas 6e)
– Purge the Arch-Heretic (Adepta Sororitas 6e)
– Speartip Strike (Black Legion 6e)
– Kill Them All! (Black Legion 6e)
– Capture the Artefact (Black Legion 6e)
– Slaughter at Kasyr Lutein (Black Legion 6e)
– Spilling the Blood of Angels (Black Legion 6e)
– Death Comes to Relorria (Black Legion 6e)
– Defiance on Ildanira (Black Legion 6e)
– The Blood-Trial of Khorne (Black Legion 6e)
– Crimson Slaughter (Crimson Slaughter 6e)
– Storm of Spirits (Crimson Slaughter 6e)
– Silence the Voices (Crimson Slaughter 6e)
– Securing a Legacy (Crimson Slaughter 6e)
– Confrontation with Angels (Crimson Slaughter 6e)
– A New Redemption (Crimson Slaughter 6e)
– The Hunt for Tzax'Lan-Tar (Crimson Slaughter 6e)
– Regallus Under Siege (Crimson Slaughter 6e)
– A World Turned Crimson (Crimson Slaughter 6e)
– Webway Assault (Iyanden 6e)
– Feints and Phantoms (Iyanden 6e)
– The Web of Fate (Iyanden 6e)
– Deliverance on Andraxas (Legion of the Damned 6e)
– Hunter or Hunted? (Legion of the Damned 6e)
– Phalanx in Peril (Legion of the Damned 6e)
– Calculated Victory (Clan Raukaan 6e)
– Crush the Weak (Clan Raukaan 6e)
– Logic Abandoned (Clan Raukaan 6e)
– Ambush on Skarvus (Clan Raukaan 6e)
– The Hammer Falls (Clan Raukaan 6e)
– Ruthless Logic (Clan Raukaan 6e)
– An Ancient Evil Revealed (Clan Raukaan 6e)
– Iron and Steel (Clan Raukaan 6e)
– A Never-Ending Crusade (Sentinels of Terra 6e)
– Siege Warfare (Sentinels of Terra 6e)
– Too Stubborn to Die (Sentinels of Terra 6e)
– Last Stand on Taladorn (Sentinels of Terra 6e)
– Strike Force Hammer (Sentinels of Terra 6e)
– Stirke Force Anvil (Sentinels of Terra 6e)
– The Kommand Deck (Sentinels of Terra 6e)
– Confrontation on Drashin (Sentinels of Terra 6e)
– Retribution on Tamunash (Sentinels of Terra 6e)
– Farsight Enclaves (Farsight Enclaves 6e)
– Ores Montka (Farsight Enclaves 6e)
– Way of the Broken Sword (Farsight Enclaves 6e)
– Way of the Short Blade (Farsight Enclaves 6e)
– Blood in the Red Desert (Farsight Enclaves 6e)
– The Battle for Dalyth (Farsight Enclaves 6e)
– The War of Dakka (Farsight Enclaves 6e)
– Arthas Moloch (Farsight Enclaves 6e)
– The Shield of Eight (Farsight Enclaves 6e)
– Hammer Blow (Angels of Death 7e)
– Angels of Death (Angels of Death 7e)
– Here I Shall Die (Angels of Death 7e)
– Slayer of Kings (Angels of Death 7e)
– Emperor's Fist (Angels of Death 7e)
– Willing Sacrifice (Angels of Death 7e)
– Last Step Backwards (Cadia 7e)
– Death on the Wing (Angel's Blade 7e)
– Honour of the Angels (Angel's Blade 7e)
– No Matter the Odds (Angel's Blade 7e)
– Fear the Reaper (Haemonculus Covens 7e)
– Glorious Slaughter (Haemonculus Covens 7e)
– Vanish in the Gloom (Haemonculus Covens 7e)
– Refusal to Die (Haemonculus Covens 7e)
– Starving the Swarm (Haemonculus Covens 7e)
– To Steal a Planet (Haemonculus Covens 7e)
– Raven's Fall (Haemonculus Covens 7e)
– Profound Darkness (Haemonculus Covens 7e)
– The Scavenger War (Fall of Cadia 7e)
– The Sword of Defiance (Fall of Cadia 7e)
– Fall of the Kriegan Gates (Fall of Cadia 7e)
– The Emperor Protects (Fall of Cadia 7e)
– The Obsidian Gate (Fracture of Biel-Tann 7e)
– Architects of Pain (Fracture of Biel-Tann 7e)
– Ancestral Foes (Fracture of Biel-Tann 7e)
– War in the Webway (Fracture of Biel-Tann 7e)
– Through the Flames (Rise of the Primarch 7e)
– The Battle of Guilliman's Shrine (Rise of the Primarch 7e)
– Macragge's Honour (Rise of the Primarch 7e)
– The Final Bridge (Rise of the Primarch 7e)
– Amidst the Sea of Storms (Rise of the Primarch 7e)
– To Bind the Storm (Rise of the Primarch 7e)
