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Analyse And Present Research
( Bsbres401 ) Assessment Task 1

Past A
Executive summary
In this case study “Kerr Deliveries” is a service oriented
organization. They are doing courier service. The purpose of this
case study is to solve the problem as an IT expert. Without
information technology it is really difficult to develop the
business. This modern era is about globalization. Company
should adopt different system for their business to stay safe in
the right track. Robert Kerr is a successful delivery company
based on NSW since 1995. I am working as his assistant. In this
report I will recommend which computer to buy for the company.
After researching computer market I think company should buy
Dell desktop, Toshiba laptop and Samsung PDA. In research
report bellow I am going explain why company should buy those
brand computers.

In this case study “Kerr Deliveries” is a small company
which is operate by Robert Kerr and his associates. They provide
delivery services by bicycles, vans and cars for their clients
across Sydney and regional NSW. Due to business expanding at
rapid rate, Robert going to begin operations in Canberra,
Melbourne and Brisbane in three months’ time. He has decided
to replace all existing computers within the business because
they are getting old and running slow. To expand his business in
new places Robert wants to spend some money on good quality
computers but he wants cheap and best products. He wants to
buy some computers, laptops and PDAs for his staff. For this he
requires a significant portion of budget. So he wants to do some
analysis of different products of different companies.so he can
compare all their features and prices through which he can buy
cheap and best products.

The main research purpose of Kerr deliveries are
purchasing new computers, laptops and PDAs for his old and
new staff. As this is an important buying decision for the company
and it will require a significant portion of budget. As there are
many brands in market so firstly we have to analyse all brands

and their important features. Robert knows that he needs to buy
computers for his administrative staff, laptops for his sales staff
and PDAs (personal digital assistants) for his delivery staff. To
make full report Robert suggest some requirements of

Product Product
type range
Fast processing,
Desktops 20
good memory

Laptops 13 lightweight

PDAs 50 Latest GPS tracking

And he also recommend that all computers should contain

the latest version of Microsoft office software and antivirus
software. But some people of our company reject this
suggestion. So I have to make report according to limit of staff.

Old New
Staff type total
staff staff
staff 14 6 20
Sales staff
8 5 13
personal 33 17 50

As per Robert’s suggestion our requirement is according to

staff so I am agree with Robert. Now we have to check the brand
and quality of products.

For this I choose three brands of computers that are well known
and good in business field that are DELL, HP, and Toshiba . Let’s
compare their characteristics:

Dell HP Toshiba
Dell Vostro 470 HP envy Toshiba
minitower and 23-1070A DXT730/O3
Basic quality
separate24”monito is an all in 2 is an all in
r one PC one PC

Hard drive 1 TB 2 TB 750 GB

Screen 1920*108
1980*1100 1920*1080
resolution 0
USB ports 8 6 4
1 year
2 years warranty
limited parts
and 1 year 1 year
Warranty and labour
business onsite warranty
Price $999 $1990 $1199

And in case of PDAs, I chose different companies, i.e.

specifications Getac Trimble

USB ports 8 4
Memory 120GB 80GB
Price $599 $999

GPS Tracking good Not good
warranty 2years 1year

Various searching techniques have been used including
searching brands, non-electronic printing materials and some
other electronic based devices. Search about their size, RAM,
hard drive, screen resolution, USB ports and warranty.
After that I make comparison of their prices and qualities and also
research about the benefits given by particular company. As we
are replacing old computers with new computers so we also have
to check that whether that company can take old computers at
half prices or give new products at some discounts.
The research method is through online and visiting computer
store and getting feedback from professionals. By gathering
information from internet, we could verify the reputation of
computer brand and the user feedback. Gathering information
from professional advice will helps in our final decision of
selecting the computers.

Findings and Discussions

For finding perfect computers, I have decided to review
three different desktop computers, three laptops and two PDA
smartphones. Out of which I find best ones. Out of three
computer companies DELL is the best. And out of PDAs Getac
is best. Which gives us many benefits and these products are
cheap and best ones. Only for giving report to Kerr deliveries, I
searched about range of products. And more in this report both
qualitative and quantitative data is used.
Discussions: Before making this report I discuss with my
colleagues, seniors and juniors about the products they give me
different advices regarding this and we discuss many things
about these products. Because it is very important decision for
our company.

