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Arrival: Whenever students arrive to school they will choose if they want to go to breakfast

and then they will all go to the gymnasium. At 8:40 they will be dismissed to walk down the
hallway and put their stuff in their lockers. Then they will be able to turn in their homework to
whichever teacher’s rooms that they need to. Then they will come to homeroom with their
belongings and make their lunch choice and sit down and start their morning work. Whenever
they finish their morning work they can read a book or work inside their desk folder until their
first class starts.

Transitioning between classes: The students switch classes. They have three classes that are
1 hour and 20 minutes except their specials which are 45 minutes. To make the transitions
smooth I always give the students a 15-minute and a 5-minute warning to finish up what they
are doing and start to pack up so that they can be ready to switch classes when it is time.

Lining Up: The teacher dismisses the students. They do not just
get up and walk to the door. Whenever the teacher says the
students can line up at the door they are expected to WALK to
the door and wait for their teacher to walk out in the hallway for
them to walk to their next class. In the hallway the students are
expected to be quiet and considerate to other classes that may
be in session or in the process of finishing up their lesson.

Before and After Lunch: For the third period class the students come in and the teacher
passes back the homework. They have ten minutes to look at their corrections or anything that
they may have gotten wrong. Then the teacher lines the students up by saying, “Packers line up,
Choice 1 line up, Choice 2 line up, everyone else line up.” Or the teacher, depending on how the
behaivor of the class is, sometimes picks girls over boys or other
forms of lining up. Then they are expected to walk quietly down the
hallway for lunch (which is sometimes challenging because students
are ususally eexcited to go to lunch). The packers are supposed to go
to their lockers and get their lunch boxes and follow the line down.
The students wait in line for their food and then eat lunch.
Whenever they are done, they are dismissed into the hallway where
they have to make a line and wait for their teacher. Then when the teacher gets there (and
whenever the students are quiet) they are motioned into the gym for 30 minutes of recess.

End of the Day/Dismissal: The students will come in to their homeroom

classroom with their book-bags and coats, etc. They will have a seat and
then wait for their waves to be called. There are four waves that are
called every 5 minutes. The walkers walk out to a specific teacher every
day. Whenever their wave is called they walk down the hallway to the
gym and wait to be dismissed to walk through the cafeteria to their bus.