– Vagaries of the Warp (Rise of the Primarch 7e)
– Sanctuary from the Storm (Rise of the Primarch 7e)
– Might Makes Right (Waaagh Ghazghkull 7e)
– Waaagh! (Waaagh Ghazghkull 7e)
– A Kunnin' Plan (Waaagh Ghazghkull 7e)
– Uniting the Clans (Waaagh Ghazghkull 7e)
– The Second War of Armageddon – The Fall of Hive Volcanus (Waaagh Ghazghkull 7e)
– War on Piscina IV (Waaagh Ghazghkull 7e)
– The Thrid War for Armageddon – The Battle of Ghattana Bay (Waaagh Ghazghkull 7e)
– The Green Beast and the Leviathan (Waaagh Ghazghkull 7e)
– Raven Guard – Loss (Raven Guard 7e)
– Mailed Fist (Dark Angels 7e)
– Outriders of Death (Dark Angels 7e)
– No Combination More Deadly (Dark Angels 7e)
– Attack Without Warning (Dark Angels 7e)
– No Retreat, No Surrender (Dark Angels 7e)
– Hunt the Fallen (Dark Angels 7e)
– Aid Unlooked For (Imperial Knights 7e)
– Of Lance, Shield and Mantle (Imperial Knights 7e)
– Knights to the Fore (Imperial Knights 7e)
– Hold the Line (Imperial Knights 7e)
– In Defence of the Realm (Imperial Knights 7e)
– The Lance Ascendant (Imperial Knights 7e)
– Fatal Strike (Eldar 7e)
– The Scything Blow (Eldar 7e)
– Shadow Screen (Eldar 7e)
– Perfidious Eldar (Eldar 7e)
– Path of the Warrior (Eldar 7e)
– A Nexus of Fate (Eldar 7e)
– Vertical Envelopment (Tau 7e)
– Counter-Attack (Tau 7e)
– Fighting Withdrawal (Tau 7e)
– The Killing Blow (Tau 7e)
– Supply Drop (Tau 7e)
– Progress Unbound (Tau 7e)
– First Contact (Tyranids 7e)
– Wave Assault (Tyranids 7e)
– Infestation (Tyranids 7e)
– A Terrifying Harvest (Tyranids 7e)
– Planetary Exorcism (Tyranids 7e)
– Belly of the Beast (Tyranids 7e)
– Eternal Night (Chaos Daemons 7e)
– Daemonic Invasion (Chaos Daemons 7e)
– Laughter of Thirsting Gods (Chaos Daemons 7e)
– Gibbering Hordes (Chaos Daemons 7e)
– Beyond the Ken of Men (Chaos Daemons 7e)
– Daemon World (Chaos Daemons 7e)
– Loot and Pillage (Chaos Space Marines 7e)
– Black Crusade (Chaos Space Marines 7e)
– Scorched Earth (Chaos Space Marines 7e)
– The Artefact (Chaos Space Marines 7e)
– Vendetta (Chaos Space Marines 7e)
– Agents of the Chaos Gods (Chaos Space Marines 7e)
– Lair of the Beast (Altar of War 7e)
– Megalith (Altar of War 7e)
– Rewards of Chaos (Altar of War 7e)
– Trial of Champions (Altar of War 7e)
– Cryo-Storm (Altar of War 7e)
– Saviours of Sacred Mountain (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– Back from the Brink (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– The Fall of Mordred's Ridge (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– The Sky Hunt (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– Ragnar's Folly (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– Last Stand of the Young King (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– The Great Wolf Strikes (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– The Battle of Scrap Peak (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– The Hour of Khorne (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– A Saga Written in Blood (Hour of the Wolf 7e)
– Planetfall (Hour of the Wolf 7e – Planetstrike)
– Desperate Assault (Hour of the Wolf 7e – Planetstrike)
– Seize and Destroy (Hour of the Wolf 7e – Planetstrike)
– Stranglehold (Hour of the Wolf 7e – Planetstrike)
– Forlorn Hope (Hour of the Wolf 7e – Planetstrike)
– Planetquake (Hour of the Wolf 7e – Planetstrike)
– Green Tide, Grey Fog (Stormclaw 7e)
– Fortress 26 (Stormclaw 7e)
– Gofftown (Stormclaw 7e)
