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Practicum Office

Faculty of Education
Queen's University, Kingston, ON
Queen’s University - B.Ed./Dip.Ed. Program
May Summative - Introduction to Schools

Teacher Candidate Carlie Mackrell Division P/J I/S

Associate Teacher Trish Rance Michielin Grade/Subject kindergarten

School W.J. Holsgrove Board Limestone

City Kingston Days Absent 0

Dates of Placement: May 7-25, 2018

Please check off the tasks and duties in which the candidate was involved.

observed in the classroom and other learning spaces
Ye Ye
assisted with preparation of learning materials
s s
Yeobserved at PLC/staff meetings Yeassisted individual students with their learning
s s
Yeobserved at other school events Yeassisted small groups of students with their learning
s s
Yerecorded observations Yeassisted with daily routines (transition times; handing
s s out; collecting materials ...)
Yerecorded reflections regarding observations ("the why Yeassisted with yard/hall/bus duty
s behind the what") s
Yediscussed observations and reflections with Associate Yeassisted with extra-curricular activities
s Teacher s
Yeprovided a copy of observations and reflections when Yeassisted with other tasks
s requested by Associate Teacher s
Did the candidate demonstrate the following attributes?
Yes No Punctuality, initiative and dependability
Yes No Professional conduct, discretion and consideration of
colleagues and students
Yes No Skills to maintain the safety and security of students

Further Comments (700 characters including spaces)

Carlie was very professional. She was prompt and conscientious. She helped with any tasks requested of her. She
enjoyed the students, joining in their play and supporting them in their tasks. Carlie asked questions, showing curiosity,
thoughtfulness and an eagerness to learn.

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