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Teacher: Roxana Elena Boca

Date: 22nd of March, 2019

Class:1st grade B

School: Petru Rareș, Hîrlău

Textbook: Fairyland 1B, Pupil’s Book

Lesson title: My Food

Time allowed:50 minutes

Skills: speaking, listening, writing, reading


 To practise vocabulary related to the topic;

 To listen and recognize My Food vocabulary;

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:

 To present and practise the names of food items;

 To say what food they like/dislike;

Methods and strategies: conversation, communication, guided discovery, reading aloud.

Interactions: T-Ss; Ss-T; Ss-Ss.

Assumptions: while working in pairs or groups, students can be noisy.

Predicted problems and possible solutions:

 Some children may have difficulty in solving the task – the teacher offers to guide them.

 The Ss have problems with pronunciation – the T has the Ss repeating the words.

Materials: Blackboard and chalk, textbook, notebook, handout, flashcards.

Stage Teacher – Student Activities Interaction Time Materials Skills Aims
Warm up The teacher greets the class, T-Ss 5 min - Speaking - to create a pleasant
checks attendance and has a Ss-T atmosphere
short conversation with the Ss in
order to warm-up the
Warp up-energizer
The teacher will show to the T-Ss 10 min Flashcards Speaking - to introduce the
Presentation students some flashcards Ss-T Listening targeted vocabulary.
of new containing pictures of the new - to present the new
vocabulary vocabulary they will learn, then vocabulary
Activity 1 she will pin up the flashcards.
Each flashcard contains words
related to the new vocabulary
the students will learn: bread,
milk, butter, cookies, salad,
cake, sandwich, cheese,
hamburger, ice-cream, pizza,
fish, honey.
The teacher will say out loud the
new words and will ask Ss to
repeat chorally.
The Ss will have to follow the T
on their handouts with the
vocabulary, so they will
understand the meaning.
The teacher divides the class
into 2 teams.
The first team to play closes
their eyes. The teacher takes out
Activity 2 a flashcard and the members of
the team have to guess the
flashcard that is missing
Vocabulary The teacher will present the T-Ss 15 min Poster Speaking - to focus pupils´s
practice children the poster on the Ss-T A dice attention on the new
“Race to blackboard, and will tell them Video vocabulary
the finish”- that they will play a game called projector
game “Race to the finish”, containing
the vocabulary recently learned.
The teacher will explain then
the rules of the game.
Each pupil will go to the
blackboard and roll the dice,
then will have to say in English
the number on the dice and
follow the spaces on the poster,
then will have to say the name
of the food presented in the
image. Then the next child will
go on with the game until all of
the children will roll the dice at
least once
Activity 3 The Ss will receive a handout T-Ss 5 min Handout Listening  to practise the new
containing two columns, each Ss-T vocabulary
column with five numbered sets
of pictures, each set with two
The teacher will pick randomly
one picture from each set of
two, and will say out loud the
word representing the picture.
Ss will have to circle the right
Activity 4 Dominoes Team 7 min Handout Reading - to practise the
work Speaking structures presented
ss-ss before
Activity 5 I like/I don’t like Individual 5 min Handout Speaking - to allow pupils to talk
Handout work about the food they
like and don´t like
Homework T makes remarks concerning T-Ss 3 min - Listening - to ensure transfer and
and students’ activity during the consolidation
Feedback English class and gives them a - to appreciate the
happy face sticker. pupils´s work
Their homework is to draw their
favourite food.
DOMINOES: Yummy Food