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USF Elementary Education Management Routine Action Plan (Fall 2018)

Name: ______Lourdes Rocha________

Grade Level Being Taught: 3rd Date of Lesson: 4/17/2019

Lesson Content
What FEAPs and/or Standards relate to this FEAPs 2a-c are followed and they are defined as:
lesson? The FEAPs are most likely domain 2
and are located in canvas as well as in your a. Organizes, allocates, and manages the resources of time, space, and attention
syllabus b. Manages individual and class behaviors through a well-planned management system
c. Conveys high expectations to all students

Objectives-Management Routine
List the management task here The management task is leading a small group in guided reading practice.

What background knowledge is necessary

for a student to successfully complete this The background knowledge needed for this task is the understanding of the vocabulary from previous
task? Ask your CT lessons with my CT, Mrs. Pollock. She explains in detail
◻ What classroom rules/expectations are
aligned with this task? The classroom rules/expectations that are aligned with this task is to respectfully listen to their
◻ What procedures are in place to help instructor, be mindful of distractions, and facing toward the front of the class.
students in meeting the
rules/expectations? The procedures I would go over and that are in place to help students meet these rules and expectations
◻ What rules/expectations or procedures are:
might you go over with students before  Verbally explain what we are doing and what the goal is
engaging in this task?  Verbally explain what my expectations are as we are sitting to the side of the main class (lowered
voices as to not interrupt my CTs lesson, answering questions one at a time when, answer when
called on)
 Using the proximity technique to help guide the students to keep being in task, using other
students’ good behaviors as motivation to do the same
USF Elementary Education Management Routine Action Plan (Fall 2018)
Name: ______Lourdes Rocha________

Grade Level Being Taught: 3rd Date of Lesson: 4/17/2019

Task Implementation
Step-by-Step Plan: This is the longest Time Who is
section of your lesson/action plan (What responsible
exactly do you plan to do? Be thorough. Begin (Teacher or
this section by observing your CT and writing Students)?
down the steps they take!)

Be sure to address all of the following: 0:00 Teacher I will grab their attention with “Signal” which is my preferred method. It is a
◻ How will you review and/or model the simple raised hand with 2 fingers sticking up and clearly saying
classroom rules/expectations?
◻ What will you as the teacher do and say “Signal!”
during the routine?
◻ What teacher talk will you use? What will 0:01- Student Class will immediately look to where my voice is coming from, see what I am
the students do and say? What will it look 0:05 doing and mimic my Signal sign
like and sound like if students are meeting
your expectations?
◻ How will you respond to students who do 0:06 Teacher I will take a second to make sure all students are focusing on me
not meet your expectations?
0:08- Teacher I will as a set of predetermined students as set by my CT to sit-down at my small
2:00 group table:

Thank you for quickly focusing on me.
I need “so and so” to please go sit quietly at my small group desk so we
can work on our reading or writing worksheet

Student During this time, my students will walk over and get comfortable at the small
group table I have cleared off for them
USF Elementary Education Management Routine Action Plan (Fall 2018)
Name: ______Lourdes Rocha________

Grade Level Being Taught: 3rd Date of Lesson: 4/17/2019

0:08- Student I will know that my students are following my instructions by grabbing the
2:00 materials needed for the guided lesson and by quietly waiting for me to sit down.
cont. If the students are not doing so I will remind them as reinforcement is only
needed since this is a small group lesson and there will be talking anyway.

2:00 Teacher/ In a small group, it is expected for the students to communicate with me about
and student the work they were doing previously. I will be asking them questions that are
on.. interaction directly from the worksheet given so that I am not giving them the answers but
guiding them through dialogue so they can write down their own answers.

Remind me what the text is about so that I can make sure I am helping you
guys out by understanding the material first.

So now that we know what the text is about, we will go to the worksheet
and look at what it wants from the text what you all told me.

I will let the worksheet my CT provides to direct my questions.