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How to conduct oneself in a


In the book- Gen Z@ Work: How the Next

Generation is Transforming the Workplace
[Stillman & Stillman,2017] Gen Z generation ( born
1995-2012] are really different from millennials.It
was mentioned in the book that our generation
are competitive, career- oriented, grounded,
a v e t o be
idealistic ,realistic, technically savvy and
Y o u d on’t h you
independent.We also hope to form partnership “ r t , b u t
re a t to sta
with their employees to improve the world even
s t a r t to be
have to
though studies indicate that we have short
attention spans.
With this premise, one can deduce that our great.” lar
g Z ig
generation are ready for challenges like a work
immersion.But what really is immersion?
Immersion is defined as the fact of becoming
completely involved in something [Cambridge
Dictionary] . To be completely involved in
something is to have lots of dedication and
commitment in the working environment.This will
really be a great opportunity for me to develop
myself not just personally but professionally.

Our character, basically, is a higher purpose and to need to

SO HOW DO I DEVELOP composite of our habits. Because grow professionally. This how do I
A WORK-RELATED they are consistent, often conduct myself in this work
CHARACTER? unconscious patterns, habits immersion. To answer this question,
constantly express our character I will be integrating the mantra
and produce our effectiveness - or suggested by two books which i
our in effectiveness. foind very powerful when it comes
to productivity. These are - The
In the words of Aristotle, “We are
Seven Habits of Highly Effective
what we repeatedly do. Excellence,
People by Stephen Covey and
then, is not an act, but a habit.”
Mindset: The New Psychology of
Changing our habits to improve Success by Carol Dweck.
what we are can be a painful
process. It must be motivated by a