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Frequently Played Roles:

In our group, Yen Yen had played the role as a task leader because she possesses
good problem-solving ability as she will lead us to solve the difficulties we faced in
our assignments. Next, as she owns good communication skills, she always started the
group discussion and had the brain-storming among us before the task division of the
assignments. Besides, when our discussion goes silent, we will always look to her as
we really depend on her ideas so that we can continue our session. Yen Yen always be
responsible to us and our work. This is because she will always remind us about our
task and always assists us if we encountered any problems. So, our group enjoys high
group status as Yen Yen is an excellent task leader and we all can always being active
in the discussion.

Other than that, for the social-emotional leader, it definitely goes to Kah Wei
because she possesses the ability to handle the interpersonal problems occurred
among us and she always acutely aware of the feelings and emotions of other
members. . She has actively supported Yen Yen, the task leader and does not rival and
compete with her. Kah Wei is skilled at using communication strategies to manage the
emotions among the group members if there is any conflict of ideas happened.
Besides Yen Yen, Kah Wei is extroverted and spoke more frequent in the group
discussion. So, Kah Wei is always responsible to maintain our group’s well-being and
our satisfaction.

Furthermore, Poh Lee is undeniably our group’s tension releaser as she always
talked some humour when we are stressed or having conflicts. She does not only have
the potential to be funny but also is aware of the sensibilities of the group in the given
environment. Her character is vital in resolving the interpersonal conflict that
occurred among us. Otherwise, Jason had played the role as the information provider
because he can always provide accurate and concise data. He has also the research
skills that exceed all of us and he has the expert knowledge about the topics we
discussed. Jason often contributes ideas and critically evaluates the ideas so that we
will not lose our way during discussion and research. Thus, Jason bears one of the
most share roles in our group.

Last but not least, Chyi En not played her role as always as it should be
because she is the questioner among our group. She can significantly increase the
quality of our group output as she always has the ability to probe ideas without
threatening or alienating other members. After her questioning, we will always think
twice before we ensure the decision in the group assignment. So, Chyi En had
performed two tasks functions which are seeking idea and seeking idea evaluation.
Hence, her character will make the procedural function in our group well performed
after her clarification.