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Roselle T.

Sodela STEM 12 L-CANA

Recca B. Echivere Ms. Tulio


The Magnificence written by Estrella Alfon where the story happened at

the house of the two children. The characters are Vicente the bus conductor and
a tutor of the two children, A mother, Oscar a little boy and a little girl. Estrella
Alfon was a well-known prolific Filipina author who wrote in English. Because of
continued poor health, she could manage only an A. A. degree from
the University of the Philippines. She then became a member of the U. P. writers
club and earned and was given the privileged post of National Fellowship in
Fiction post at the U. P. Creative Writing Center. She has won the Palanca
Awards a number of times. She died in the year 1983 at the age of 66. The
reason why Estrella Alfon writes “Magnificence” it’s symbolize the family
relationships: between parents (especially the mother) and children, women and
lovers, wife and husband, women and their female friends. The female
protagonists in Alfon’s stories range from the madwoman on the steeple who
blames God for her stillborn baby, to the ignorant servant girl who clings to her
romantic notions of an ideal man; from the magnificent mother who saves her
daughter from a sexual pervert to an Espeleta woman on whom the gods choose
to pour down one misfortune after the other.

The objective of the study was to let the readers give prior knowledge
about the said article for them to be more aware on what’s happening to our
society. We are also going to identify the relationship of Psychosexual Theory to
the article.

The story Magnificence is connected to Psychosexual by Sigmund Freud

because he explain the Psychosexual development in pursuing and satisfying
his or her libido (sexual drive), the child might experience failure and thus might
associate anxiety with the given erogenous zone. It helps to child to avoid
anxiety, the child becomes fixated, preoccupied with the psychologic themes
related to the erogenous zone in question, which persist into adulthood, and
underlie the personality and psychopathology of the man or woman.

It will benefit to all women who’s is not treated right especially to a mother
who has a little girl, they can turn to a woman to fight for a mother’s rights against
all the cruelty, violence, and exploitation that they receive. It shows the
empowerment of a woman. We will aware of what really a stranger could to us.
Women should take action when someone harassed us.

The effects of the article to readers is they will become more protective
especially parents. And for some women they will become aware about the issue
of sexual harassment, and like parents, they will become more protective for
themselves. For young ones, it will cause them trauma or become afraid of
getting into the situation.

Being a woman is one of the biggest role in the world, that’s why this
research help women out there for their awareness regarding the rights as a
woman. This study will help them to prevent the spread of abuse today. And to
the parents with their daughters, it can also help them get rid of any harm.

We interview other people about the story of Magnificence and most of

them says that This kind of situation is very alarming. Most of us upon knowing
that our child was sexually abused might scream and become scandalous
disregarding the effects to the respondent who are the innocent child that doesn't
even know what had happened to her. This story will serve them to guide in the
near future for their daughter. They will be magnificent to not over react, they
treat their child as if nothing had happened leaving my child ignorant that she had
been sexually abused. Magnificent because if they would over react about the
crime, their daughter would grow in fear and lack of confidence knowing that she
has been a victim of Sexual Harassment and other respondents says that they
learned a lot. They also said that they shouldn't trust people that much like the
parents does in the story, especially if they really don't know them personally.
There are the advantage and disadvantage of the story of “Magnificence.
The advantage of the story is help other people to aware that even though a child
also can harassed by men. It’s also an awareness that Women have been raped
regardless of what we wear or who we are but we're always to blame. Women
have always been careful & here we are, men still raping women. It also help that
we should easily trust a man. The disadvantage is, for children especially for a
little girl who will see or read the story, it may cause them trauma or become
afraid of getting in the situation and also it would not be easy for them to trust the
people around them.

As a women, we agree of what the mother did after seeing what happen to
her child. It is not bad to act protective. That’s why this article may help everyone
especially women on how they can protect ourselves from abuse. But we
suggest that it is much better if the ending of the story will shows justice for what
happen, such as the man in the story will punish by the law. After reading the
article, some questions leave on our minds like what would happen if it’s not
prevented? What could be some way to solve this kind of issue?