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DREAMGIRLS Book and Lyrics Music Tom Eyen Henry Krieger Original Broadway Production Directed and Choreographed by Michael Bennett Produced on Broadway by Michael Bennett, Robert Avian, Geffen Records and The Shubert Organization Music and Lyrics ~ ©1981, 1982 Dreamgirls Music, Dreamettes Music, August Dreams Music & Miroku Music, Ltd. All rights jointly administered by WB Music Corp. (AscaP) and Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Book © 1988 by Tom Eyen and John F. Breglio, personal representative of the Estate of Michael Bennett, all rights reserved. Property oft vams-Witmark Music Library, Inc. 560 Lexington Avenue New York, New York 10022 (212) 688-2525 cast (* Principals) (o Small Doubling Roles) O eee eHOO * 0° Stepp Sisters (four girl singers, non-speaking) Charlene (backup singer for J. T. Early) Joann (backup for J. T. Early) Marty (theatrical agent for J. T. Early) Curtis Taylor, Jr. (Cadillac dealer/manager of Dreams) Deena Jones ~The "Dreamettes" backup, later lead singer. Lorrell Robinson - The "Dreamettes" backup singer. Effie Melody White - The "Dreamettes" lead singer. M.Cy (Master of Ceremonies, Apollo Theatre) Tiny Joe Dixon (winning talent contest singer, non-speaking) -£.C. (Claridge Conrad) White (composer, Effie's brother) Little Albert & The Tru-Tones (male quintet, non-speaking) Jimmy (James Thunder) Early (principal "soul" singer) Band (The James Early Band, six male singers, non-speaking) Michelle Morris (backup singer, replacement for Effie) Wayne (record producer/director) Dave (solo tenor, non-speaking) Sweethearts (two girl backup singers, non-speaking) Frank (press agent) Jerry Norman (night¢lub owner) Carl (nighclub pianist, non-speaking) Five Tuxedos (male.quintet, non-speaking) Les Styles (girls' backup quartet, non-speaking) Edna Burke (applause meter reader, non-speaking) Dwight (TV studio director) Stage Manager (TV studio) Brian (pit orchestra drummer, non-speaking) Mr. Morgan (Effie's lawyer) Security Guard (backstage, Chicago) Ensemble - chorus men & women, fans, reporters, stagehands, party guests, photographers, film executives. (Ensemble provides miscellaneous spoken lines for:) 1 Voice (I-1) announcing tour cities 5 Deejays (I-4) WKLS, KTHK, WMBN, WKGU & MXRV 10 Announcers (I-5) Miami Beach, (I-8) Cleveland, (1-9) TV Studio, (I-10) San Francisco, (I-12 & II-1) Las Vegas, (II-4) National Democratic Fund Raiser, (II-5) Chicago Recording Studio, (II-6) Los Angeles, (II-7) Chicago and (II-8) New York ACT II Scene Scene Scene Scene Scene Scene Scene Scene eyaUEENnH Scenes The Appllo Theatre On The! Record| Limbo Limbo Miami A’Dres Clevel A Tele: San Fri Las Ve| Las Ve| Las Ve A Chic Vogue Nation Chicag Los An Chicag New Yo: Road imbo, Three Months Later ng Studio nto Hotel Banquet Room (Birthday Party! each ing Room, Atlantic Hotel, Miami Beach nd, The Crystal Room ision Studio ncisco, Fairmont Hotel as, A Dressing Room jas, The Performance as, Hilton Hotel go Nightclub agazine Photo Call 1 Democratic Fund Raiser , Recording Studio eles K