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(ENROLLMENT NO: A31101917043 )

BATCH 2017-19

I am highly indebted to the officials of SURYA ROSHNI LIMITED for allowing me to

undertake this Project as a part of my curriculum of Master of Business Administration.

As part of the project, I render my regards to my project guide Mr Maruthi Rao(Business

Development Manager) for the guidance and direction given by him in the preparation of this


My sincere thanks to my guide Mrs.Shamsi Sukumaran (Faculty), for her invaluable co-operation

and suggestions at every stage of this project without whom this would not have been completed.

I would fail my duty if I do not express my feelings towards my father Mr. Uthaman Komath

who have been my part & parcel during the whole project & without their blessings, inspiration &

good wishes I would have never completed my exhaustive research work.


I Layana PP student of MBA (3rd semester) a student of Amity Global Business School Kochi,

hereby declare that the project entitled “To study the customer satisfaction for Surya Roshni Ltd

for various segments” is the result of my own efforts. This field survey project is correct to the

best of my knowledge and so far has not been published any else. It is based on original study

conducted by me.

Techniques adopted in our classrooms can never progress recently in filling the gap between theory

and practical by replace the inevitable need of practical experience. There has been much different


Master of Business Administration, a two year duration course in management, divided into

four semester of six month each, is conducive to prepare professional managers to cope with the

requirement of Indian society i.e. to achieve optimum utilization of financial resources. This course

enables a student to build a foundation of theoretical knowledge in various functional areas of


These theories are formulated on the basis of past practice of different functional activities

and research. As per requirement of the course, everybody has to undergo summer training. I have

worked on “study on customer satisfaction for Surya Roshni Ltd under various segments” as a

topic of my project. The report is divided into several parts such as company profile, objective,

research, findings, analysis & conclusions.

Although, I have tried my best in the work, yet I do not have any misconception of its being
perfect. Any criticism will make me more proficient in any future work.


1. Executive summary

2. Research methodology

3. Literature review

4. Industry profile and company profile

5. Data analysis and interpretation

6. Major findings and suggestions



In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is
seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy.
Customer satisfaction is an abstract concept and the actual manifestation of the state of
satisfaction will vary from person to person and product/service to product/service. The state of
satisfaction depends on a number of both psychological and physical variables which correlate
with satisfaction behaviors such as return and recommend rate. The level of satisfaction can also
vary depending on other factors the customer, such as other products against which the customer
can compare the organization's products. The enormous retail boom in India has given space to
many companies who have mushroomed out to benefit from this retail boom, which is nothing
but a structured format of the unorganized retail business which is being done in India from ages.
Many stores have come up with exquisite interiors, state of the art infrastructure and the best
possible products or services to the customer which has led to the growth of mall culture in India.
The stores try and attract customers by providing them with such services and plethora of options
in products and services in different categories so that they can retain customers for long and
make them loyal towards their retail stores. The retail business is booming in India and there has
been remarkable shift in the buying behavior of the people from traditional stores to these
departmental stores. It becomes important for the marketers to understand these relationships
service quality and customer satisfaction.In this project work the marketing suirvey for Surya
Roshni ltd is conducted to know the customer satisfaction among the retail shops and also to take
response from the person dealing in electrical department of other segments including
educational institutions,hospitals,hotels,builders and constructors.
Research methodology is the description, explanation and justification of various methods of
conducting research. This area deals with the research design, sources of data collection, sampling
design, hypothesis, and statistical tools used for the data analysis and interpretation.


Descriptive Research

A researcher should think about the way in which he should proceed in attaining his objective in

his research work. He has to make a plan of action before starting the research. This plan of study

of a researcher is called the research design. Descriptive research design is used for this study.

Descriptive research design is used to those studies which are concerned with characteristics of a

particular individual or a group.


The data has been collected from both primary and secondary sources, to get information

regarding the organization and products.


Primary data has been collected through questionnaires. The questionnaire was mostly related to

the brand awareness towards Surya lightings and fittings of the dealers on different feature such

as the sizes, prices, effectiveness of the brand etc., which was provided by Surya Roshni Ltd.

Secondary data has been taken from bellow sources:

1. Television Broadcasting

2. Pamphlets

3. Banners & Hoardings

4. Mouth Publicity

5. Newspapers

6. Internet


Out of few lakes of Surya Roshni dealers spread all over India, the dealers of Surya Roshni

LtdBangalore is only taken as target population for the study.


