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Utah Islamic Center

Media Advisory

UIC response to Easter bombings in Sri Lanka.

UIC stands with our Christian brothers and sisters and all victims of these senseless attacks. We
express our deepest condolences and pray for all who are suffering. Today’s savage attacks on
Christian worshippers celebrating Easter Sunday and others in Sri Lanka are outrageous and

All people should be allowed to practice their faith freely, and in safety and security. We express
our grief and solidarity with all the victims of this horrific attack that happened on their day of
celebration. We call upon all people of faith and goodwill to remain vigilant in standing against

UIC extends its deepest sympathies to the grieving families of those who were killed today, and
ask the God Almighty to grant each of them solace in this loss.

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Amir Arain, M.D.
Director of Public Relations.
Utah Islamic Center
235 9000 South
Sandy, UT 84070