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3 Art And Culture 145


Tamil Nadu is rich in various art forms, and each form is unique and
has its own merits. The different phases of growth and development of a
society find their expression in art and culture. They are also measures of
cultural uniqueness and accomplishments of linguistic and ethnic groups.
Tamil Nadu's contribution to national heritage is exceptional.
The following agencies / institutions of the Government are charged
with the preservation, exposition and study of our ancient heritage:
i. Government Museums
ii. Archaeology Department
iii. Department of Archives and Historical Research and
iv. Government Oriental Manuscript Library.
The following are enjoined to promote performing Arts and Culture :
i. Directorate of Art and Culture
ii. Regional Cultural Centres
iii. Government Music Colleges and Music Schools
iv. Government Colleges of Arts and Crafts
v. Government College of Architecture and Sculpture
vi. Tamil Nadu Iyal Isai Nadaga Mandram and
vii. Tamil Nadu Ovia Nun Kalai Kuzhu .
The Jawahar Bala Bhawans are also being used to direct the energies
of young school age children in these directions.
The Directorate of Art and Culture was created in 1991 to bring the Art
Institutions and organisations under one umbrella. The Institutions working
under the Directorate are : (i) Regional Cultural centres (ii) Music Colleges
and Schools (iii) College of Art and Crafts (iv) College of Architecture and
Sculpture (v) Tamilnadu Iyal Isai Nadaka Mandram (vi) Tamil Nadu Ovia Nun
Kalai Kuzhu, and (vii) Tamil Nadu Jawahar Bala Bhawans.
The Government Museum Chennai is the oldest and second largest
among all the State Museums. So far 20 District Museums have also been
established. The Government Museum, Chennai has been in the forefront of
museology. The Amaravati collection of Buddhist artefacts, the Chola and
other bronze collections, the Bhattiprolu Casket - the Rosetta stone of India
holding the key to deciphering South Indian Scripts, Jain, Hindu and Buddhist
Images are some of the rare artefacts in its collections.
The Department of Archaeology was started in the year 1961 with the
objective of preserving ancient monuments in Tamil Nadu and printing in book
form, the epigraphs of the State, conducting excavation at historical sites and
setting up of site Museums. The Government Oriental Manuscript Library has
a large collection of nearly 73,000 manuscripts dealing with various subjects
in different languages, often on Palmyra leaves.
146 4.3 Art And Culture

The Tamil Nadu Archives was originally organised by Lord William

Bentinck in 1805 in the Fort St. George to centralise and preserve records of
government departments, and later it was designated as a full fledged
Archives and shifted to the monumental building in Egmore in 1909. The
records are preserved on scientific lines. With a view to microfilm the records,
a modernised microfilming camera has been installed.
The Public Libraries Department strives to attract more readers by
offering various facilities such as shelving of good useful books, provision of
Xerox machines for use of readers, provision of TV/ VCR/Computer etc., thus
making the library movement a public movement.

Ninth Five Year Plan: A Review

With the objective of giving encouragement to Art and Culture, a sum
of Rs. 30 crores was earmarked for the 9th five year plan period. Against
this, a total sum of Rs. 38.95 crores is expected to be spent. The excess of
expenditure is due to a special allocation of Rs. 7.08 crores by the Eleventh
Finance Commission as special problem grant for protection of historical
monuments, restoration, protection and preservation of museums and for
creation of corpus fund for up- gradation of public libraries. The break - up
of expenditure during the Ninth Five Year Plan is as follows:

Table I
Ninth Five Year Plan Expenditure

Expenditure/Anticipated Expenditure



Name of the Ninth


Department Plan

(Rs. in crores)
1. Art & Culture
Directorate 12.28 4.25 2.41 3.22 4.70 3.28 17.86
2. Archaeology &
Survey 3.10 (-)0.23 0.23 0.34 0.50 1.94 2.78
3. Archives &
Gazetteer Unit 6.12 0.54 0.40 0.70 0.57 0.69 2.90
4. Public Libraries 4.25 0.75 0.93 1.07 0.50 4.47 7.72
5. Museums 4.25 0.29 0.70 0.66 2.94 3.10 7.69
Total – Art & Culture 30.00 5.60 4.67 5.99 9.21 13.48 38.95
Source: Plan Budget Link documents

Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-07)