The sample size of 100 is selected from the database of the company. The study requires on in

depth survey and teen observation in collecting data regarding the brand awareness levels of Surya

Roshni dealers. Period of study is 8 weeks (June - July).


Only simple random sampling technique is adopted in selection the sample. In this technique,

each and every unit of the population has on equal opportunity of being selected in the sample.


Based on need and objectives, types of data required for study and other sources of data are

identified. Data was collected with the help of the questionnaires.


Business always starts and closes with customers and hence the customers must be treated as the
King of the market. All the business enhancements, profit, status, image etc of the organization
depends on customers. Hence it is important for all the organizations to meet all the customers’
expectations and identify that they are satisfied customer.

Customer satisfaction is the measure of how the needs and responses are collaborated and
delivered to excel customer expectation. It can only be attained if the customer has an overall
good relationship with the supplier. In today’s competitive business marketplace, customer
satisfaction is an important performance exponent and basic differentiator of business strategies.
Hence, the more is customer satisfaction; more is the business and the bonding with customer.

Customer satisfaction is a part of customer’s experience that exposes a supplier’s behavior

on customer’s expectation. It also depends on how efficiently it is managed and how promptly
services are provided. This satisfaction could be related to various business aspects like
marketing, product manufacturing, engineering, quality of products and services, responses
customer’s problems and queries, completion of project, post delivery services, complaint
management etc.

Customer satisfaction is the overall essence of the impression about the supplier by the
customers. This impression which a customer makes regarding supplier is the sum total of all the
process he goes through, right from communicating supplier before doing any marketing to post
delivery options and services and managing queries or complaints post delivery. During this
process the customer comes across working environment of various departments and the type of
strategies involved in the organization. This helps the customer to make strong opinion about the
supplier which finally results in satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Customer’s perception on supplier helps the customer choose among the supplier on basis of
money value and how well the delivered products suit all the requirements. The supplier’s
services never diminishes after the delivery as customer seeks high values post marketing
services which could help them use and customize the delivered product more efficiently. If he is
satisfied with the post marketing services then there are good chances for supplier to retain the
customers to enhance repeated purchases and make good business profits.

It is necessarily required for an organization to interact and communicate with customers

on a regular basis to increase customer satisfaction. In these interactions and communications
it is required to learn and determine all individual customer needs and respond accordingly. Even
if the products are identical in competing markets, satisfaction provides high retention rates. For
example, shoppers and retailers are engaged with frequent shopping and credit cards to gain
customer satisfaction, many high end retailers also provide membership cards and discount
benefits on those cards so that the customer remain loyal to them.
Higher the satisfaction level, higher is the sentimental attachment of customers with the specific
brand of product and also with the supplier. This helps in making a strong and healthy customer-
supplier bonding. This bonding forces the customer to be tied up with that particular supplier and
chances of defection very less. Hence customer satisfaction is very important panorama that
every supplier should focus on to establish a renounced position in the global market and
enhance business and profit. Every business unit emphasizes on spurting a long term relationship
with customers to nurture its stability in today’s blooming market. Customer’s expectations are
now not only limited to get best products and services, they also need a face-to-face business in
which they want to receive exactly what they demand and in a quick time.

Customer Relationship Management is an upright concept or strategy to solidify relations

with customers and at the same time reducing cost and enhancing productivity and
profitability in business. An ideal CRM system is a centralized collection all data sources under
an organization and provides an atomistic real time vision of customer information. A CRM
system is vast and significant, but it be can implemented for small business, as well as large
enterprises also as the main goal is to assist the customers efficiently.

Usually an organization consists of various departments which predominantly have access to

customer’s information either directly or indirectly. A CRM system piles up this information
centrally, examines it and then makes it addressable within all the departments.

Lets take an example of an international call center which uses a CRM tool called ‘xyz’ and is
integrated with a phone and a computer system or laptop. Now this system automatically
perceives which customer is calling. Before the executive attends the phone the CRM system
brings forth the customer details on the computer or laptop screen and also indicates what the
opportunity of deals is with that particular customer, what the customer had already purchased or
ordered in past and what is the probability of buying in future. Not only this, it can also highlight
what all products best suit this customer. For finance department it may show the information
regarding the current balance and for accounting department it may pop out the information
regarding the recent purchases by the customer. All these pieces of data are stored in the CRM
database and are available as and when it is needed.

According to this example, CRM system provides a well defined platform for all business
units to interact with their clients and fulfill all their needs and demands very effectively
and to build long-term relationship.

