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The Influence of K-pop to the Lifestyle of Students

A Term Paper

Presented to
Rovi Nofel C. Ablin
Faculty, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
College of Education and Social Sciences
Mindanao State University at Naawan
9023 Naawan, Misamis Oriental

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for
English 2 (Writing in Discipline)
2nd Semester A.Y. 2012-2013


Shenny Dame Vallares

Abigail Alao
Jesah Baldesanso
Sheila Dahang
Rojie Mar Mahusay
Alvin Teoro

March 19, 2012

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

A. The Background …………………………………………………………………..1

B. The Thesis Statement …………………………………………………………...1-2

II. Body

A. The Uniqueness of K-pop Fashion ……………………………………………….3

B. Reasons why students are being attracted to Korean fashion ……………………4

C. Students spend money for K-pop fashion ………………………………………..5

III. Conclusion …………………………………………………………………………6-7

Bibliography ………………………………………………………………………………...8
I. Introduction

A. The Background

Nowadays, K-pop or which is also referred to as hallyu is very popular around the

world. In every corner we look, there is always the presence of the spirit of K-pop.

With this popularity, students and teenagers are greatly influenced by it. K-pop

derives from the word Korea which is being represented by the letter K, and pop is a

meant gender of music. So k-pop is a gender of dance and music (Muhamma, 2012).

It is also stated in Wikipedia as featured by Liza Ilarde(2011) in Style Weekend

for Men, that the term Hallyu was first coined in 1999 by Beijing journalists when

they recognize the fast growing popularity of Korean culture. Hallyu, as being stated

in Wikipedia means the “Korean Wave”. Hallyu is spreading its culture more

aggressively with the popularity of Koreanovelas and Korean pop music.

B. The Thesis Statement

The enhancing popularity of K-pop has caught the attention of people specially

students and teenagers. Through this, k-pop followers have discovered k-pop fashion.

K-pop fashion has become the center of attention in the world and is generally

adopted by teenagers. The k-pop idols sense of style have influence the majority of

the k-pop fans and thus, ignites their passion towards fashion (lopstiq.com). And the

influence of k-pop affects the lifestyle of students and teenagers in many ways.

One of the many influences of k-pop to students and teenagers is their fashion.

Teenagers and students begin to follow k-pop fashion. According to Irin Rukmana

(2012), the youth begins to follow the lifestyle of Korean artist.


A. The Uniqueness of K-pop Fashion

There is a unique thing about k-pop why students and teenagers are being

influence by it. According to Safiah Rahim (2012), the thing that distinguishes

Korean fashion from other fashion is their unique presentation of mixed patterns

without fear of mismatching. They experiment new trends and designs that would

surely get the eye of those who will see it. They are not afraid if the fashion that

they created will not be famous. Korean fashion is pleasing in the eye and the

person who wears it look confident in it. Another thing is that, Korean fashion is

at the forefront of trendy and wearable fashion. With heavy influence from luxury

styles and runway fashions, their trends are always chic and unique. The clothing

patterns are an echo of the past but are infused with influences from runway style

fashion (Safiah Rahim, 2012). Because of this, k-pop fashion has influenced both

the attitude and behavior of students and teenagers. In return, Korea has gained

more attention because of their fashion.

B.Reasons why students are being attracted to Korean fashion

K-pop fashion attracts students through their Korean drama. Since Korean

drama is very popular these days , they uses its popularity to indorse their

product such as gadgets, clothing and footwear’s. As we can notice, Korean

dramas are more on indorsing their products. In Korean dramas, viewers are

able to see the latest designs of fashion that are popular in Korea.

As stated in (lipstiq.com), another reason why k-pop fashion attracts

students is through using good-looking men and pretty girls to indorse their

fashions. Since many wanted to look cool and beautiful like them, they try to

imitate the way they dress. Binh Nguyen (2013) stated in Korea.prkorea.com

that the reason why students are being attracted to Korean fashion is because

they are very fond of Korean bands. They wanted to dress like their idols and

to look like them. For instance, a k-pop fan did not start liking first the Korean

fashion, but instead through Korean drama and music. Because they like

Korean drama so much that is why they begin to adopt their fashion as well as

their culture. The same reason goes to teenagers and students.

C. Students spend money for K-pop fashion

Through the popularity of k-pop fashions, students learned how to save

from their allowances just to buy the latest Korean fashion. Teenagers wanted

to look like the k-pop stars. When they see a designer’s good wear by their

idols, students became brand-conscious and spend ridiculous amount of

money for the branded goods. When students are not able to afford the gods,

for these are usually expensive, they go for the fake designs just to have the

latest fashion (lipstiq.com). A good example for these is the selected students

of MSU-N IDS. Students in IDS begin to buy things through internet, which is

the Korean way.

Students also spend an amount of money just to have the same haircut of

the famous Korean stars. Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 for instance, after the

famous Korean drama Boys Over Flowers was released here in the

Philippines, many did follow his hairstyle. Yoo Kyung Yeon (2013), a Korean

hairstylist working in Manila said that clients always request the same

hairstyle of famous actors and actresses from their famous drama. Not only

that, students are also willing to spend their money to buy their album, photo

book, goodies and concert tickets just to watch their idols.

II. Conclusion

Through the careful study conducted by the researchers, the researchers were able

to arrive from the following conclusions:

A. Korean fashion presents mixed patterns without fear of mismatching. They are

not afraid if one will not like their fashion. They just continue on being

different and live in their own world. Because of their being unique and

different, students soon became Korean fashion follower though others don’t

usually wear clothes patterned from Korean fashion, but they are still

fashionista by heart. Students fined Korean fashion pleasing and usually

captivated by the modern fashion they display. Korean fashion doesn’t only

focus on the same direction, but instead they always leave something for all so

that everyone can enjoy the fashion they made. They made fashion for the

elders that will surely fit them so that they can also go with the flow. And

these makes Korean fashion unique compared to others.

B. Students are attracted to Korean fashion because they see it in their dramas

and are wear by their Korean idols. Most of the Korean fashion followers first

started liking Korean dramas and music especially to the Korean singers and

artists. Because they like their idols so much that sometimes they go the point

that they will visit Korea someday and meet their idols. They soon liked

Korean fashions which are usually seen in their idols. The researchers noticed
that once a Korean artist or singer begins to indorse Korean products,

especially clothes, fans will buy it because the one who indorses it is their

idol. Through this act, the students and teenagers can be found of being

influenced by Korean pop.

C. Students spend money just to buy or have the famous fashion wear by their

idols. They buy accessories and clothes wear by their idols. When they see

that the style is quite popular in and is mostly worn by the Koreans, they buy

it just to be called a fan or one of them. Students don’t only spend money for

k-pop fashion but also in hairstyles.

These are the things that the researchers noticed after the research. And the researchers

could say that k-pop has really influenced the students specially in the fashion category .


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