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Demolition of eisting structure and removal Piling work Construction : Steup-up transformer – 150 kV Inland transport Mechanical
Removal/relocating of existing cable and pipes Road & Drainage System Erection tank Cable and accecories Costum clearance Electrical
Removal of contaminated material Engine Hall Substructure - LFO Medium voltage cables Insurance Pre-commisionning
Utility Block Substructure - LO Serviced Low voltage cables Commissioning
ENGINEERING Fire fighting pump house - LO clean Cable raceways Performance Test
Plant Layout Oil waste handling facilities - Sludge tank CCTV SLO
Oil water system Sewage treatment - Fire water tank Earthing above 0-level
Pipe protection system Workshop and warehouse Piping inside & outside E. Hall Fire detection system
Pipe supports and croossovers Admin building Fire fighting system IT network
Plant electrification Guard house Overhead crane (OHC) Lighting and building electrification
Civil work Fuel and unloading station Waste water treatment system Lighting protection
Fuel stirage structure HV AC
Day tank storage
Venitilation unit substructure
Exhaust gas duct substructure
Exhaust gas stack substructure
Oil water collecting
Station auxiliary transformer
Black start unit
Station transformer
Platform and shelter
Power transformer structure
Pipe supports and crossovers