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Tennis, Anyone?

By: Olivia Sampsell, Sidney Ertel, Meghan Wroblewski

In 2018, the South Williamsport girls’ tennis team made it to District 4 team championship. Olivia Dorner, one of the girls on the tennis team, made it to States in singles. Tennis is a non-contact sport, which is played with two to four people.

Tennis originated from northern France in the 12th century. Tennis

was first played in 1874, but the first time it was played in the Olympics was

in 1876. The longest match ever played was 11 hours and five minutes. The match was played by John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. It was held at Wimbledon, which is the tennis headquarters. There is also a way that you can play tennis even if you're in a wheelchair! All rules are the same if you play in a wheelchair except for one, you are allowed two bounces of the ball!

The South Williamsport girls’ tennis team included Olivia Dorner, Lily Summerson, Alayna McGovern, Jen Bowman, Lauren Peck, Ella Livorno, and Zoe Jackson. The coaches were Kent Young, Teresa Summerson, and Leslee Rundio. They had an undefeated season. The girls had won the Pennsylvania Heartland Athletic Conference first and then the Districts 4 champs. After that, came Regionals, and finally the State Championships. They were top eight in States.

We interviewed four of the girls from the team: Lily Summerson, Ella Livorno, Alayna McGovern, and Lauren Peck. Lauren and Alayna have been playing since they were 14. Lily has been playing since she was five and Ella has been playing since she was 11. They all had different times that were most challenging for them, like when Ella had to get used to her new partner. Lauren’s hardest point in her tennis career was the first round of States when she got stressed. Some girls on the team do

extra training. Lily and Alayna weight lift for extra training. They would all

love to play tennis in college.

A freshman named Olivia Dorner had an undefeated season. After the team became Districts 4 champions, Olivia moved forward because of her abilities and her love for tennis. She ended up getting 3 rd place in States. She barely had any competition and her tennis schedule goes all year around.

The girls and coaches worked extremely hard to get as far as they did. Over all, the team worked great together and had an awesome time doing it. They will continue to overcome many challenges. We hope that these girls will do great things in the future.

doing it. They will contin u e to overcome many challenges. We hope that these girls