– The Red Waaagh! Descends (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– The Knights Strike Back (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– The Fall of House Kestren (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– Enter the Steel Host (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– The River Runs Red (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– The Clockwork Massacre (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– Flight of the Morkanauts (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– Attack of the Wreckin' Krew (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– Battle for the Oasis (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– The Klaw of Mork (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– The Imperium Sallies Forth (The Red Waaagh! 7e)
– Planestrike: Planetfall (The Red Waaagh! 7E – Planestrike)
– The Avenging Host Descends (Shield of Baal – Exterminatus 7e)
– Against the Hive Mind (Shield of Baal – Exterminatus 7e)
– Breaching the Living Wall (Shield of Baal – Exterminatus 7e)
– Cathedral of Blood (Shield of Baal – Exterminatus 7e)
– Divine Intervention (Shield of Baal – Exterminatus 7e)
– A Battle Against Time (Shield of Baal – Exterminatus 7e)
– Of Monsters and Machines (Shield of Baal – Exterminatus 7e)
– Forlorn Hope (Shield of Baal – Exterminatus 7e)
– The Vitria Strike (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e)
– The Great Corral (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e)
– The Shield Tested (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e)
– The Skywar of Aeros (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e)
– The Beasts of Tartoros (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e)
– The Wrath of Shelse (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e)
– Firesweep (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e – Cities of Death)
– High Ground (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e – Cities of Death)
– Domination (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e – Cities of Death)
– Maximum Attrition (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e – Cities of Death)
– Urban Assault (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e – Cities of Death)
– Isolated Resistance (Shield of Baal – Leviathan 7e – Cities of Death)
– The Deeds of Heroes (Sons of Fenris 7e)
– Leading from the Front (Sons of Fenris 7e)
– Worthy of a Saga (Sons of Fenris 7e)
– Trapped Under Ice (Sons of Fenris 7e)
– The Web of Death (Sons of Fenris 7e)
– Avenging Wolves (Sons of Fenris 7e)
– Into the Inferno (Sons of Fenris 7e)
– Storming the Star Crypt (Sons of Fenris 7e)
– The Martyrs' Charge (Warzone Damocles – Kauyon 7e)
– Ploys and Ruses (Warzone Damocles – Kauyon 7e)
– Bringing the Storm (Warzone Damocles – Kauyon 7e)
– Death Run (Warzone Damocles – Kauyon 7e)
– To Sever the Head (Warzone Damocles – Kauyon 7e)
– The Khan and the Raven (Warzone Damocles – Kauyon 7e)
– The Surging Storm (Warzone Damocles – Kauyon 7e)
– Blood and Vengeance (Warzone Damocles – Kauyon 7e)
– Of Wolf and Iron (Curse of the Wulfen 7e)
– A Rivalry Rekindled (Curse of the Wulfen 7e)
– An Arena of Blood (Curse of the Wulfen 7e)
– Scattered Drop (Curse of the Wulfen 7e)
– As Above, So Below (Curse of the Wulfen 7e)
– Averting Disaster (Curse of the Wulfen 7e)
– Fury of the Storm (Wrath of Magnus 7e)
– Timeless Vengeance (Wrath of Magnus 7e)
– The Quest for Knowledge (Wrath of Magnus 7e)
– The Ritual (Wrath of Magnus 7e)
– The Schemes of Tzeentch (Wrath of Magnus 7e)
– Psychic Equinox (Wrath of Magnus 7e)

