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7. Compare and contrast server-based architectures and client-server- based


Although there are numerous ways in which the software components can be

placed on the hardware components, there are three principal application architectures

in use today: server-based architectures, client-based architectures and client–server

architectures. The most common architecture is the client–server architecture.

Server-based architecture: Being one of the very first computing architectures, this had

the server performing all the four application functions.


 Simple architecture works well

 Single point of control cause all messages flow through server


 Server must process all messages

 Increase in applications results in slower response rate

Client-Server architecture: Most organizations today are moving to client–server

architectures, which attempt to balance the processing between the client and the

server by having both do some of the application functions. In these architectures, the

client is responsible for the presentation logic while the server is responsible for the
data access logic and data storage. The application logic may reside on either the client,

the server, or be split between both.


 They are scalable

 They are able to support different types of clients and servers.


 Updating the network with a new version of the software is more complicated, too.

 Software updating is to be done in all servers and clients

21. what is the purpose of the hardware and software specification?

The desktop users can access varied levels of software, operating systems, high and level

drivers and to the graphical applications. The purpose of the separate hardware and software

specifications is to allow for quick and adaptable operating system and software rules. The

hardware specifications change with the change in users of the hardware. For example the

industrial users have different hardware specifications requirement and a college lab has

different hardware specifications.

The PC hardware specifications of the industry are more demanding and require the integration

of software and hardware in order to match the standards of the production. Therefore more

advanced circuits are usually required for the processors which are used in industry. Another

major consideration is the selection of compatible operating system matched with the needs of
your hardware. The most versatile operating system to be used is usually is of Windows and today

it is XP / Vista/ and 7.

G. Pretend that your mother is a real estate agent and that she has decided to automate
her daily tasks by using a laptop computer. Consider her potential hardware and soft
ware needs and create a hardware and software specification that describes them. Th
e specification should be developed to help your mother buy her hardware and
software on her own.

hardware and software specification:

Hardware Specification
Memory - 250 GB SSD drives or more.
Video Card that can support a resolution at of 800 x 600.
Intel core i5 or higher processor.
Lightweight laptop with great battery life with 15.6 inch or less.

Software Specification
Microsoft Office i.e. Excel, PowerPoint etc.
A good antivirus software
MAC OSX operating system
Customer relationship management tool i.e. contractually.
ARCHICARD 18 or higher
Dotloop-an online transaction and productivity optimization platform.
Mortgage calculator.