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Independent Baptist Missionaries to Taguig City, Philippines sent by Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA

Praise Reports: Thank you for praying! Praise the Lord on March 22 the pallet of Tagalog John/
Romans finally arrived. Thank you to Mt. Zion Baptist
1. Praise the Lord for an influx of souls saved.
Church, Brogue, PA for putting them together for us
God used many avenues to bring about the
(with customized labels for additional information on
conversion of various ages of precious peo-
the back of each copy). Thank you to Bearing Precious
ple this month. Seed Ministry based out of First Baptist Church, Milford,
2. Praise God for an excellent visit with Pastor OH for making a faithful
It is not unusual to see
Jerry Ross and his wife, Sis. Sheryl. We had Tagalog translation portion many stop and read the
WT and Joe
a Friday night “Meet and Greet.” Our peo- based on the traditional Tagalog John/Romans
ple are thankful for churches like Blessed texts. Please pray that an entire Bible can be made availa-
ble in Tagalog that isn’t based on the modern critical texts.
Hope Baptist Church, Jasonville, IN that
There are many competent pastors and churches that can
invest prayers and finances into the Lord’s
see to it that the Philippines would be given a faithful
work here in Tuktukan, Taguig.
translation. That would be a huge blessing to have God’s words in Tagalog.
3. Praise Him for answered prayers. We re-
A Two-day Bible Club in the
ceived the pallet of Tagalog John/Romans! I
“Romantic Village” (that’s the
can’t tell you what a blessing it is to see
name of the village you can’t
people approach us for a copy; many stop make this up). A team of disciples
and read it immediately upon receiving it. from Tuktukan reached out to
4. Praise the Lord for an influx of disciples the children of a neighboring
who are joining us in our weekly gospel district and were able to conduct
tract distribution. What a joy to see believ- an effective Bible club. Two pre-
ers taking the necessary step of soul- cious souls came to know the
Lord as Saviour. Both of them were in church the following Sunday. John and Ronnie
came to faith in the Lord Je-
Prayer Requests: sus Christ. Pray that we can
reach their respective fami-
 That many of our church attenders would
lies. (Ronnie is holding an
grow spiritually and start attending all the
electric mosquito/fly zapper—
church services faithfully. We know that a
he looked enthused when I John Ronnie
Christian who is not faithful to church can-
told him this could be one
not possibly be a happy Christian (because way of helping in the church—his eyes bugged out and he felt great that he could zap
God Himself guarantees that His Word can- and fry something!)
not be violated without corrective conse-
quences). Pray for spiritual growth. Sis. Caroline, recently saved, A wonderful “Meet and Greet” with
shared her testimony in the Pastor Jerry and Sheryl Ross (from
 That we may be granted a temporary perma- “Meet & Greet” Blessed Hope Baptist Church). We
nent residence visa for Marcia. We are sup- shared testimony after testimony of
posed to hear from the Immigration bureau how the Lord Jesus saved us. It truly
at the end of this month. Pray for no delay was a great evening of lifting up
and a swift granting of the temporary card. Jesus!

 That we may continually be protected from Pray for fruitfulness and faith-
wicked men: false believers and robbers. fulness in our Children’s Sun-
day School and Jr. Church
 That we may have rain. The drought is bad. ministries. Thank you for your
5.5 million people are affected in Manila. love, prayers, & support!
Boy’s class—outdoors Girl’s class—indoors

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48 Muddy Creek Forks Road P.O. Box 219228 Pacific Residences Subdv. W.T. (09/14/10) Tuktukan, Taguig City
Brogue, PA 17309-9400 Houston, TX 77218-9228 Ususan, Taguig City Joe (12/28/12) 1637, NCR, Philippines
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