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Agents Oil Government and Infrastructure

Goal(s)  Continue  Enforce  Improve the
profitability of democratic infrastructural
oil production government development
for government  Enforce goals of within Nigeria
entities and the Sustainable
international oil Development
manufacturers Goals Agenda
Indicator  Amnesty  Control of  Infrastructure
Variable(s) Program effects media net contribution
 Illegal oil market  Budget to Nigeria’s per
 Negative collaboration capita growth
environmental with local gov’t  Oil revenues
consequences  Democratic  Economy size
 Tension policies by  Reliability of
between President power supply
Nigerian gov’t Muhammadu  Attraction of
and civilians Buhari port sector by
 Oil/gas revenues  Financial private investors
percentage of benefits from oil  Improvements
total gov’t production in ICT
income  Government  GDP coverage of
 Oil production corruption water/sanitation
companies  Political  Annual funding
contribution to relationship gaps for
government with U.S. infrastructure
Strategy 1. Increase oil 1. Strengthen 1. Need to
production democracy increase funding
2. Payout Nigerian 2. Democratic for
government policy infrastructure
3. Nigerian enforcement 2. Focus on
government while sanitation and
keeps mass of maintaining environment
shares profit of oil 3. Develop sectors
4. Military controls to match the
protests booming
Sequence of 1-4 of Strategy Future of Nigerian 1-3 of Strategy
Variables in including all Gov’t uncertain due including all
Strategy indicator variables to election indicator variables