The major thrust during the Tenth Five Year Plan will be to generate
awareness and appreciation of the cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu and
revitalisation of cultural traditions, including the Street theatre.
4.3 Art And Culture 147

Goals, Objectives and Strategies

Department of Art & Culture
i. To create additional Regional Cultural Centres.
ii. To give opportunities for Music – education in all districts by starting
new Music Schools / Residential Music Schools, where none exists
now. This is to bring to a logical conclusion the initiative taken in the IX
Five - Year Plan.
iii. To commemorate the traditional art experts by building monuments as
Pughazharangam in five districts namely Chennai, Coimbatore,
Thanjore, Madurai and Tirunelveli.
iv. To impart education in traditional art and sculpture by starting
Sculpture Schools at Krishnagiri and Andipatti.
v. To modernise music education in Music Colleges through computers
and formation of audio video libraries.
vi. To impart quality education by provision of modern music instruments,
ornaments, dresses, books, furniture, costumes etc., machineries and
equipments for students in the Music Colleges and Schools.
vii. To provide opportunity to the students for public performance by
organising Medaiyetram and Arangetram.
viii. To encourage talented students by providing stipends.
ix. To update knowledge in art education through conducting refresher
courses to the teachers.
x. To provide higher standard education in Sculpture College by starting
of P.G. Courses.
xi. To bring out books in Tamil on sculpture and fine arts by writing new
books and translation of existing books for the benefit of students.
xii. To encourage young talented sculptor and architects by
conducting exhibition and giving awards.
xiii. To modernize the education of traditional art through purchase of new
machinery and equipments for the College of Architecture and
Sculpture, Mamallapuram.
xiv. To propagate the traditional art and sculpture to the public by starting
of open air museums.
xv. To honour the classical and folk artistes by giving State/ District level
xvi. To give importance to rural and local arts by conducting art festivals in
every district.

Department of Government Museums

The objective of the Department is to employ a few core personnel
backed by resources by way of capital outlay and use of the latest technology
for conserving and restoring the old heritage buildings, electronic data
148 4.3 Art And Culture

processing and recording of images, and modernising display. It is

envisioned that it is better to have a few excellent state of the art galleries in
the museum as in the West, rather than have a large quantity of the Second
The museum continues to adopt the latest technology. The Web Site
itself is a technology leap for this Museum. It has also served to document
and expose the great collection for world-wide viewing. The process of up -
gradation of technology will be continued.
The new Rock Art Gallery on the anvil is being taken up after detailed
research by undertaking painstaking field trips to highly inaccessible rock
shelters such as Vellarikkombai and Iduhatti in the Nilgiris. Research will be
continued during the Tenth Five Year Plan also in various fields.
An old museum poses its own challenges. Some of the displays are a
century old and they were the best technology at the time of installation. This
was because of the close ties between this museum and the museums in
England. This link needs to be strengthened. Frame-less mega-size
showcases with modern lighting on par with European standards are being
planned for reorganising the old galleries. A Touch-Screen display, a
simulated cave with Infra-red ray activated son-et-lumière etc. are planned for
the Rock Art Gallery.
The Amaravati sculptures, a few of which are deteriorating at the
ground level due to being embedded in the walls for the last 130 years are
being removed from the walls. They have started absorbing moisture by
osmosis due to rise in water levels. They will be redisplayed according to
modern methods.
Archaeology & Archaeological Research
The thrust areas during the Tenth Five Year Plan are :
i. Consolidation and Modernisation of Eight Archaeological Site
Museums to bring them on par with Government Museums.
ii. Conservation of Monuments & Temples
iii. Computerisation of the Department
iv. Excavation of important historical sites
v. Preservation of Estampages
vi. Preservation of Palm Leaf Manuscripts and printing of books
available in Government Orient Manuscript Library
vii. Publication of Guide books
viii. Provision of Surveillance and fire proofing of displays
ix. Revision of entrance fee for site museums
x. Enhancement of charges for film shooting in protected monuments
xi. Disbandment of printing section and photography section.
4.3 Art And Culture 149