Battle Missions (4th edition expansion)

– Pillage (Chaos Space Marines)

– Black Crusade (Chaos Space Marines)
– Scorched Earth (Chaos Space Marines)
– Night Fight (Chaos Daemons)
– Invasion (Chaos Daemons)
– Fight to the Death (Chaos Daemons)
– Dawn Raid (Dark Eldar)
– Slave Raid (Dark Eldar)
– Feigned Retreat (Dark Eldar)
– Pre-emptive Strike (Eldar)
– Flank Attack (Eldar)
– Mobile Defence (Eldar)
– Prepared Assault (Imperial Guard)
– War of Attrition (Imperial Guard)
– Trench Warfare (Imperial Guard)
– Ambush (Necrons)
– Reconnaissance in Force (Necrons)
– Implacable Advance (Necrons)
– Blitzkrieg (Orks)
– Waaagh! (Orks)
– Cut and Run (Orks)
– Vanguard (Space Marines)
– Surprise Attack (Space Marines)
– All-Round Defence (Space Marines)
– Vertical Envelopment (Tau Empire)
– Counter-Attack (Tau Empire)
– Fighting Withdrawal (Tau Empire)
– First Contact (Tyranids)
– Wave Assault (Tyranids)
– Infestation (Tyranids)
– Kill Team (Special)
– Linebreaker (Special)
– Clash of Heroes (Special)


1. Meeting Engagement
2. High Ground
3. Relief Force
4. Fire Sweep
5. Coup de Main
6. The Gauntlet

Cities of Death
Cityfighting Missions
1. Firesweep
2. High Ground
3. Domination
4. Maximum Attrition
5. Urban Assault

Special Missions
1. The Gauntlet
2. Total Devastation
3. Relief Force
4. Grand Assault
5. Thunder Run
6. Assassination

6th edition leaked early version

Standard Missions
1. Dawn of War
2. Eye of the Storm (intended as 3 or more players)
3. Massive Attack

1. Planefall
2. Desparate Assault
3. Seize and Destroy
4. Stranglehold
5. Forlorn Hope
6. Planetquake


1. Breakthrough
2. Lightning War
3. Vital Ground


Altar of War missions

1. Trampled Underfoot
2. Slay the Beast
3. Armoury of Annihilation
4. The Approach of Doom
5. Ultimate Linebreaker
6. Crucible Extremis

Gauntlet Challenge missions

1. Dead City Rampage
2. Defiant to the End
3. When Titans Clash

Death From the Skies

Air War missions

1. Deadly Bridgehead
2. Scramble!
3. Aerial Assault
4. Death from the Skies!

Stronghold Assault

Siege War missions

1. Bunker Assault
2. Breakthrough
3. Last Stand

Death From the Skies (7th edition)

Air War missions

1. Fighter Sweep
2. Tactical Strike
3. Lightning Assault
4. Munitions Drop
5. Aces High
6. Crashing Thunder

Cities of Death Update

1. Maelstrom
2. Inferno
3. Cataclysm
4. Decapitation