Wangling this kind of relationship with customers is not easy to manage and it depends on how
the systematically and flexibly a CRM system is implemented or integrated. But once it’s
accomplished it serves the best way in dealing with customers. In turn customers feels gratitude
of self-satisfaction and loyalty which results in better bonding with supplier and hence increasing
the business.

A CRM system is not only used to deal with the existing customers but is also useful in acquiring
new customers. The process first starts with identifying a customer and maintaining all the
corresponding details into the CRM system which is also called an ‘Opportunity of Business’.
The Sales and Field representatives then try getting business out of these customers by
sophistically following up with them and converting them into a winning deal.

Customer Relationship Management strategies have given a new outlook to all the suppliers and
customers to keep the business going under an estimable relationship by fulfilling mutual needs
of buying and selling.

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy which is customized by an organization to

manage and administrate its customers and vendors in an efficient manner for achieving
excellence in business. It is primarily entangled with following features:

1. Customers Needs- An organization can never assume what actually a customer needs.
Hence it is extremely important to interview a customer about all the likes and dislikes so
that the actual needs can be ascertained and prioritized. Without modulating the actual
needs it is arduous to serve the customer effectively and maintain a long-term deal.
2. Customers Response- Customer response is the reaction by the organization to the
queries and activities of the customer. Dealing with these queries intelligently is very
important as small misunderstandings could convey unalike perceptions. Success totally
depends on the understanding and interpreting these queries and then working out to
provide the best solution. During this situation if the supplier wins to satisfy the customer
by properly answering to his queries, he succeeds in explicating a professional and
emotional relationship with him.
3. Customer Satisfaction- Customer satisfaction is the measure of how the needs and
responses are collaborated and delivered to excel customer expectation. In today’s
competitive business marketplace, customer satisfaction is an important performance
exponent and basic differentiator of business strategies. Hence, the more is customer
satisfaction; more is the business and the bonding with customer.
4. Customer Loyalty- Customer loyalty is the tendency of the customer to remain in
business with a particular supplier and buy the products regularly. This is usually seen
when a customer is very much satisfied by the supplier and re-visits the organization for
business deals, or when he is tended towards re-buying a particular product or brand over
times by that supplier. To continue the customer loyalty the most important aspect an
organization should focus on is customer satisfaction. Hence, customer loyalty is an
influencing aspect of CRM and is always crucial for business success.
5. Customer Retention- Customer retention is a strategic process to keep or retain the
existing customers and not letting them to diverge or defect to other suppliers or
organization for business. Usually a loyal customer is tended towards sticking to a
particular brand or product as far as his basic needs continue to be properly fulfilled. He
does not opt for taking a risk in going for a new product. More is the possibility to retain
customers the more is the probability of net growth of business.
6. Customer Complaints- Always there exists a challenge for suppliers to deal with
complaints raised by customers. Normally raising a complaint indicates the act of
dissatisfaction of the customer. There can be several reasons for a customer to launch a
complaint. A genuine reason can also exist due to which the customer is dissatisfied but
sometimes complaints are launched due to some sort of misunderstanding in analyzing
and interpreting the conditions of the deal provided by the supplier regarding any product
or service. Handling these complaints to ultimate satisfaction of the customer is
substantial for any organization and hence it is essential for them to have predefined set
of process in CRM to deal with these complaints and efficiently resolve it in no time.
7. Customer Service- In an organization Customer Service is the process of delivering
information and services regarding all the products and brands. Customer satisfaction
depends on quality of service provided to him by the supplier. The organization has not
only to elaborate and clarify the details of the services to be provided to the customer but
also to abide with the conditions as well. If the quality and trend of service go beyond
customer’s expectation, the organization is supposed to have a good business with
Global Lighting Industry
Electrical lightings and fittings are an important part in our surrounding. Lights of all types and
sizes is critical in indoor, outdoor, lighting and other industrial applications. The lighting industry
is expected to experience considerable change and varying growth rates in these uncertain
economic times. The global export market of the Electricals is stated to be close to $27 billion a
year with the US, Western Europe, Australia, and Japan being the biggest importers. India is one
of the major exporting nations including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
Lighting or illumination is the deliberate use of light to achieve a practical or aesthetic effect.
Lighting includes the use of both artificial light sources like lamps and light fixtures, as well as
natural illumination by capturing daylight. Daylighting (using windows, skylights, or light
shelves) is sometimes used as the main source of light during daytime in buildings. This can
save energy in place of using artificial lighting, which represents a major component of energy
consumption in buildings. Proper lighting can enhance task performance, improve the appearance
of an area, or have positive psychological effects on occupants. Indoor lighting is usually
accomplished using light fixtures, and is a key part of interior design. Lighting can also be an
intrinsic component of landscape projects.

