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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Name Mohamoud Mohamed Abdulahi.

Personal Details Profession Water Resources Engineer/GIS expert.
Gender Male.
Address Hargeisa, Somaliland.
Phone +25263-4770775.
E-mail Mohamoud.qawdhan@gmail.com

I have a broad experience in the issues of Water Resources, Hydrology, and climate change, with a special focus on River basin
Management. I am currently employed by GIZ as Senior Water and Land Resources Officer for the SLM project, which is German
funded project, which serves Somali administrations, non-governmental organizations, development agencies and local
organizations engaged in assisting Somali communities whose lives depend directly on water and land resources.
Previously, I worked as Water Resources Officer for the FAO-SWALIM project, which is an EU funded project.

Prior to start working at GIZ, I completed the master study in Land and Water at the University of Florence, Italy and a bachelor
degree in Water supply engineering at Arbaminch university, Ethiopia. I have also done a short course(s) in Ground water data
collection and interpretation at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in delft the Netherlands. Furthermore, my educational
background and work experience have developed my ability to work behind computers (application and softwares related on
water) as well as in the field enhancing my technical and managerial skills.


MSc programme in Land and Water, University of Florence, Italy.

09.2014 – 11.2016
BSc degree in Water supply engineering, Arbaminch University. Ethiopia
10.2007 – 07.2011
Upgrade Advanced course in “Ground water data collection and interpretation”, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education,
The Netherlands.
01.2018 – 04. 2018

Work Experiences GIZ- Somalia. Senior Water and Land Resources Officer. Sustainable Land Management (SLM) Project,
Hargeisa, Somaliland

03. 2017– Present Job summary

1) supporting the introduction of GIZ-SLM’s GIS based planning tools and coordination and Monitoring instruments

2) supporting capacity building activities for region/district governments institutions, technical staff and GIZ staff (incl.
trainings, training of trainers)

3) Supporting the interdisciplinary team, including technical advisors for the district offices, with regard to natural resource
management and implementation

4) Supporting the regional government institutions in the integration of regional/district development plans (e.g. water
resources management, rangeland management) into district planning processes.

5) Supporting the production of watershed management related maps to the appropriate scale (Google image, watershed
boundary map / base map; altitude, slope class, soil type, major land use / land cover, drainage, erosion class, land
suitability and their attribute tables.

6) Identify main hotspots land degradation in the Arabsiyo, Gabiley and Geed-deeble sub-water catchment in the Biji Water
catchment and carry out detail studies including production of watershed management related maps to the appropriate
scale (Google image, watershed boundary map / base map; altitude, slope class, soil type, major land use / land cover,
drainage, erosion class, land suitability and their attribute tables.

7) Supervising the activity implementation in NRM with GIS and Remote sensing of the operational area, including follow-up
of all activities

8) Supporting the project management in coordination with government authorities and development partners in the region

(FAO)-Somalia. Water Resources Officer, Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) Project,

11. 2015– 03.2016 Hargeisa, Somaliland

Job summary
FAO 1) Responsible for SWALIM water theme activities including studies and surveys, data and information analysis,
development of data collection tools, training of ministry and partner staff on the use of the data, information and tools;

2) Support routine water quality testing activities and ensure water quality data is incorporated into the SWIMS and Live
map database.
3) Support groundwater and water quality monitoring networks.
4) Support hydrological analysis of all catchments for planning purposes (IWRM plans, irrigation potential, land degradation,
5) Assist in updating the SWALIM Data and Document Repository (SDDR) with related water data.
6) Contribute to the preparation of feasibility studies, policy support documents, best practice guides and various project
proposals for ministries and public institutions.
7) Analyse and interpret meteorological data gathered from weather stations across the country and satellites to prepare
and supply weather data, bulletins, forecasts and reports for public and other users.
8) Conduct field investigations, including aquifer testing, and surface water discharge gauging.
9) Travel as required for fieldwork for SWALIM project and/or other FAO projects.

Other clients BMB Mott MacDonald, German Agro Action, Save the children

Worked as Freelancer Consultant on Water Resources Engineer
Hydrogeological/Geophysical Survey Team Leader/, Candlelight For Environment Education and Health Preparatory
Study on delineation of groundwater potential aquifers with the aim of identifying a groundwater source for the
communities in Goo and Galooley villages in Togdheer region, Somaliland.

The main objective of this study was to carry out a wide-ranging hydro-geological and geophysical survey using the
10. 2016
Schlumberger electrode configuration method to delineate groundwater potential aquifers to identify a groundwater source for
the communities in Go'da yar/Go'da weyn and Galooley villages with following specific objectives:
1) Collect and compile the previous hydrogeological and hydrological data collected from the area.
2) Undertake a localized hydro-geological assessment in order to gain more understanding on groundwater availability and
identify certain promising areas for groundwater development.
3) Provide a technical summary of current hydrogeologic and hydrologic conditions across the Go'da yar/Go'da weyn and
Galooley villages.
Freelancer consultant: Assignment “Baseline study on irrigation schemes in Awdal region”, Somaliland
German Agro Action/
 Understood the challenges and opportunities of irrigated agriculture in the project area
08 – 11. 2016  determined crop water requirements for different crop types
 Identified the potential irrigation sources
 Assessed the general condition of irrigation structures
 Identified the potential areas of gullies and canal extension
Freelancer consultant: Position: Water Engineer, Assignment: Water supply system design of two Hospitals and two
BMB Mott MacDonald boarding Schools in Sool and Sanaag region

09 – 10. 2015
 Assessed water needs, available resources, health risks and the capacity of existing systems
 Identified suitable water sources (surface and ground water), confirm quality and quantity of water available.
 Designed and implement water storage and treatment systems including construction/installation and maintenance of
wells, protected springs, small and large tanks, power supply, pumping and water quality monitoring.
 Designed and implement water distribution systems including pipe trenching, laying, pressure testing,
 Delivered training on water treatment, water quality testing, system management and maintenance to technical staff,
partner organizations, government counterparts and community management teams.
 Prepared technical materials including drawings, BOQ, specifications for water supply infrastructure.

Experienced with
Apps and Softwares
1) ArcGIS, 2. Epanet 3. ClimWAT 4. CropWAT 5. Water CAD 6. SPAW 7. VERPr.LG 8. 9. Microsoft Office

Leisure time Voluntary position at University of Hargeisa, mainly teaching and training under graduate students

Languages Cushitic languages: Somali and Amharic,

References Available upon request