Tamil Nadu Archives

Tamil Nadu Archives plays a valuable role both in historical research
as well as day-to-day administration of the Government as Custodian of
Public records. The major activities of the Achives are to centralise all
permanent records, to arrange them on scientific lines and to make them
available for historical research and administrative decision making. The
Archives has a Library with a collection of nearly 2 lakhs books and reports, of
which a quarter are of rare archival value. In addition, the Gazetteer Unit
brings out / updates Gazetteers of the present districts of the State on a
regular basis. During the Tenth Five Year plan, the following are proposed :
• Provision of new infrastructure - construction of additional buildings,
record room and stationery room and maintenance of existing heritage
• Preservation and maintenance of records (a) Computerisation of
records and Computerised catalogue for Library, (b) Purchase of
computer hardware scanner, printer etc., and upgradation of existing
Library and Informatics
"Best reading for the greatest number at the least cost is the objective
of the Tenth Five Year Plan”. Efforts will be made to attract more readers by
offering various facilities such as shelving of good useful books, Xerox
machine, TV/VCR/Computer, construction of buildings and Library services in
the rural areas thus making the library movement a public movement.
The following are the objectives of the Tenth Five Year Plan:
1. Improving the Library service in rural areas, extending the Library
facilities to the readers, providing civil services study circles in all the
District Central Libraries and “A” Grade Libraries, providing latest and
good books to the readers and housing all the Libraries in own
buildings are among the main goals of the department.
2. Providing Library service in rural areas -Though there is provision for
opening of libraries where the population is more than 5000 under the
Tamil Nadu Public Libraries Act, 1948, a number of villages is left
without Library service. Hence, importance will be given to rural library
3. Study circles have been opened in District Central Libraries and “A”
Grade Libraries with books useful for the Civil Services Examinations
like IAS., IPS., Railway Service Commission, Union Public Service
Commission, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, etc., for use of
unemployed youth. Books relating to Engineering, Medical,
Information Technology etc., are also made available to students
pursuing higher studies. More Study circles will be opened during the
Tenth Five Year Plan.
Assistance will be provided to Connemara Public Library for:
i. Purchase of foreign books and periodicals
ii. Air conditioning the Study Circles
150 4.3 Art And Culture

iii. Binding of good old books

iv. Provision of Xerox Machine
v. Provision of generators and
vi. Fumigation.
The following schemes will be implemented for the Local Library
i. Opening of Rural Libraries
ii. Purchase of books and periodicals
iii. Introduction of Mobile Library Services
iv. Provision of Audio and Video equipments
v. Provision of Xerox Machines
vi. Computerisation of District Libraries
vii. Training Programmes
viii. Construction of Library Buildings, and
ix. Linkages with schools.

6. Networking: The information highway has provided the impetus to

convert many existing paper based (or sound and video) collections into new
digital media. The assumption is that digital collections will be more
accessible to a broader range of users through networking technologies, and
that there are new efficiencies to be gained in resource sharing and
preservation. Hence necessary provisions will be made for networking in
Libraries during the Tenth Five year Plan.

Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-2007) Outlay

For the Tenth Five Year Plan, an amount of Rs. 82.40 crores has been
proposed for the head of development ‘Art and Culture’ The Department- wise
allocation is furnished below :
4.3 Art And Culture 151

Table 2
Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-07) outlay
( Rs. in crores )
Sl. No. Name of the Department/ Institute Tenth Five
Year Plan
1 Directorate of Art and Culture
1. Art & Culture Directorate 5.24
2. Tamil Nadu Government Music College, 0.07
3. Tamil Nadu Government Music College, 0.19
4.Tamil Nadu Government Music College, 0.71
5.Tamil Nadu Government Music College, 1.34
6. District Music Schools 8.15
7. Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai 0.45
8. Government College of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam 0.15
9. Government College of Architecture and 1.27
Sculpture , Mamallapuram
10. Jawahar Siruvar Madram 5.62
11. Tamil Nadu Eyal Isai Nadaka Mandram 1.73
12. Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu 0.08
Sub - Total : Directorate of Art and Culture 25.00
2 Department of Museums 25.80
3 Department of Archaeology 6.20
4 Department of Archives & Historical Research 5.00
5 Department of Public Libraries 20.40
Grand Total - Art and Culture 82.40
152 4.3 Art And Culture