Indian Lighting Industry-An Overview

The lighting market in India is evolving rapidly, moving from using conventional products to
LEDs. This transition is driven by an increasing number of government initiatives for energy
conservation, rising consumer awareness about energy-efficient products, and innovative products
offered by the industry that are in sync with the overall trend of digitization. This evolution
indicates a tectonic shift in technology from electrical to electronics. In turn, this may represent a
significant growth opportunity for companies offering electronic hardware/ components and
solutions used in LED lighting. India's lighting market is worth US$1.75 billion, with year-on-year
growth of 7.5%, and is stipulated to reach US$2.75 billion. CFL is the biggest and fastest growing
segment across the Indian lighting market space, accounting for 27.5% of total sales value.
The CFL segment is stipulated to reach US$760 million, contributing to 28% of the total domestic
market. Luminaires is the second leading segment constituting 22% of the total. India's
Government initiatives to replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, increasing energy demand
supply gap and declining prices have been leading to an increase in India's LED market, which is
stipulated to reach $ 1,457 million by 2019, with a CAGR of 35,9% between 2014 and 2019.


India LED Lighting Market Outlook to 2019 – Next Wave of Growth Driven by Government
Initiatives” provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects such as market size of India
LED lighting industry by revenue generated and production volume and market segmentation by
lamps, bulbs, luminaries, organized and unorganized and by utility. The report also covers the
market shares of major players in LED industry in India, apart from the export import scenario in
the market and statistics on pricing mechanism, future outlook and cost components of LED
lights. The overall lighting market in India has been growing at a rate of 17-18% annually for the
past three years, whereas the LED lighting market has been growing at a better rate . Some of
the benefits
offered by LED lighting are long life, energy efficiency, environment friendly and durability.
Additionally, LED lights require a low voltage power supply relative to conventional lights.


Ambrish Prasad, Founder & Sales HeadTop-tier LED lighting

brand renowned for its innovation, quality, and simplicity rendering first-class solutions with
aesthetic light architecture

Autopal IndustriesD P Gupta , ChairmanA provider of LED

lights and luminaries to brighten up indoors which also adds a touch of class.
Shekhar Bajaj , ChairmanA provider of lighting solutions for
commercial spaces, industry segments, cityscapes and infrastructure which are energy efficient
low on maintanence

D Sundaram , ChairmanA provider of LED bulbs and lighting

products which are energy efficient and low cost.

D Ramakrishna, Managing DirectorStandalone provider of

Smart LED lighting solutions assimilating three decades of experience with R&D expertise for
energy efficient deliverables.

Rahul Nahar, Managing DirectorOne-of-its-kind LED lighting company enabling nation to

contribute towards Renewable Energy through its quality oriented products such as flash lights,
solar lights and rechargeable emergencies

Siva Satheesh Srinivasan, FounderManufacturers of LED

Lights and currently the leading suppliers of High Bay, Flood & Street LED lights in India.
Brij Mohan Khaitan, ChairmanA provider of LED lighting
products which comes with an nbuilt Constant Current driver which ensure a constant light
output irrespective of fluctuations in the mains voltage.

Evergreen LED ProductsShiva Kumar , ProprietorAn Indian manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler,

trader, importer and supplier of best quality LED based down- lighters and their energy efficient
control drivers.

K Jain , ChairmanWith strong presence in automotive

components industry, company has diversified into LED Luminaries for indoor and outdoor

. Anil Rai Gupta, Chairman & MDA provider of energy

efficient lighting solutions which are innovative, user-friendly and unique spectrum of lighting
Prateek Gola, Director, Himanshu Arya, Assistant DirectorA
leading provider of LED lighting illuminating spaces with quality products and carving platform
for the introduction of horticulture technique in the Indian agricultural industry.

Subrata Saha, Co-Founder & CEO, Rupan Sarkar Co-Founder & CTOIntegrating avant-garde
technology with LED lighting system to reduce CO2 generation, high power consumption and
illuminate versatile and energy efficient lighting application

Deepak Puri , Chairman & MDA provider of LED Lighting

products which are more efficient and have a long life and can be used indoors, outdoor and
other customised applications.

