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Why Engineer?

It has become a common question nowadays, why I should study engineering when the market
is swarming of either jobless engineers, low paid engineer and even a part of engineers opting for
jobs in other fields. If you are about to choose a Bachelor's Program these would be the obvious
primary questions troubling your Grey Matter.

Is it a wise decision to be an engineer?

Should I waste my life for Engineering?

Which stream should I opt for if I am to get a quick job?

And for those who have completed engineering, the questions would be little different,

What's next?

Have I hit the dead end?

Did I just waste my 4 years (6 years if you did masters) for nothing?

Shall I see other options to get a job rather than searching for the Engineering job?

Considering what you see around, you are right. But let us open the eyes wider to understand the
truth. First, can you tell what the word Engineer Means? Google will define an Engineer as a
person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures. So you have the
answer. All that you see around you is either Designed, made or Maintained by an Engineer.
Engineering is an activity done humans right from the primeval stages. Engineering has made
humans the most advanced species on the planet. One who does the engineering is the Engineer.
All the facilities and luxuries we experience in this world is done by an engineer. It is always
engineers who had bought changes in the world. So if you wish to do something that you would
like to stay for ages, be an engineer, generations will remember you for good.

How to be a successful Engineer?

The shortcut to becoming a successful engineer is " ". Yes, you read it
right, it is not a misprint. There is no such shortcut. The very basic thing you need to be a successful
engineer like any other profession is to have a passion for what you do. It is always better to
nurture the sapling rather than nurturing a tree. So right from the time you select your career
path, make sure you listen to your heart rather than just listening to your brain and people around
you. Before you finally make your mind do all the maths to make sure that some stray thoughts
did not make your mind. Once it's done then you need to stay focus on your dream, ambition,
goal or whatever you call it.

If you have already chosen a path or even if you are about to choose one, the following simple
procedures can season you into a successful engineer.

1. Mark Your Goals

Successful engineering projects don’t happen by chance – successful engineering careers don’t
happen by chance either. Therefore, define where you would like to be as an engineer in the
medium and long-term. You’re not making an unbreakable commitment when you do this, but it
will help to keep you focused and moving forward. In addition, regularly review your progress to
achieving your goals. It's easy to get lost in the long journey.

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