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Shelby Borgers

Viki Johnson

22 January, 2019

GS 491 Capstone

General Studies Degree

This essay is an examination of the major that I have chosen for my degree from Dakota

State University (DSU). I have chosen to pursue a bachelor’s degree in General Studies. For the

Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree, I have chosen three areas of emphasis; Education,

Technology, and Math and Science. I intend to share with you, information regarding the major

and emphasis areas that I chose, why I made these choices, and how the major and emphasis areas

that I chose will prepare me for my future career plans and/or goals.

Originally, I was pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. I took courses towards this

degree for the first two and one-half years of my schooling at DSU. After this time, I was to move

on to my level three courses. I was very uncertain of whether I wanted to be a teacher and thought

it was unfair of me to continue in my pursuit of an Elementary Education degree when I was unsure

of my professional aspirations. I felt that the students should have a teacher that loves what he or

she does and who can give the students the quality education that they deserve. I felt overwhelmed

with my rapidly approaching future and thought I should check out my options, degree-wise. My

advisor informed me of the BGS degree and I decided to pursue that option, as it offered me the

opportunity to try a variety of courses to attempt to learn what it is that I enjoy. I am still very

interested in Elementary Education and enjoyed learning about how children learn and the variety
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of ways to teach them. My previous years of schooling towards an Elementary Education degree

helped me to easily fulfill the Education area of emphasis.

I chose to pursue the Technology area of emphasis because I am very interested in

technology. I enjoy learning more about the technological advances that are occurring and I have

found that I do well in my courses relating to computers and other forms of technology. A few of

my favorite courses involved programming. I believe that technology plays an ever-growing

important role in society. If I had to choose just one item of technology that has the most impact

on me and my personal life, it would be my cell phone. I use my cell phone a lot. It has become

of crucial importance to my daily life. I use it as an alarm clock, a timer, a calendar, a reminder,

and a method of communication. Without my cell phone, my daily life would be significantly

impacted. I would likely fail to wake up timely, forget important events, and would be out of

the loop on important conversations that I would normally be involved in, such as text messages,

phone calls, emails, etc. In my opinion, cell phones, in general, have become a crucial

technological part of today’s society. As technology continues to advance, I hope to be able to

continue to learn more about it and further my technological skills.

I made the decision to pursue the Math and Science area of emphasis because I have always

enjoyed these areas and especially found math to come somewhat easily to me. I was in need of

five credits to fulfill this area of emphasis and found a math course that met the credits requirement.

Finding the five-credit math course made the decision to pursue an emphasis of Math and Science

simple. Furthermore, I enjoy learning more ways to solve problems and appreciate the logic that

can be found in math problems. I also enjoy working to find solutions to problems and can many

times apply this to my everyday life.

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In conclusion, school is very important to me and each emphasis area that I have chosen to

pursue will play a key role in my future plans and/or goals. Through my pursuit of a BGS degree,

I have taken a wide variety of courses which will help me to be more well-rounded in my

knowledge and education, as well as more marketable. Taking courses in a variety of emphasis

areas has helped me to discover a few of my passions. I am currently unsure as to what my future

will bring, but am excited to learn about other passions I may have. In the future, I would like to

live near family members as I am very family oriented. I have been seriously considering moving

to Arizona after graduation to start a career there. After graduation, I will likely enter the workforce

and try out different jobs until I find one that brings me joy. I enjoy traveling and would ideally

like a job where I could travel, see different parts of the country, and experience different cultures

and foods. Finally, I am eager to graduate, use my degree, and gain new life experiences.