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ISO 9001: 2008

Manufacturers & Suppliers of: All kinds of filter bags, Bellow, Air filter, Cartridge filter & Scoop etc.
Office: 503/ Samta, Plot No. 28, Airoli, Navi Mumbai -400708, Email:
Mob :9320817589 /9324169341 /7498577936

Lecithin Filters
Lecithin Filters are used to remove suspended solids and other impurities from
crude Lecithin:

• Filtering mesh manufactured from 60 / 80 wire mesh is used as

the primary filtering element
• Filters can be provided with a steam injection system to clean the filtering
element periodically
• Filters can be provided in a twin assembly with changeover valves to
ensure continuous filtration from one filter while the other is being cleaned
or maintained
• Lecithin filters are easy to operate with a simple filtration process
• The filtering mesh can be easily replaced and refurbished locally
• Final quality of Lecithin is significantly improved after filtration, as
compared to crude Lecithin
• The Filters are useful in both Vegetable Oil Refineries and also Solvent
Extraction Plants that currently sell crude Lecithin

• Filter housing is manufactured from SS304 or as per customer

• Filtering mesh is manufactured from SS304/ SS316
• The mesh is supported by a perforated sheet of SS304/ SS316

Standard Sizes and Designs*

Model No MOC of Body Body Size (mm) MOC of Mesh Mesh Size Area (m²)
LECF/200/25 SS304 200 Ø x 350 Long SS304 60 mesh 0.125
LECF/250/50 SS304 250 Ø x 540 Long SS304 60 mesh 0.250
LECF/300/100 SS304 300 Ø x 790 Long SS304 60 mesh 0.50

. Other sizes and designs can be custom manufactured as per on

individual client requirements