Annexure: List of Tenth Five Year Plan Schemes

Sl. State
Description of the Scheme Central Others Total
No. Govt.
(Rs. in lakhs)
A. Art & Culture
1 Computerization of education through
1. Purchase of Computer Equipment, furniture 13.00 13.00
for Data Centre on Art and Culture
2. Music college, Madurai 1.00 1.00
3. Music College, Coimbatore 1.30 1.30
4. Music College, Thiruvaiyaru 2.00 2.00
5. Music schools (17 Nos.) 17.00 17.00
6. Purchase of Computers with Internet 16.50 16.50
connection for Government College of
Fine Arts, Chennai
7. Setting up of computer Centre for 38.00 38.00
Government Sculpture College,
8. Purchase of computers for Jawahar 10.70 10.70
Siruwar Mandram
9. Purchase of computers for Oviya 2.00 2.00
Nunkalai Kuzhu
2 Cultural function and trainings 150.00 150.00
3 Documentation of rare Arts through Regional 72.00 72.00
cultural centers
4 Purchase of Floor Spreads, Music Books,
Musical Instruments and Accessories
1. Music College, Chennai 3.75 3.75
2. Music College, Madurai and Coimbatore. 10.00 10.00
3. Thiruvaiyaru Music College 3.40 3.40
4. 17 Music Schools 8.00 8.00
5. Purchase of Machinery and Equipments 2.00 2.00
and Supply of Free Art materials -
Enhancing the amount for
Government College of Fine Arts
6. Provision of Amenities to the Students
for Government College of Architecture 7.00 7.00
and Sculpture, Mamallapuram
7. Providing Furniture and 1.75 1.75
Television to girl student’s hostel
in the Music College, Chennai
8. Xerox machine for 4 Regional 5.40 5.40
Culture Centres
9. Xerox machine for Chennai 1.50 1.50
Music College
5 Formation of Audio - Video Library
1 Music College, Madurai 2.25 2.25
2. Music College, Coimbatore 2.65 2.65
3. Sculpture College, Mamallapuram 5.00 5.00
4. Formation of Audio Library in 17 17.00 17.00
Music Schools
6 Art Festivals through District Art Societies 150.00 150.00
7 District level awards by District Art societies as 18.75 18.75
per the announcement of the Government.
4.3 Art And Culture 153

Sl. State
Description of the Scheme Central Others Total
No Govt.
8 Modifying the District Siruvar Mandrams as per 262.50 262.50
the norms of National Bal Bhavans, New Delhi.
9 Conducting field study at District level and 100.00 100.00
publishing on art & culture
10 Lecture cum demonstration for Madurai Music 4.90 4.90
College, Coimbatore Music College, and for 17
music schools
11 Creation of Open Air Sculpture Museum 50.00 50.00
12 Formation of Children Museum & Dolls 28.50 28.50
Museum in the Seven affiliated Bal Bhavans
13 Production and staging of dance dramas on the 50.00 50.00
rare and important scenes in Tamil literature for
Eyal Isai Nataka Manram
14 Construction of Art Gallery in the premises of 23.42 23.42
Eyal Isai Nataka Manram
15 Conduct of Art Work-shops and Seminar in 3.00 3.00
Collaboration with Directorate of Art and
Culture for Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu.
16 Documentation of History of Art in C. D.Roms. 3.00 3.00
for Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu.
17 Modernisation of Work Shop/ Studio - 7.00 7.00
Government College of Architecture and
Sculpture, Mamallapuram
18 Ongoing expenditure for regular works
1.Government Music Colleges, Chennai and 47.50 47.50
2. Government Music Schools 767.00 767.00
3. District Art Societies 37.50 37.50
4. Jawahar Siruvar Mandram 219.15 219.15
19 Formation of four Regional Cultural Centres 76.50 76.50
20 Conduct of exhibition and institution of awards 5.00 5.00
(Sculpture College)
21 1.Opening of 2 departments at Government 7.00 7.00
Music College, Madurai
2.Opening of new departments and creation 17.40 17.40
of five lecturer post in Music College,
3.Starting of BFA course in Textile Design 13.50 13.50
in Government Collage of Fine arts
4.Introduction of P.G. in sculpture / ceramic 18.45 18.45
departments and creation of two H.O.D.
Posts in Fine arts College, Chennai
5.Starting of P.G. courses in Mamallapuram 15.00 15.00
Sculpture College.
6. Opening of new courses and creation of 13.20 13.20
post in Thiruvaiyaru Music College
22 Refresher Course for Teaching staff of music 2.00 2.00
schools and music colleges
23 Creation of Mural Art in Compound Wall of Fine 10.00 10.00
Arts College, Chennai.
24 Conduct of children Festival – Cultural 15.50 15.50
25 Teachers’ Refresher Course 7.50 7.50
26 Purchase of land for Thiruvaiyaru Govt., Music 115.00 115.00
154 4.3 Art And Culture

