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#1 Music Classroom

#2 Recording Studio
Session Objective Homework Observations Difficulties (if
there were any)

Week 1 (23-27 Design the Finish the work We were able to We arrived late
april) chronogram in plan, in order to accomplish our to the class, so
#1 order to have an second goal, the time was
organize organization which was to limited and we
ourselves, also during this complete the had to finish this
make an project. organized part as
organized version of the homework.
version of the “bible”, but we
“bible”. did not have
time to finish the
work plan.

Week 1 When we enter Try to find

#2 to this class we tutorials on how
have to know to play the
the roles of song, so next
each member of class it is easier
the group, with to learn this on
this known we that instrument.
will be able to
what we have to
do in order to
have a good
during the
whole project.
During this
class we will try
to understand
the role of each
member and we
will try to
memorize the
instruments that
we are going to
play or how to
do the task that
each one is in
charge of.

week 2 (29 By now, we For the ON COURSE

april-3 may) should be drummer and
#1 familiarized with the bass player:
the instrument know perfectly
that each one of each part of the
us will play. This song, of that
means to at specific
least how to instrument.
play it and have
already seen
some tutorial
videos about
how to play the
song so that we
can rehearse
during the class.
Also this will be
the time to
upload any
pending works
to the portfolio.

week 2 During this Try to find

#2 class, we will tutorials on how
have to record to play the
the drums and song, so next
bass until the class it is easier
Instrumental to learn this on
Outro (this will that instrument.
take a lot of

Week 3 (6-10 this will be the The homework

may) time to upload will be to
#1 any pending practice each
works to the one of us at
portfolio and to home the
learn the instrument we
instrumental picked, so when
intro, verse 1 arriving to next
and chorus of class we
the song in already can
every ensamble all of
instrument. us playing

Week 3 Record The homework

#2 Instrumental this week, will
intro, verse 1 be to search
and chorus in new techniques
the rest of the or ways of
instruments. playing the song
with the
instrument so
we can include
more elements
when playing
the song and
the difficulty

Week 4 (13-17 on this class we Our homework

may will check how will be to correct
#1 our process of any mistake we
recording at the had on the
studio has been recording
and check our process and do
advances untill it correctly and if
this point. so, repeat some

Week 4 record all the

#2 Verse 2, bridge
and start the

Week 5 (20-24 On this week Check in home

may) we will finish if the outro
#1 recording the recorded is
instrumental similar to the
outro of the one of the
song original song

Week 5 Finish recording

#2 the instrumental
outro and
record the voice
of the whole

Week 6 (27-31 Check how the Correct if it is

may) recording was. necessary

Week 6 Mix and Master Download the

#2 the song, this final version and
will have the put it in the
purpose of portfolio. Also
making the final finish the
version for portfolio.

Week 7 (4-7 Present the final NONE

june) song and the
#1 portfolio.