LightingOlaf Berlien , ChairmanA provider of innovative and

sustainable lighting solutions which ranges from modules, LED lamps and luminaries to light
management systems.

. LightingMurali Sivaraman, Chairman & DirectorA provider

of high-quality light in public places, professional spaces, and at home which produces warm
light with an option to choose the color temperature.
Rohit Naikwad, DirectorPioneers in the LED lighting
manufacturing industry, the company works with an array of sectors, predominantly the
automotive industry and facilitates them with long lasting and durable products.

Surya RoshniJ. P. Agarwal , ChairmanA provider of LED

lighting products which are energy-efficient and revolutionize the lighting industry.

Govind Uttamchandani , Managing DirectorA provider of

LED lights which are effective and energy-efficient lighting at any environment. Products
ranging from LED Bulbs, LED Spotlights, LED light strips and LED Lamps .

Azim Premji , ChairmanA provider of energy efficient home

lighting solutions that provide the brightest light output while still complementing your interiors

Chairman and Managing director Shri. Jai Prakash Agarwal

Establishment In 1973

37 Years of Experience in Steel pipe Business

Manufacturing Plant Bahadurgarh (Haryana)

Group Unit 2 Steel Unit & 2 Lighting Unit

1 unit in Bahadurgarh (ERW Pipe – 1973)

2nd Unit In Bhuj, Gujarat (Spiral Pipe – 2009)

Turnover (Strength) 4,000 Crore(US$650 Million)

Product ERW/Spiral Pipes (Mild Steel and


BIS License Having 8 BIS License

International Standard British (BS), American , ASTM (A-53, API-


ISO Certification ISO 9001-2008

International Certification API-5L (American Petroleum Institute)

License, Export Certificate, UL, Certification

Srilankan Standard, German Standard,
Japanese Standard.

Distribution Network From Kashmir to Kanyakumari,150 Dealers

& Distributors network across the country,

14 Steel Branches in different States,

We are doing Export to more than 42

SURYA ROSHNI LTD formerly known as (Prakash Surya Roshni Ltd.) is an Indian is
an Indian multinational Fans, Steel, Lighting, LED and PVC Pipes manufacturing company
headquartered in Delhi, India. Surya exports its products over 44 countries. Surya Roshni Limited
(Surya) is a lighting and steel pipes manufacturing company. The lighting products of the company
include fluorescent tube lights, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), General Lighting Service
(GLS) lamps, High Pressure Mercury Vapor (HPMV) Lamps, High Pressure Sodium Vapor
(HPSV) Lamps and Metal Halide Lamps. It also produces accessories, high mast lighting systems
and lighting poles. The company also produces pipes, tubes, steel strips and coils under its steel
operations. It owns and operates two lighting plants one pipe manufacturing plant and one cold
rolling strip mill in India. The company operates principally in India and exports its products to
over 48 countries and it also operates in vital sectors of the economy ranging from Herbal
Medicine, Software, etc. Herbal unit is catering to the various segments of the pharmaceuticals
industry. Surya softest unit is also growing rapidly backed by international support. With emphasis
on total customer satisfaction and long-term relationship, the company has earned good name and
brand equity in the market. About 20% of production is exported.

Steel Division Pipes/Tubes

3% 3% CR Steel Strips
HR/CR Coils


GLS Lamps
FT Lamps
Glass Shells

19% CFL

Lighting Division 7%

Surya Roshni Limited Key Recent Developments

Mar 11, 2010: Surya Roshni to set up steel plant in Karnataka, India
Feb 10, 2010: Surya Roshni to build steel and power plants in India
Feb 10, 2010: Surya Roshni To Spend INR200 Billion On Power And Steel Plants
Jan 09, 2010: Surya Roshni plans to set up steel plant
May 21, 2009: Surya Roshni plans to set up pipes factory in India

Recently Surya Group has undertaken an expansion of 550 Crore mainly in Steel Pipes for water,
oil and gas and also for lighting which is expected to generate employment for 6000 more people
and new jobs. Surya Steel Pipes Division has also expanded into manufacture of Structural Hollow
Section (pipes) for use in a wide range of applications. These Square and Rectangular Hollow steel
sections, manufactured under state of the art Japanese technology are used in many major
application areas by a large number of customers, such as industries, shopping and commercial
malls, furniture manufacture, Airport Authority, Railways, Metro Services, Auto industry, Bus
Stands, Industrial Sheds, Towers, Buildings and the National Highway Development
Infrastructure Program etc. We are exporting our steel pipes and products to 40 countries including
Germany, Canada, Russia, London, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka & others.
 Surya Roshni Gets Order Worth 729.5 min Rupees From Energy Efficiency Services

 India's Surya Roshni gets orders worth 897.7 min rupees

 India's Surya Roshni Sept-qtr profit rises

 Surya Roshni says no plan to sell stake in consumer electrical business

 Surya Roshni Dec-qtr profit rises


 Nationality and Internationally accepted “SURYA” Brand.

