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Pelton Address
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Teacher 202 Silkstone Rd W

Lethbridge AB T1J 4C5

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03/2019 Substitute Teacher Teaching Portfolio
Lethbridge School District #51 and Westwind School Division http://katelynpelton.weebly.com/
• Maintain order in the classroom by following lesson plans left by the teacher and adapting as
• Take on the teacher's supervision and extra curricular activities. Summary
• Determine appropriate consequences for inappropriate student behavior and write a report
for the teacher about the classes events. First-year math teacher passionate about
• Build relationships with students and provide individual instruction as needed. learning. This is a passion that I try to bring
into my classroom to inspire students to feel
09/2018 - PSIII - Grade 8 Math and Numeracy the same way. I believe that my job as a
12/2018 Cardston Junior High teacher is to inspire and motivate students
I taught two classes of grade 8 math and taught each group a repeat numeracy class twice a to learn, and to be successful. To me, this
week. The numeracy class focused on developing basic math and spatial reasoning skills to means building relationships with students,
help students fill in gaps in their learning and become better mathematicians. approaching them with empathy and
• Refined my classroom management skills to establish expectations and find effective acknowledging their talents and successes.
strategies for myself and my students
• Gained skills in collaborative planning, to ensure all students received a similar quality of
education and to improve my own teaching strategies. Professional
• Developed effective engagement strategies for math to improve students' attitudes and Development
participation for learning activities.
• Learned how to use visual supports in math, to build better foundational structures for 09/2018 - 12/2018
mathematical concepts. Numeracy with Geri Lorway
Building numeracy skills in students using
03/2018 - PSII - Math 20-1 and 20-2
04/2018 visual supports to build understanding
W.R. Meyers High School
• Gained skills in assessment and the creation of assessment pieces for all units taught. 02/2018
• Implemented some investigative lessons to encourage students' curiosity Living Your Dream Becoming a
• Enhanced my use of technology in the classroom by using Google Forms as an assessment
tool. TEACHER!
• Developed skills in time management when planning and preparing for lessons. Engaging and energizing students by
incorporating drama and humor
11/2016 - PSI - Grade 6 General and Grade 4 Math
12/2016 02/2018
Margaret Wooding School
• Gained skills in classroom management and relationship building. Project-Based Learning as a
• Created a cross-curricular project to combine skills in art and English language arts. Teaching Philosophy
How to incorporate project-based learning
06/2017 Neighbourhood Play Program Leader into teaching practice
YWCA Lethbridge and District
I have spent my summers as a camp leader for a free drop-in camp for children age 6-12 to 02/2018
gain experience working with children outside of my classroom experiences. Indigenous Ways of Knowing
• Weekly planning of camp activities, ensuring that plans meet daily physical activity Focus on how to incorporate indigenous
requirements and take into account environmental factors (i.e. extreme heat, low air quality ways of knowing into teaching and
due to forest fires). approaching students
• Implementing activities and ensuring that they were appropriate for the number and age of
children in attendance, making adjustment to plans where needed.
• Creating positive relationships with children and their parents and enforcing appropriate site Skills
• Appropriately dealing with behavioural issues, and ensuring consistency while working with Preparation and Planning
my site partner and other coworker.
• Being flexible in planning for an unknown number of children, and constantly introduce new
children to the program and ensure that expectations were understood. Time Management

Education Collaboration and Teamwork

09/2014 - University of Lethbridge

12/2018 Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Education Assessment
• Major: Mathematics and Mathematics Education
• Minor Social Studies Education
Relevant courses: Problem Solving and Flexibility
• Ed 3700 - Curriculum and Instruction for Non-Majors: social studies, drama, CTS/CTF
• Ed 4321 - Social Issues in Education

09/2010 - Hunting Hills High School Interests