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Grafique y explique el proceso de diseño usando un ejemplo de la vida real y considerando los pasos que se indicaron
en el objeto de estudio, así como el ejemplo correspondiente.

Generation of ideas
Perception of the need
Systematization of the warehouse area
SUMINISTROS SAS" is a small company where there are faults in the Creating an Inventory Software
registration and control of merchandise, this is carried out poorly, therefore Formulation of specifications•
the control is very ambiguous, so the company requires a computerized Create software that allows Organization and synthesis of some
system where the goods are actually controlled Which enters the depot as controlling the inventory in the processes
the one that comes out, with this system would avoid the problems that are company SUMINISTROS S.A.S ".
often presented, as it is, that the existence of some product is exhausted and
this causes chaos to the area where it is needed, as well as It would avoid • Implement the inventory software
that any merchandise was stolen and its absence is not noticed, as it happens in the company
at present by the way in which the control is taken.
• Instruct winery workers on the use
of software

Evaluation of the solution

With the design and implementation of a
computer system for the control and
Final Solution
administration of inventories in the
Design and Implementation of software for the
management and control of inventory for the company company "SUMINISTROS S.A.S", with the
SUMINISTROS S.A.S primary purpose of facilitating processes
of inventories, providing accuracy,
reliability and simplification of this activity
within the company.