Sl. State
Description of the Scheme Central Others Total
No Govt.
27 Special training for differently_abled children 18.53 18.53
Total - Art & Culture 2500.00 2500.00
B. Department of Museums
1. Reorganisation of wood carving gallery in 10.00 10.00
Chennai Museum.
2. Reorganising Bronze gallery ground floor show 30.00 30.00
3. Hindu Sculpture gallery Reorganisation 30.00 30.00
4. Jain gallery Reorganisation 20.00 20.00
5. Improvements to wood carving strong room 20.00 20.00
6. Improvements to Bronze Strong Room 15.00 15.00
7. Improvements to Electrical rewiring in the Hindu 10.00 10.00
sculpture gallery
8. Reorganisation of Transport gallery in the first 4.90 4.90
floor of Children's Museum
9. Vocational training courses on Art, Science, 0.80 0.80
History and Computer Animation
10. Dinosaur Animated model park in front of 5.00 5.00
Children's Museum along with absolute model
of transportation
11 Modernisation of Coral gallery 10.00 10.00
12 Modernisation of Reptile gallery 9.00 9.00
13 Rewiring and provision of modern lighting in Bird 25.00 25.00
gallery, New Mammal gallery and in the first
floor galleries.
14 Modernisation of Fish gallery 20.00 20.00
15 Modernisation of showcases in the General 10.00 10.00
Animals Gallery
16 Modernisation of old Mammal Gallery 25.00 25.00
17 Modernisation of Arms Gallery 10.00 10.00
18 Rewiring and provision of modern lighting in 30.00 30.00
Musical instruments gallery, physical
Anthropology and in Folk Art galleries.
19 Modernisation of Musical instruments gallery 15.00 15.00
20 Modernisation of Folk art Gallery 15.00 15.00
21 Modernisation of physical Anthropology gallery 20.00 20.00
22 Extension of showcases and repairing the 4.50 4.50
galleries in Tiruvarur Museum and rewiring in
the Galleries
23 Purchase of one Generator for Kanyakumari 0.50 0.50
24 Purchase of Table, chairs and furniture for 1.00 1.00
Kancheepuram Museum
25 Provision of pedestals for stone sculptures in 1.00 1.00
Vellore Museum.
26 Purchase of 100 Nos. blow mould chairs to 0.50 0.50
Pudukkottai Museum
27 Modernisation of Arms and prehistory gallery in 1.50 1.50
Pudukkottai Museum
28 Modernisation of Economic Botany gallery and 1.50 1.50
Geology gallery in the Pudukkottai Museum
29 Purchase of Laser Printer for the computer in 0.70 0.70
Pudukkottai Museum
30 Construction of Sculpture park in Pudukkottai 1.00 1.00
4.3 Art And Culture 155

Sl. State
Description of the Scheme Central Others Total
No Govt.
31 Purchase of digital camera and accessories to 0.50 0.50
Madurai district Museum
32 Purchase of 5 Nos. Modern showcases for 15.00 15.00
Madurai Museum
33 Repairing the showcases in Krishnagiri 0.10 0.10
34 Purchase of new showcases for Krishnagiri 3.00 3.00
35 Purchase of electrical equipments and furniture 0.30 0.30
for Karur Museum
36 Modernisation of prehistory gallery in Salem 2.50 2.50
37 Modernisation of showcases in Arms gallery in 2.50 2.50
Salem Museum
38 Provision of modern lights in the galleries of 0.50 0.50
Salem Museum.
39 Installation of fibre glass models of elephant 2.00 2.00
and Rhinoceros in front of the Salem Museum.
40 Repairing the buildings in Tiruchi Museum 6.00 6.00
41 Purchase of computer for Tiruchi Museum 0.45 0.45
42 Purchase of digital camera for Tiruchi Museum 0.50 0.50
43 Purchase of Library books for Tiruchi Museum 0.20 0.20
44 Purchase of Generator for Tiruchi Museum 0.40 0.40
45 Purchase of plastic chairs for Educational 0.30 0.30
activities for Tiruchi Museum
46 Building for the Advanced Institute of 30.00 30.00
conservation in Chennai Museum (2nd floor)
47 Vehicle for the Advanced Institute for 6.00 6.00
48 Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Laboratory 3.00 3.00
including Seminar, Workshop, exhibition
release of souvenir etc.,
49 Metallographic Instruments with Camera 10.00 10.00
50 Laser cleaning equipment 5.00 5.00
51 Vacuum Hot table for Restoration of paintings 2.00 2.00
52 Purchase of overhead projector for Vellore 0.25 0.25
Museum for conducting various educational
53 Purchase of one Digital Camera and 0.50 0.50
accessories for Vellore Museum
54 Purchase of Library books and steel Bureaus 0.50 0.50
for keeping them for Vellore Museum
55 Getting E-mail connection for Vellore Museum 0.10 0.10
56 Construction of new building for Madurai 50.00 50.00
57 Construction of new showcases in the Museum 20.00 20.00
58 Purchase of chairs for office use and purchase 0.40 0.40
of racks for keeping files for Salem Museum
59 Celebration of Silver Jubilee for Salem 0.50 0.50
60 To make pith models of Mettur Dam and 0.40 0.40
Taramangalam Temple
61 To set up a Children's Gallery in Salem 1.00 1.00
62 Purchase of display board and stands in Salem 0.50 0.50
156 4.3 Art And Culture

