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JSS campus, Dr. Vishnuvaradhan road, Bangalore -60


Course Name : Mechanical Measurement and Metrology

Course Code : 17ME46B
Course Year : Feb – May 2019
Semester : 4th Sem
Faculty Name : Mrs.D.N. Roopa.

Instructions to students:

 Answer all the questions neatly and legibly

 Sketch diagrams wherever relevant.
 Explain your notations explicitly and clearly.


Utilize the methods of measurement to find the screw thread, gear tooth parameter and
C206.3 L3
apply the advances in metrology for the measurement application.
Explain the measurement system, measurement methods, intermediate modifying,
C206.4 L3
terminating devices.

Module 3
CO# Question BLL
With a neat sketch of a screw thread mention the screw thread parameters
C206.3 1 L3
and define each one of them
Explain with neat sketch the method of measuring minor diameter, major
C206.3 2 L3
diameter of external thread and internal thread.
With the setup, explain how effective diameter of a screw thread is
C206.3 3 L3
measured using 2 wire method.
With the setup, explain how effective diameter of a screw thread is
C206.3 4 L3
measured using 3 wire method.
C206.3 5 Derive the expression for the best-size wire in a two-wire method. L3
Define the gear terminologies i) Pitch circle diameter ii) Pressure angle
C206.3 6 iiii) Addendum iv)Dedendum v) Module vi) Diametral pitch vii) L3
Involute ix) Circular pitch x) line of action xi) Module xii) Clearance
Describe the construction of gear tooth Vernier caliper. Explain how it can be
C206.3 7 L3
used for measuring the tooth thickness (Chord thickness method).
Explain with a neat sketch, gear tooth thickness measurement using constant
C206.3 8 L3
chord method.
C206.3 9 Describe the Parkinson’s gear tester and state its limitations L3
Explain Tool makers microscope with neat sketch. Give the applications of
C206.3 10 L3
tool makers microscope.
Explain with neat sketch the construction and working principle of CMM and
C206.3 11 L3
also write the application
C206.3 12 List the advantages of laser and explain in detail any one laser interferometer L3

Module 4

CO# Question BLL
Briefly explain the following
i) Hysteresis ii)Threshold iii) Precision iv) Accuracy
C206.3 1 L3
v) Repeatability vi)Caliberation vii) Reproducibility viii) System response
ix) Linearity x) Sensitivity
Explain Generalized measurement system with a block diagram and give an
C206.3 2 L3
example for each stage.
C206.3 3 Explain any two types of electrical transducers L3
C206.3 4 Explain electronic amplifier with neat sketch L3
What are terminating devices? Explain principle and working of stylus type
C206.3 5 L3
oscillograph with a neat sketch
C206.3 6 Explain the inherent problems in the mechanical modifying devices. L3
What is the necessity of modifying devices? Explain the advantages of electrical
C206.3 7 L3
modifying devices.
C206.3 8 Explain the working principle of CRO and its applications in detail. L3
C206.3 9 Describe in detail Ballast circuit L3