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Supporting Lecturer : Wenda Wahyu Christiyanto,S.E,M.M

Arranged by :

Santiyah Kus Pratama N (1661013)


1. Business Feasibility Analysis is an activity to assess the extent to which benefits can be
obtained in carrying out a business activity. The results of this analysis are used as material for
consideration in making decisions, whether to accept or reject a business idea.

Purpose of Feasibility Analysis :

1. Knowing the level of profit against alternative investments.

2. Conduct an assessment of alternative investments.

3. Determine investment priorities, so that investments can be avoided that only waste


No Faktor Pembeda Studi Kelayakan Rencana Bisnis

1 Jenis data yang Menggunakan data Menggunakan data
digunakan estimasi empiris perusahaan
2 Sumber data yang Data eksternal Data internal
3 Penyusun Pihak eksternal, Pihak internal,yang
dengan tujuan agar lebih mengetahui
lebih independen kondisi perusahaan
4 Tujuan Menilai kelayakan Membuat rencana
sebuah ide bisnis bisnis yang akan datang
5 Waktu Memakan waktu Memerlukan waktu
relative lama, karena yang relative pendek,
harus menggali data karena data hanya
dari berbagai bersumber dari interen
sumber perusahaan
6 Biaya Memerlukan biaya Biaya tidak terlalu besar
yang lebih
dibandingkan biaya
rencana bisnis
3. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in each economy. Some of them
even became market leaders from an international perspective. This stands in stark contrast to the
fact that scientific and strategic management research up to date has only rudimentarily covered
the field of strategic management of SMEs. Globalization is not a trend, a fad, or an isolated
phenomenon. It is an inescapable force. If anticipated and understood, it is a powerful
opportunity. If not, it can swiftly destroy businesses and drown organizations. Meanwhile the
concern for globalization and its effect on SMEs has grown tremendously over the recent decade.
Hence, strategic management becomes critical and deserves more attention due to the threats and
opportunities globalization exposes and offers SMEs to at the same time.

In the future business development is in the process of collaborating with one of his friends to
open a branch in Batu Malang. Pak Sukardi's dream, later Banana Bread Shop will be present in
Pasuruan, Sidoarjo, Gresik, to Bali.
at present he is only focusing on bread but for the development of his business he will add a
variety of flavors of bread which were originally still 20 flavor, in the future there will be a
number of flavors.