Sl. State
Description of the Scheme Central Others Total
No Govt.
63 Construction of steps and white washing for 0.60 0.60
the ceiling and painting for the grills and
doors for Salem Museum
64 Purchase of science play models for 1.00 1.00
attracting children in a large number for
Salem Museum
65 Construction of pedestals for stone 0.12 0.12
sculptures and provision of modern lights.
66 Purchase of Emergency lights and fire 0.20 0.20
extinguishers for Tiruchi Museum
67 Purchase of Library books and almirahs for 0.30 0.30
Tiruchi Museum
68 Purchase of one Xerox machine for Tiruchi 0.40 0.40
69 Purchase of new showcases, art pieces, 0.60 0.60
hunting equipments and glass jars for Tiruchi
70 Purchase of slide projector and screen for 0.30 0.30
conducting educational activities for
Krishnagiri Museum
71 Purchase of three showcases for Krishnagiri 0.50 0.50
72 Air conditioning the Bronze Gallery and 10.00 10.00
Library in Pudukkottai Museum
73 Purchase of Laptop computer and LCD for 5.00 5.00
Pudukkottai Museum
74 Modernisation of showcases according to 25.00 25.00
the developing needs of the time in
Pudukkottai Museum
75 Purchase of Electrical and Electronic devices 7.00 7.00
like guide phones for the showcases to be
renovated on modern lines in Pudukkottai
76 Purchase of new showcases for Coimbatore 3.00 3.00
77 Model of a Solar system in Coimbatore 0.50 0.50
78 Model of a Volcano and a Rocket in 1.50 1.50
Coimbatore Museum
79 Model of a Rhinoceros in Coimbatore 1.50 1.50
80 Installation of fibreglass Dinosaur model and 2.00 2.00
landscape with the fountain for Sivaganga
81 Purchase of new showcases for Palani 5.00 5.00
82 Purchase of Tribal objects showcases for 3.00 3.00
Ooty Museum
83 Purchase of one Generator for Ooty Museum 0.40 0.40
84 Modelling of Historical sites for Ooty Museum 0.50 0.50
85 Construction of cement pedestals for stone 0.50 0.50
sculptures in Erode Museum
86 Purchase of 10 new showcases to display 1.50 1.50
the reserve objects for Erode Museum
87 Preparing working model of Dinosaurs for 2.50 2.50
Erode Museum
4.3 Art And Culture 157

