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MAHESH (Mule Developer) maheshh89.mule@gmail.

Phone: 8121903179


 Having 4+ years of IT experience that covers in-depth understanding and exposure to requirement

gathering, development, implementation and deployment of various Integration projects. 2+ years of

experience with Mule ESB, Mule Api,Mule Anypoint Studio,Mule Cloudhub and RAML.

 Experience on creating Flows, Sub Flows, and Exception handling strategies, Data Weave

transformation and Mule Expression Language (MEL).

 Experience using Mule ESB with Connectors, transformations, Routing, Active MQ, JMS and Data

Transformations using Mule ESB.

 Experienced in designing and developing enterprise services using RAML in Mule, REST based API's,

SOAP web services and use of different mule connectors.

 Experience in Routers, Components, Transformers, Flow Controls, Connectors, Scopes, filters,

Exceptions handling In Mule.

 Experience and understanding of Web Services (Both REST and SOAP)

 Experience in Mule application testing using MUnit framework.

 Working on Transformation Tools like Data Weave and Mule Connectors.

 Routing different Applications using Enterprise Service Bus(ESB ) Mule.

 Experience in transformations using Data weave Language (DWL) .

 Good experience in Anypoint Studio for MuleSoft application development.

 Extensively used Expression, Flow Reference, Invoke, Java, Logger, Transform message.

 Experience in Developing Web services using Restful (JSON).

 Experience in building, running, testing and deploying the Mule applications into the ESB server.

 Excellent database experience with MySQL.

 Good experience in Any Point Studio and Cloud Hub & On Premises development using MMC .

Mulesoft developer
 Experience on creating BizTalk Server artifacts such as Orchestrations, Maps, Schemas, Adapters,

Ports, and Pipelines

 Experience in publishing Schemas and Orchestrations as WCF service, and consuming WCF and

Web Services.

 Worked with Deploying a BizTalk Solution.

 Implemented Business Process for Orchestrations.


 Technologies : MuleSoft\ ESB,(4.1\3.9\3.8) Anypoint Studio, RAML.

Microsoft BizTalk Server
 Web Services : RESTful , SOAP
 API Technologies : JSON\POM\RAML\JAVA

 Web/App Servers : Web logic, Tomcat, IIS.

 Databases and Tools : SQL Server My SQL. No-SQL, Oracle

 OS and Tools : Windows\Linux

 Source Control : SVN,TFS


 Working as a Software Engineer for EBYTE Software Solutions Pvt Ltd , HYDERABAD from
DEC 2014 to Till Date.

Title : Hospital Management System
Client : Sutter Health
Role : Developer
Sutter Health is the leading private sector healthcare provider in California, United States owns and manages a
network of specialty hospitals and clinics, a chain of Pharmacy retail outlets across the Melbourne metropolitan
area, and provides Consultancy Services for commissioning and managing the Specialty Hospitals. This
software developed for Sutter Health. The main aim of the application is to maintain the database of the Sutter
Health group of hospitals and partners.

• Develop REST APIs using MuleSoft Anypoint API Platform.
• Participate in requirements gathering sessions with application developers and functional users.
• Involve in API design sessions to decide various resources within each API, message schemas, message
formats and authentication.

• Develop RAML documents using Anypoint API Platform. Provide mocking services to application

• Use Database and HTTP connectors to implement API Methods to read and write data to PeopleSoft
Student Information System.

• Develop API Portals to document the APIs.

Client : Vogel Paints
Role : Developer

Vogel Paints is the famous paint manufacturing company in USA. Vogel Employee Tracker is an application that
allows managing staff, keeping track of employee information, salary history, perks, working hours, paid time
off and many more. The application Manages employee personal and business information, tracks employee
performance reviews and compensation history, Maintain employee growth and store position related data.


 Designed, developed and worked extensively on Schemas, Maps, Pipelines, and Orchestrations and
worked on exception handling to fix the errors.
 Developed Custom Pipeline component to manipulate the incoming messages.

 Involved in Design and prepared High level design documents.

 Developing all the Artifacts from BizTalk to meet the given technical design document.
 Preparing Unit Cases for Maps and End to End flow of the interface.
Developing orchestrations and configuring various ports.