In conclusion RTD face various problems when they started
their business. There is no alternative without using information
system in a business organization. Nowadays, the business
environment change rapidly because of globalization. Every
company should keep their information up to date for exist in this
competitive market. Information system can do everything. By
this system organization can collect data from out sourcing and
they can store the data for long as well. They can also
communicate properly within as well as outside the organization.
They can use different software program for operating their
business. They can improve their payroll system. However, they
can collect data from internet about competitors. Eventually an
organization like RTD can do the best in the market.

Different staff members of Kerr deliveries gives their own
advices but I want to stick with Robert’s decision because his
demands are according to company’s needs. If we are talking
about the products then I recommend dell for computers and
laptops and Getac for PDAs. Methods that are used in
researching products are advanced. All methods are very
convenient to find something best. All staff members and even
Robert also like it.
There are some recommendations RTD can apply for their
current situation, for example collaboration and communication,
intranet and extranet, different marketing strategy. RTD has
some problems to solve these they should first identify their
business requirements with information system requirements.

The information that I used in report is taken from
professional websites of companies. And rest of the report is
completed with the help of notes and specifications.

Part B
Reflection report
Paper files need to be consistently labelled and logically
organized. This guidance describes a best practice to create and
describe a paper filing system. This will ensure accurate, prompt
retrieval for as long as the files are required. Every new file
should be registered and maintained in a filing system, with a
unique title so that it can always be identified. The classification
system should have a structured referencing system with usually
two, and no more than three, elements. Numbering systems
should be applied consistently. Records contained in paper files
should be managed according to business and legal
requirements. This means they should be filed correctly, as soon
as possible after receipt or creation.
A data breach may constitute a breach of information
security obligations under the Privacy Act; for example, the
obligations imposed by the APPs, the TFN guidelines, or the
credit reporting provisions of the Act. In those circumstances, the
breach will be an interference with an individual’s privacy.
Organisations may also be subject to additional obligations
through sector-specific legislation in respect of particular
information they hold. Some organisations may also have
common law duties relating to the confidentiality of particular
information. So in this research is doesn’t breach or break these
obligations or duties.
The main consideration is to make sure that any information
collected is done in a way and for a purpose that is consistent
with the Code and complies with freedom of information and
privacy protection legislation. In the interest of effectiveness and
efficiency, it is recommended that efforts be made to collect data
that will shed light on issues or opportunities. To protect the
credibility and reliability of data, information should be gathered
using accepted data collection techniques.
Step 1: Identify issues and/or opportunities for collecting data
The first step is to identify issues and/or opportunities for
collecting data and to decide what next steps to take. To do this,
it may be helpful to conduct an internal and external assessment
to understand what is happening inside and outside of your
Step 2: Select issue and/or opportunity and set goals
The focus of Step 2 is choosing a priority issue and/or
opportunity for collecting data, and then setting goals and
The organization reviews the issues and/or opportunities
identified from the internal and external assessment done in Step
1, and picks one or more specific issues and/or opportunities for
starting a data collection project from among the list of priorities.
Data Analysis is the process of
systematically applying statistical and logical techniques to
describe and illustrate, condense and recap, and evaluate data.
1. Individual interview
An individual interview is a conversation between two people that
has a structure and a purpose. It is designed to elicit the
interviewee’s knowledge or perspective on a topic. These
additional obligations need to be considered by agencies and
organisations when taking steps to prevent or respond to data
2. Focus group discussions
A focus group discussion is an organised discussion between 6
to 8 people. Focus group discussions provide participants with a
space to discuss a particular topic, in a context where people are
allowed to agree or disagree with each other.

Techniques used for data analysis

 Quantitative research
Quantitative research typically explores specific and clearly
defined questions that examine the relationship between two
events, or occurrences, where the second event is a
consequence of the first event
 Qualitative research
Research following a qualitative approach is exploratory and
seeks to explain ‘how’ and ‘why’ a particular phenomenon, or
programme, operates as it does in a particular context.