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PACCAR MX Engine Proves Popular Choice

Among Kenworth Customers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Kenworth customers
continue to select the PACCAR MX engine at a
growing rate.
“We’ve been very pleased with customer
response to the PACCAR MX engine. Orders for
Kenworth trucks with the PACCAR MX engine are
up about 60 percent compared to last year,” said
Bill Kozek, Kenworth general manager and
PACCAR vice president. “Many customers now
view the PACCAR MX engine as an engine
developed and built with their drive cycles in
mind.” PACCAR Engine Plant
The new PACCAR engine plant, among the
most technologically advanced diesel engine
manufacturing facilities in North America, began
full assembly of the PACCAR MX engine last year.
The Columbus, Miss.-based plant’s strong emphasis
on quality includes sourcing engine parts from the
best suppliers, using state-of-the art automation for
“critical to quality” assembly operations, and
extensive “in process quality assurance” to help
ensure product excellence is delivered to the
customer. The plant uses superior materials, applies
technology to achieve high consistency of
assembly, and operates an Engine Function Test cell
to ensure engine quality.
Once Kenworth trucks equipped with
The PACCAR MX engine is available with a PACCAR MX engines enter the field, customers are
horsepower range of 380 hp to 485 hp and torque up supported by the Kenworth dealer network. All
to 1,750 lb-ft on selected Kenworth Class 8 models. Kenworth dealers are ready to support the
This power range, combined with excellent fuel PACCAR MX engine with certified engine
efficiency, high reliability and durability, technicians, parts, and diagnostic tools. Kenworth
lightweight design, and low cost of ownership, engine service technicians have access to real-time
makes the PACCAR MX engine an ideal choice for parts and service information.
Kenworth customers operating in many over-the-
road, pickup and delivery, and vocational
The very low emission PACCAR MX engine
achieves U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
and California Air Resources Board (CARB)
certification, and meets the stringent emission
standards of 0.2 grams per brake horsepower hour
of NOx and 0.01 grams per brake horsepower hour Kenworth dealers shown at PACCAR Engine Plant.
of particulate matter. (continued)
Kenworth Truck Company News Release

If a customer needs assistance locating a

Kenworth dealer, day or night, they can contact the
24/7 Kenworth PremierCare® Customer Center at
Kenworth recently expanded the number of
PACCAR MX engine programmable features with
the introduction of Speed Control Management. The
feature is expected to be particularly popular among
fleet managers seeking state-of-the-art technology
to encourage optimal driver shifting behavior that
will help achieve consistent fuel economy
throughout the entire fleet.
More information on the PACCAR MX engine
is available at the PACCAR engine website
Kenworth Truck Company is the manufacturer
of The World’s Best® heavy and medium duty
trucks. Kenworth is an industry leader in providing
fuel-saving technology solutions that help increase
fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The
company’s dedication to the green fleet includes
aerodynamic trucks, compressed and liquefied
natural gas trucks, and medium duty diesel-electric
hybrids. Kenworth is the only truck manufacturer to
receive the Environmental Protection Agency’s
Clean Air Excellence award in recognition of its
environmentally friendly products. In addition,
Kenworth is the recipient of the 2010 J.D. Power
and Associates award for Highest in Customer
Satisfaction for Medium Duty Truck Dealer
Service. Kenworth’s Internet home page is at Kenworth. A PACCAR