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Math Challenge Cards with LEGO® Bricks!

These math challenge cards are a fabulous tool for making math concepts
understandable in a fun and hands-on way. I wrote the math challenges with grades
1 and 2 in mind, or kids ages 6-8. First graders may not be quite ready for these
challenges early in the year, but they will be perfect for challenging kids who finish
their work early, or for use in the second semester. Second graders should be able
to master these concepts.

The challenges address the following concepts:

• Addition
• Subtraction
• Place Value
• Measurement
• Estimation
• Fractions
• Grouping – essential for understanding multiplication!

There are 54 challenge cards, so even if your child or your students are not ready for
all of them, you can select appropriate cards to put out at a math center, etc. I would
recommend using the cards with a basket of at least 50 2x2 bricks. They don’t
necessarily have to be 2 x 2 bricks, however. 2 x 4 bricks will also work. Ten each of
red, yellow, green, blue and another color of your choice would be sufficient. If you
plan to let several students work on the challenges at the same time, you may need
more bricks.

Tip – I would recommend teaching your students to use two different colors for
addition. They should show 4 + 8 with four bricks of one color attached to 8 of
another color, for example.

You may want to provide a base plate for the shape-building cards.

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Clipart by Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs

Build a tower Build a tower the
that is 3 less length of your
shoe. How many
than 8 + 7
bricks long is it?
bricks tall.

Build 6 towers with

3 bricks in each
tower. How many
Build a pattern
bricks is that in all?
with three colors
of bricks.

How many bricks Build a tower with

can you stack in 15 bricks. Then
one minute? Time double the height.
yourself, then How many bricks
count the bricks. is that?
Build 5 groups of Build 46 by building
7 bricks each. 10’s and 1’s.
How many bricks How many 10’s is
that? How many 1’s?
is that in all?

Build three Build 2 groups of

different ways 8. Build 8 groups
to make 15. of 2. Is the number
of bricks equal or
not equal?

Build a rectangle Build a tower that

that has two long is 5 more than
sides that are twice 6 + 9.
as long as the two
short sides.
Build a tower with Make a tower with
20 bricks. Make ¼ 12 bricks, and make
of the bricks blue, 1/3 of the bricks
¼ green, and ½ red. red..

Pretend that blue Build 4 groups of

bricks are worth 5
7. How many bricks
cents and green bricks
are 1 cent. Build a is that in all?
tower showing the
bricks you would need
to make 57 cents.

Build 35 by building Build a square. Then

10’s and 1’s. How build another square
with sides that are
many 10’s is that?
twice as long. How
How many 1’s?
many of your first
square would fit on top
of the second one?
Pretend that green You have a tower
bricks are worth 10 with 35 bricks. You
cents and yellow
share 13 bricks with
bricks are worth 2
cents. Build a tower a friend. Now how
worth 48 cents. tall is your tower?

Build 3 towers with Build a tower

7 bricks in each that is 4 more
tower. How many than 10 + 3.
bricks do you have
in all?

Compare 3 groups Build a pattern

of 4 bricks and a with 4 different
stack of 10 bricks. colors of bricks.
Which is greater?
Make a solid rectangle Build 3 towers with
that is 6 studs by 9 9 bricks in each
studs. How many total
tower. How many
studs are in your
square? bricks total did you

Find a book and Sort your bricks

measure the by color. Draw a
perimeter with graph showing how
2 x 2 bricks. many bricks there
are of each color.

Pretend that 2x2 Build towers with

bricks are candies. this pattern: 1+2,
Build a candy box 2+2, 3+2, 4+2, and
that will hold 10 so on.
Build 38 in 10’s and Estimate how tall a
1’s. How many 10’s? tower of 50 bricks
How many 1’s? will be in inches.
Then build it and

Rachel had 24 bricks. Build a tower with

She gave half of 16 bricks. Make ¼
them to Garrett. of the bricks
Then she gave 3
more to Emma. How
many does she have

Build 6 towers with Build a set of

towers. Start with 2
5 bricks in each
bricks in the first
tower. Five groups one. Then double that
of 6 equals how number. Then double
many bricks? it again! And again!
Measure the length Estimate how tall a
of your desk with tower of 50 bricks
bricks. How many will be in inches.
bricks long is it? Then build it and

Build this pattern: Build a tower with

5 18 bricks. Make 1/3
Two 5’s of the bricks blue,
Three 5’s 1/3 yellow, and 1/3
Four 5’s green.
And so on

Build 4 towers with Build this pattern:

9 bricks in each 3
tower. How many Two 3’s
bricks are in 4 Three 3’s
groups of 9? Four 3’s
And so on
Grab 25 bricks. Build this pattern:
Make groups of 4. 4
How many groups Two 4’s
can you make? Three 4’s
How many bricks Four 4’s
are left over? And so on

Grab 32 bricks. Build a tower with

Make groups of 5. 14 bricks. Make ½
How many groups of the bricks
can you make? How green.
many bricks are
left over?

Grab 24 bricks. Build a tower

Make groups of 3. that is 8 less
How many groups than 14 + 7.
can you make? How
many bricks are
left over?
Grab a handful of Build a tower with
bricks. Guess how 32 bricks. Take 13
many are in your
bricks away. How
hand before looking.
Then count them. many do you have
Were you right? now?

Find two books and Build a tower

put them on the floor
with a gap in between. with 18 bricks.
Build a bridge that Make ½ of them
spans the gap. red.
Measure how long
your bridge is.

Grab 27 bricks. Make 9 towers

Make groups of 6. with 2 bricks in
How many groups each tower. How
can you make? How many bricks do
many bricks are you have in all?
left over?