 Well focused vision of the Management.

 Complete backward integration.

 High quality of products.

 Nationwide marketing network.

 Low margin due to cut throat competition.

 Uncertainties of external market forces.

 Potential increase in demand of energy efficient products.

 Untapped potential in outsourcing and marketing of electricals.

 Increase in demand of regular lighting products with a general improvement in the power
condition in urban as well as rural sectors and increase in spending on infrastructure

 Area of High Mast Tower and Street light Poles.

 Area of Luminaries and Light fittings.

 Liberalization at geographical markets.

 Tough competition from multi-national companies.

 Unbranded products from the unorganized sector.


“We aspire to be the global steel pipe industry benchmark for Value Creation and Corporate

We make the difference through:

 Our people by fostering team work, nurturing talent, enhancing leadership capability and
acting with pace, pride and passion.

 Our offer, by becoming the supplier of choice, delivering premium products and services
and creating value with our customers.

 Our innovative approach by developing leading edge solutions in technology, processes

and products.

 Our conduct, by providing a safe working place, respecting the environment, caring for our
communities and demonstrating high ethical standards.
 We believe in Growth through Expansion & Diversification.

 Growth creates aspirations.

 Growth gives hope & happiness. After all, Growth is life.

 Growth that is transformational, leads to the evolution of civilizations.

 Achieve sustainable, profitable growth in steel and related

 Create differential value for our customers through

innovative offerings.

 Continuous improvement of business processes and


 Foster partnership with key stake holders.

 Enhance employees' competencies to create a high performing and innovative

organization. Be a responsible corporate citizen and enhance the quality of life of
employees and key community

To achieve market leadership by fulfilling customer expectations through understanding of
customer requirements and continual improvements in quality, cost and delivery of products and

- Jai Prakash Agarwal

(Chairman and Managing Director)

 Customer delight. Customer is foremost.

 Enhance quality of all our activities through systematic working. Quality includes
productivity & cost effectiveness.

 Training & Development of all our employees.

 Ensure health & safety of our people.

 Fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen in every nation that we serve.

 Increasing profitability to facilitate dynamic growth internally and to contribute to society

at large.

 In making this commitment, the company reaffirms its belief that by doing its job well and
serving the needs of customers properly, it can help to promote economic development and
human progress.


 We aim to become a leader in the country in the areas of our business operations by
providing world class products with latest technology that will help us compete in national
and global markets.

 We endeavor to obtain total customer satisfaction in our products and services thereby
ensuring a long standing relationship with our customers.

 We stand committed in partnering with our suppliers for a mutually rewarding association.

 We invest in enhancing the skills and knowledge levels and standard of living of our
employees by helping them to grow and derive job satisfaction in a free and fair manner.

 We strive to protect the interests of our shareholders by constantly expanding the frontiers
of our business and increasing the return on investment.
 We work towards achieving excellence in all that we do by eschewing the barriers that
stand in their way.

 We constantly engage ourselves in achieving energy conservation, control on environment

pollution thereby helping our Neighborhood and society at large.
Frequency Table

1. Awareness_surya
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
yes 72 67.9 67.9 67.9

Valid no 34 32.1 32.1 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

2. Meet_requirement
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
best 28 26.4 26.4 26.4

Valid good 78 73.6 73.6 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

3. Money_value
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
good 71 67.0 67.0 67.0

Valid average 35 33.0 33.0 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

4. Other brands
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
syska LED 27 25.5 25.5 25.5

philips 36 34.0 34.0 59.4

crompton 23 21.7 21.7 81.1

bajaj 9 8.5 8.5 89.6

havells 11 10.4 10.4 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

5. Impression_surya
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
better 14 13.2 13.2 13.2

same 72 67.9 67.9 81.1

average 20 18.9 18.9 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

6. Options considered
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
price 33 31.1 31.1 31.1

quality 28 26.4 26.4 57.5

Valid service 31 29.2 29.2 86.8

supply 14 13.2 13.2 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

7. Improvement_surya
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
price 36 34.0 34.0 34.0
quality 26 24.5 24.5 58.5
Valid service 32 30.2 30.2 88.7
supply 12 11.3 11.3 100.0
Total 106 100.0 100.0
8. Price_surya
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
yes 61 57.5 57.5 57.5

