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Assignment No.

Total Marks: 20
Semester: Spring 2018
Introduction to Computing - CS101 Due Date: 29-05-2018
After solving this assignment, students will learn about,
 HTML tags and handling of HTML tags.
 Form creation and form elements handling in HTML.
 Knowledge about JAVASCRIPT functions and JAVASCRIPTS events.
Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:
 The assignment is submitted after due date.
 The assignment is submitted via email.
 The assignment is copied from Internet or from any other student.
 The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
 It is in some format other than .html.
Note: All types of plagiarism are strictly prohibited.
For any query about the assignment, contact at cs101@vu.edu.pk

Note: Students are required to submit HTML code file only with .html extension.
Don’t upload word format file(.doc) etc.

Question Statement:
 You are required to write HTML with Java Script code to create VU Sign Up web page shown
as below:
Solution Guidelines:

 Create Heading “VU Sing Up Form” using H1 tag.

 Create text boxes for Name and Father Name and show your own name and father name as
default value.
 Next you will be required to create two radio buttons for Gender. Default value should be
selected as per your own gender when the page will be run. Make sure only one option will be
selected at a time.
 Create text box showing your own date of birth.
 Using Select tags, create any 5 study programs options i.e Certificate, BS, MCS, MIT, MS etc
but on running web page, by default your own study program should be selected.
 Create text area for comments using columns and rows of your own choice and in comments,
describe about yourself in 20 to 30 words. i.e Hobbies, VU Experience etc.
 For email you can use text box and show your student email as default value i.e
 For Password and Confirm Password, text boxes should remain blank.
 Create two buttons labeled as Sign Up and Reset. By clicking on Sign Up button, the
JavaScript function “CheckForm()” should be called to check Password and Confirm
Password matches or not. Alert Message should be shown accordingly.

 Similarly, when any change in Study program options occur, the function ShowMessage() of
JavaScript should be called to show alert as:

 If all the requirements of the form are complete, then the message should be displayed as below
on clicking on Sign Up button:

Dear Student,
Upload your assignments only in .html format in your VULMS.

Best of Luck