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Kelly 1

Abby Kelly

Student Teaching (EDUC 450)

February 22, 2019

Week 6 Reflection

Week six was a lot more exciting. I got to be more involved within the class and take

over. This week we started talking about turning fractions to decimals. My teacher told me that

this is an easier concept to do with the students than any other part of the fraction unit. This week

we had off on Monday for President’s Day and a snow day on Wednesday as well as a two-hour

delay on Thursday. With all of these schedule changes we had to change around our instruction

plans and even push back the unit test on fractions in order to get in all of the concepts regarding

fractions so that the students can be successful on their exam. Flexible should be every teacher’s

middle name because if they are not flexible they won’t have a successful classroom.

During this week we didn’t have any extra meetings to attend, we still had a lot to do in

the classroom. As I stated we had to change around all the plans and we even had some time to

make changes and clean in the classrooms. With being flexible there also comes preparation. At

the end of each day whenever we take the students to specials we have a prep period. During this

period, I clean up the classroom from the instruction that day. I put extra worksheets in a bin,

make sure that everyone that was absent that day has everything we did that day and its labeled

for them to come in the next day for me to explain. I also wipe down all of the desks and take the

velcro name tags off as I go. I think being clean in the classroom is so important because germs

spread so easily. Something that I will also have in my future classroom that my teacher

implements is two cups on her desks labeled “sharp” and “dull.” During that prep period I also
Kelly 2

go around and collect the pencils on the desks and sharpen the ones that are dull and then place

them in the sharp cup. A lot of her students used to come to class unprepared without a pencil so

the students are on pencil probation and are not allowed to take the pencil on their desk out of the

classroom. At first I thought this may be a little harsh but it really works and it is economically

nice for the teacher as well. Having these two cups labeled sharp and dull leads to a lot less

disruptions in the classroom. If the students need another pencil because theirs broke they can

just go over to the cup and get a new one and put theirs in the dull cup. There is no noisy pencil

sharpener during instruction to distract the children and there is also no line for the pencil

sharpener as well.

Another technique that we do in the classroom is that whenever the students come in to

school in the morning they are able to put their things in their lockers and have time to turn in

assignments to other teacher’s rooms and then they go to homeroom. Whenever they get to the

homeroom they come in and set their belongings down and then go over to the cabinet and pick

their lunch choice 1, choice 2, packer or munchable by moving their little name tag under their

choice. This is an easy way for the teacher to be able to take attendance and lunch count very fast

and efficiently. I think that this is so nice and easy for the teacher to do and the students are held

responsible for picking their choice. After that there is always morning work provided for the last

10-15 minutes of homeroom. After they finish their morning work they can read or work in their

desk folder. The students always have something to do is so important. As a teacher, you never

want a student to sit there and not do anything if they happen to finish a task or assignment

quicker than the rest. Students benefit from being busy and having other tasks to complete

instead of sitting there with nothing to do.

Kelly 3

I also really like my teachers grading system as well. She grades her homework based of

completion and then before each class (usually during homeroom whenever every class turns in

their homework) she corrects them by giving corrective feedback as well as the right answers for

when they go over it. If they have forgotten to turn in their homework they have one extra day to

turn it in to get rid of their zero in the grade book. I have taken full charge of this task and I think

that this method helps so many students and me as the student teacher as well. I love to see their

thinking processes and I would hate for them to miss points because they still gave an effort on

how they thought to complete it. In the grade book and X means they completed it, a O means

they did not turn it in, i means the assignment was turned it but is incomplete, P means they used

a homework pass and AB means the student was absent. Grading homework this way also tells

the teacher or student teacher what may need further explained or common mistakes that are

occurring. Teachers are able to review these so that these mistakes do not occur on their graded

assignments like exit tickets or their quizzes/tests.

There are so many techniques that my teacher is showing me that I cannot wait to utilize

in my future classroom. I feel as though it is important to give the students responsibility to hold

them accountable for their actions. I am so excited to continue my last two weeks with this class

and my wonderful mentor teacher. All of the students, my teachers, working with the

instructional coach and other personnel throughout the building as taught me so much. This

experience has helped to shape me into the future teacher that I am becoming along with all of

my colleagues. I feel like teachers definitely benefit from taking all of the education and general

education courses throughout college but student teaching is an experience like no other and

really give those becoming a teacher a taste of just what it is like. A book can tell you the best
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practices to use whenever teaching but they do not always show you ways to implement them the

best ways. Trial and error is important as well as being a life-long active learner.