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Certificate of Proficiency CSWIP CERT NO 58146/2 ‘This is to certify that: Devendar Ganapuram Date a bith 5 Septernber 1963, has demonstrated proficiency in fusion welding inspection as a Welding Inspector in accordance with CSWIP requirements published in Document CSWIP-WI-6-92, 8th Edition January 2010 and amendments in force on the examination date. Date of issue 19 April 2018 Date of expiry 6 October 2020 Signed SOUT ORYOIDER: “St ha Porson named above), Date NEW EMPLOYERS SHOULD ALWAYS ASK TO SEE THE CERTIFICATE HOLDER'S ‘TWI CERTIFICATION LTD IDENTITY CARD, AND VERIFY CERTIFICATE VALIDITY AT WIWW.CSWIE.COM Photocopies are unauthorised by PLEASE READ THE NOTES OVERLEAF Wi Certification Lid Issued by. TW Certification Ltd, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridge CB21 GAL, UK The une. he UKAS Acretaion Mark indcaies aocrectaton mesg oe alles covered by Arann Cea Ma 25 ‘The corneal hs prope t TH Ceacton (stand mat be Sarendareon requ!