Sl. State
Description of the Scheme Central Others Total
No. Govt.
88 Preparing model of a Rocket for Erode 1.00 1.00
89 Preparing model of the Sun family 0.50 0.50
90 Preparing model of a Volcano 0.50 0.50
91 Purchase of 20 numbers of showcases for 0.40 0.40
Erode Museum
92 Preparing fibre model of an elephant for 1.50 1.50
Erode Museum
93 Getting eight extra telephone lines to existing 0.20 0.20
PABX to Chennai Museum
94 Creation of one post of Asst. Curator for 1.00 1.00
Education Section
95 Modernisation of Geology gallery 20.00 20.00
96 Preparing Work Model of Dinosaurs for 2.50 2.50
Erode Museum
97 Purchase of ten exhaust fans and giving new 5.00 5.00
electrical connection in the first floor of the
Geology gallery, Chennai.
98 Modernising the lighting arrangement with 30.00 30.00
track light system in the systematic Botany
gallery, (Chennai)
99 Modernisation of National Art gallery 25.00 25.00
100 Modernisation of Philately gallery 10.00 10.00
101 Improving the lighting and electrical work in 8.00 8.00
the Economic Botany gallery
102 Purchase of display panel to Botany section 2.00 2.00
at Chennai Museum
103 Printing and re-printing of new and old 25.00 25.00
Museum publications, picture post cards etc.,
104 Purchase of colour Xerox machine for 2.00 2.00
Chennai Museum
105 Upgrading the existing Chemical 2.00 2.00
Conservation and Research laboratory as an
advanced Institute of conservation, Chennai
106 Purchase of Atomic absorption spectro-meter 10.00 10.00
for Chennai
107 Construction of computer block cum Meeting 30.00 30.00
hall in Chennai Museum 1 floor of
Commissioner’s Room
108 Purchase of wide format computer printer for 0.50 0.50
Chennai Museum
110 Purchase of new computers with printers for 10.00 10.00
district Museums
109 Purchase gardening equipments 1.00 1.00
111 Installation of electronic surveillance system 100.00 100.00
at Chennai
112 Upgrading 4 District Museums into Regional 1677.68 1677.68
113 Vacation of the Cauvery tribunal office 25.00 25.00
(formerly the Superintendent's Bungalow)
and converting the building as training
institute and guest house for scholars
158 4.3 Art And Culture

Sl. State
Description of the Scheme Central Others Total
No. Govt.
114 Vacation of Etymological department from 5.00 5.00
the existing building and reverting it back
to its original status of Museum Canteen
Total - Department of Govt. Museusms 2580.00 2580.00
C. Department of Archaeology
1 Consolidation and modernisation of eight 50.00 50.00
Archaeological Site Museums on par with
Government Museums
2 Conservation of Monuments & Temples 100.00 100.00
3 Computerisation of the department 20.00 20.00
4 Excavation of important historical sites 25.00 25.00
5 Preservation of Estampages 10.00 10.00
6 Preservation of palm leaf manuscripts and 400.00 400.00
printing of books available in Government
Oriental Manuscript Library
7 Publication of guide books 10.00 10.00
8 Provision of Surveillance and fire proofing 5.00 5.00
for Government Oriental Manuscript
Total - Department of Archaeology 620.00 620.00
D. Tamil Nadu Archives
1 On going Schemes –
1. Gazetteer Unit 168.35 168.35
2. Micro Filming of Records 4.15 12.50 16.65
3. Preparation of Guide to Records 4.15 12.50 16.65
4. Purchase of Lamination Roll 3.35 10.00 13.35
5. Other Schemes 5.00 15.00 20.00
2 New Schemes-
1. Building 100.00 100.00
2. Record Room 10.00 10.00
3. Acquisition of land 50.00 50.00
4. Maintenance 50.00 50.00
5. Indexes 50.00 50.00
6. IR Computerisation 25.00 25.00
7. Library 20.00 20.00
8. Hardware 10.00 10.00
Total - Tamil Nadu Archives 500.00 50.00 550.00
E. Public Libraries
a. Local Library Authorities
1 Opening of Rural Libraries 1647.00 1647.00
2 Purchase of books, newspapers & 3750.00 3750.00
3 Provision of Audio and Video equipments 4.00 4.00
4 Provision of Xerox Machine 24.00 24.00
5 Computerisation of District Central 115.00 115.00
6 Provision of Study Circle 110.00 110.00
7 Training Programme 20.00 20.00
8 Construction of Library Buildings 775.00 775.00
9 Linkage with Schools 94.00 94.00
10 Other Activities 2041.00 2041.00
11 Networking 66.00 66.00
4.3 Art And Culture 159

Sl. State
Description of the Scheme Central Others Total
No. Govt.
b. Connemara Public Library:
1 Purchase of Books and Periodicals 100.00 100.00
2 Air conditioning the Study Circle 20.00 20.00
3 Binding of Books 25.00 25.00
4 Provision of Xerox Machine 9.00 9.00
5 Provision of Generator 5.00 5.00
6 Fumigation 10.00 10.00
Total - Public Libraries 2040.00 6775.00 8815.00
Grand Total - Art & Culture 8240.00 50.00 6775.00 15065.00