Valid no 45 42.5 42.5 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

9. Recommend_surya
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
yes 69 65.1 65.1 65.1

Valid no 37 34.9 34.9 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

10. Product_availability
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
yes 44 41.5 41.5 41.5

Valid no 62 58.5 58.5 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
interested 33 31.1 31.1 31.1

sometimes 57 53.8 53.8 84.9

not interested 16 15.1 15.1 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

12. Promotional_tools
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
television broadcasting 48 45.3 45.3 45.3

newspaper 18 17.0 17.0 62.3

Valid banners and hoardings 36 34.0 34.0 96.2

online medias 4 3.8 3.8 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0

13. Advertisement_reachability
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative
yes 66 62.3 62.3 62.3

Valid no 40 37.7 37.7 100.0

Total 106 100.0 100.0


INTERPRETATION 71% are aware of surya products35% are not aware of Surya products.

It is because of the lack of publicity and also the competitors like Philips,syska and Crompton
who are in high demand.

INTERPRETATION:25% feel that products are best in meeting their needs and 81% feel
that the product is good.as per the quality of the product.

INTERPRETATION:72% feel that value for money of Surya product is good and 34% feel
that it is average as per the quality of the product.

INTERPRETATION:26% people use Philips, 11%use syska, 16%use bajaj,

20% use Crompton, 19% use havells. Most of the people are dealing with Philips Crompton and
havells because they are more aware of this product and also its publicity is high.

INTERPRETATION:13% of customers have good impression of surya products compared to

its competitors. 65%feel that the product impression is same and 28% feel that it is average.

INTERPRETATION: 33% of people are concerned about price while purchasing a

product.28% look for quality,31% look for service and 14%for supply.customers look into the
price of a product while buying it.

INTERPRETATION:31% feel that price has to be improved because it keeps on

changing.16% feel that the quality should be improved. 3% feel that durability has to be
improved.29%feel that there is no service and 27% say there is no supply.

INTERPRETATION:59% feel that Surya products are expensive and 47% feel that it is not
expensive. The price is sometimes high and sometimes low.

INTERPRETATION:68% say that they will recommend Surya products to their

friends and 38% say that they will not recommend.

INTERPRETATION:44% say that the product is available in nearby retail shops and 62%
say that it is not available. It is mainly because the marketing teams are not approaching the

INTERPRETATION:29% say that they will buy Surya products in future 55% may
sometimes buy later in future and 22% are not interested in buying Surya products.

INTERPRETATION 64% people say that the advertisements of Surya are reachable
to them and 42%say that it is not reachable.its because the company is lagging behind in
advertisements compared to its competitors who create innovative advertisements.

INTERPRETATION:72% customers came to know about Surya products through TV, 7%

through newspapers, 39% through banners and 3 % through online most of the customers are
aware of the product through television.
Awareness surya * Interest surya Cross tabulation

Interest surya Total

interested sometimes not interested
Count 27 39 6 72

Expected Count 22.4 38.7 10.9 72.0

% within Awareness surya 37.5% 54.2% 8.3% 100.0%

% within Interest surya 81.8% 68.4% 37.5% 67.9%

Awareness surya
Count 6 18 10 34

Expected Count 10.6 18.3 5.1 34.0

% within Awareness surya 17.6% 52.9% 29.4% 100.0%

% within Interest surya 18.2% 31.6% 62.5% 32.1%

Count 33 57 16 106

Expected Count 33.0 57.0 16.0 106.0

% within Awareness surya 31.1% 53.8% 15.1% 100.0%

% within Interest surya 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%

Chi-Square Tests
Value df Asymp. Sig.

Pearson Chi-Square 9.728a 2 .008

Likelihood Ratio 9.457 2 .009
Linear-by-Linear Association 8.780 1 .003
N of Valid Cases 106

a. 0 cells (0.0%) have expected

count less than 5. The minimum
expected count is 5.13.

Interpretation:- The chi-square test has failed as it is more than 0.005. Hence there is no

relationship between awareness and interest of surya.


