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Pin It to Win It!

By: Sage Lorson, Gianna Goodman, and Abby Akers

The sport of wrestling has been around for about 15,000
years and is one of the oldest sports and forms of combat.
Back then, they wrestled without any clothes on, only
protecting their bodies with sand and olive oil. There are many
moves today that are like the ones back then. Some moves
today are the cradle, chest-to-chest, takedown, and many

The head coach for all the K-12 wrestlers at South

Williamsport is Coach Eric Gerber. He grew up and went to
school at South Williamsport where he started wrestling at
the age of four and has been coaching for 16 years. Many
coaches have goals for their team just like Coach Gerber. His
goal is for the team to make it to Hershey which means they
are one of the top 20 teams in the state. You may be
wondering why of all things he chose to coach wrestling. The
answer to that question is because he wanted to help his
younger brother achieve his goals. He is a great coach and
older brother.

Israel Noltee, a senior at South who had wrestled for

five years, first got intrigued by it because he had heard
about it and was curious. He enjoys the coaches pushing the
team to work harder and how much effort they invest in the
wrestlers. He wishes he could keep wrestling, but the college
he is going to doesn’t have wrestling as an option. The move he
likes to use the most is the fireman’s carry. For the fireman’s
carry, you grab one of their arms and one of their legs and
then you flip them over your back.

One of the varsity wrestlers is Landon Lorson. He is a

freshman and has been wrestling for seven years. He plans on
continuing to wrestle until he can’t anymore. His favorite part
about wrestling is going on the mat and competing. His go-to
move is the single leg takedown into a cradle. It helps him to
pin his opponents. Before every match he keeps the same
mentality and does the same warmup routine.

Rommelt wrestler, Blake Marquardt, is in the sixth

grade. He happens to have a superstition of wearing Popeye
socks to every match because he believes they help him win.
His favorite move is the cross-face cradle. Wrestling is not
Blake’s favorite sport because in his opinion, you don’t move
that much. Even though it is not his favorite sport, he still
wants to continue wrestling throughout his time in school.

You might think wrestling is just for boys, but in fact we

have our own female wrestler here at South. Her name is
Danica Bacorn and she happens to be in the fifth grade. She
became interested in wrestling when her brother signed up
for it, and she went to some of his practices. Since then,
wrestling has become her favorite sport because she likes
getting the opportunity to go against kids from different
schools. Her go-to (and favorite) move is the half nelson.

A program South Williamsport runs for beginners in

kindergarten is called Kinder Club. Kinder Club helps the
younger kids learn the basics of wrestling such as tumbling
and beginning moves.

A kindergartener who attends Kinder Club and wrestles

for South is Trey Engel. Trey got interested in wrestling
because he loved to watch it on television with his younger
brother. Wrestling is his favorite sport because he can
wrestle like the older kids instead of taking it easy at home.
Trey’s favorite part about wrestling is going to the practices
because he gets to see his friends. His favorite move is the
double leg takedown. Throughout his time in school, he wants
to continue to wrestle.

Wrestling is becoming a very popular sport and is growing

by the year. There are a lot of very talented wrestlers at
South who have a great future in wrestling ahead of them!