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Alanna Russell

September 25, 2017

Math 107-03

Journal 39

1. The article emphasized that teaching students the difference between addition and

knowing the place value of the numbers in the equation is extremely important. Knowing the

basic information about place value is what creates the foundation to a student’s success in

completing math problems.

2. I learned a lot from the article in terms of teaching students. The simple idea of letting

students discuss amongst themselves the different possibilities and outcomes of a problem is

extremely beneficial to their learning. Coming together to discuss those different possibilities

and creating that dialogue is where students do the most learning. Without the different opinions

on what the answer is, there will not be much learning. Students need to learn from their

mistakes and having their fellow classmates there to help them is also very significant.

I also learned that having interactive activities or games to teach students the basic

fundamentals, like place values, is also a very good idea for teaching your students. Having

students actually see where those numbers come from and what they represent can help them

grasp the problems faster.

Also, the method of having different examples of the problems is something that would

be beneficial to students. Having them do an easier problem first to grasp the basic concept first

before attempting a more difficult one.

Alanna Russell
September 25, 2017
Math 107-03

Journal 61

1. Fluency is the flexibility and general ability for computing. Children have many

different algorithms or ways of completing a math problem and being able to recognize the

fluency in children’s learning is important. Fluency is important because it is used as a way to

transfer your knowledge from one method of math to another where it can also be used.

2. Some potential advantages to letting children in a classroom use algorithms of their

own choosing are they can help a student who is having trouble with the method that is being

taught in class. The student might not be grasping it completely but when a new way of seeing

the problem is presented it might broaden their senses in order for them to see how it can be

solved. Algorithms provide a way for students to feel more comfortable performing a math

problem. For example, they might be more of a visual learner so drawing out the equation might

help them.

3. I am not surprised by this finding but I also think it is important to see problems from

different perspectives than just the standard algorithm. I think seeing different methods along

with attempting to understand the standard algorithm can also be very beneficial to students.
Alanna Russell
September 25, 2017
Math 107-03

Journal 74

After reading the article presented, the importance for students to not just memorize

multiplication facts is very significant to their learning. The reason why students have problems

with multiplication facts all the way up into middle school is because they might not be getting

that level of understanding of why they are doing what they are doing with math. Students who

know the facts of mathematics and why they work are more likely to succeed in all their math

classes, as they grow older. So having that basic foundation of fluency is very beneficial.

The article also presented the importance of having models of problems for students.

Grasping those multiplication facts becomes much easier when there is an example displayed

using real world items. “Providing experiences with the different meanings of multiplication,

especially in contextual situations, is extremely useful.” Seeing the problems for what they are

and not just trying to memorize what they think it means helps students to understand the

concepts better.

The article also pinpointed the importance of knowing your student’s backgrounds. They

may have not been trained in their early math classes in the facts that are needed to understand

the fundamentals of math. Working with those students who may have had teachers who did not

use the teaching-for-understanding approach to multiplication is important to helping them at

whatever level they may be at.

Alanna Russell
September 25, 2017
Math 107-03

Journal 96

The article presented lays out the difficulties that students can have with standard

algorithms for division. Division can be a very difficult thing for students to grasp so as teachers

finding examples and methods of showing how division is used can be useful for students.

Finding ways to make it more simple for students can help them in grasping long division.

The candy factory method is presented in the article as a useful way to make the concept

of division easier to understand for students. Students draw the numbers in the problem

presented as packages of candy. The very act of drawing and mapping out the problem can help

students to see the problem easier. Making the problem into a more meaningful problem can help

them to understand why and how to solve it.