 Buying behavior is dependent on brand awareness as 72% of customers are aware of brand
 Lack of awareness among public regarding the brand as a whole as 34% are not aware
among different segments.
 Surya’s LED lights are not up to its popularity as like other brands because the
competitors like Philips, Crompton and syska are into innovation.
 Most of the retailers are mainly sticking to the old style of CFL and tube lights of Surya.
 retailers commented that Surya is not into innovation, new style, designs etc.
 Some of them responded that, Surya need to be made available in market.
 The Company needs to fix competitive rates for their products.
 There exist distribution and supply problem for the products.
 Replacement problem is another issue of the company because 32% people say that there
is no proper service for Surya products.
 Some of them are not even aware of Surya especially educational,hospital,builders and
hotel sectors.
 Most of the dealers are dealing with Philips, Havells, Crompton, Syska ,Bajaj, GM etc.
 61% of customers are of the opinion that the price of Surya products are high compared
to other brands.
 Most of the retailers are of the opinion that, Surya is an old brand, they fix only
affordable and reasonable price
 26% customers have a good opinion about the quality of the products Surya offering.
 In some places Surya is not properly reaching.
 People are ready to buy Surya if they’ve proper promotional tools, distributors, vast
reachability, innovations and all especially the retail shops.

 Company needs to increase the number of distributors to market

 Try to make the products available in the local as well as almost all areas of the market.
 Focus on how to promote the brand through most effective promotional tools, that
makes customers more catchy to the brand name.
 Try to be into innovation, new designs, and brand varieties.
 Try to fix better price as to beat with cutthroat competition.
 Try to create awareness about the brand in areas where Surya is not up to the mark.
 Try to increase the number of display boards in retail shops, or else use banners and
hoardings to make the brand more popular and convincing among public.
 Try to be part of CSR activities, as to create your concern towards society, thereby
uplifting the company into lime light.
 Bring modern way of administration, marketing strategies, innovations, changes and all
to change with changing scenario.
 Provide credit facility with usual and trustworthy dealers to make them in a cordial
relation. Provide them accessories through consecutive installments.

Now I shall conclude my study, when I go through my whole research, there are several points

which are quite peculiar. The first and foremost fact which comes out is that “Surya” appear as

closest competitors of Philips. This is due to less price and effective sales promotional scheme

including emphatic advertisements. It is also obvious that Surya is in the third position in the sales

volume. It is due to reason that advertising campaign of Surya is not so large. The market of Surya

steel pipes is growing at rapid speed. Surya being one of the dominating Co. in Indian electrical

market is expected to attract significant attention among the retailers and investors. In this industry

segment there has been heightened competition with other leading players like Philips, Crompton,

Havells and many others.

Majority of the people have informed Brand Awareness toward Surya Electricals. Most of the

customers are very much satisfied with the services offered by the company while few of them are

not satisfied some of them never heard the name of the brand. Many of the retailers rated the

satisfaction levels as excellent (supply, quality); Buying behavior is dependent on product


Many of the retailers have stated that the prices charged on services are high when comparing

to other company’s services. Finally the customers are very happy about Brand Awareness toward

Surya Electricals. According to retailers opinion, they rate the quality of Surya Electricals which

is very good. The people responsible for dealing with electrical department of various segments

are not so aware of the Surya products because of the leading competitors like Philips ,syska and

Crompton.A successful retailing strategy will be embedded within a customer-driven general

business strategy.







Annual Report of Company

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Ltd, New Delhi






1. Are you aware of Surya products?


2. How well does Surya products meet your needs?

Best Good

3. How would you rate the value for money of the product?

Good Average
4 . Which are the other brands you are dealing with?



5. What you feel about Surya products compared to our competitors?

Better Same Not Good

6. Which options do you consider before choosing a product?

Price Quality Durability

Service Supply any other issues

7.Which is the area of improvement required for Surya?

Price Quality Durability

Service Supply any other issues

8. Do you feel that the price of Surya products is expensive compared to its

Yes No

9. Would you recommend Surya products to your friends or colleagues?

Yes No

10. Is Surya products available at your nearby retailer shops?

Yes No

11. Are you willing to buy more products of Surya in future?

Interested Sometimes/maybe Not Interested

12. How did you come to know about Surya products?

Television broadcasting Newspapers

Banners and hoardings Online Medias

13. Do you feel that Surya advertisements are not reachable to you?

Yes No

14. Any suggestions?