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The PM of pakistan Mr Imran Khan



Respected sir,

Iam pakistani and iam loyal to my country.As Iam citizen of pakistan the health and
education are my Basic needs, these two depends on electricity which is also

Our basic need.Iam resident of village piaro station in dadu city we are facing

The artifical electricity crisis for a long time but this condation Now has reached upto its extreme level in
our area.There no any relic of electricity sice last four days.

When we try to contect them they said that the coils of Transformer are not workimg.

They didn’t change coils of transformer yet (aftet four days)The employees give only consolation,but are
not working.This is violation of our basic rights.Without electricity the whole life of life of common
people especially education and hospitals are Distrubed because of the irresponsible and merciles
empyoeesAnd officers in our village piaro station for long time.

We have been protested many times in past but the condations are same.The do this for money (bribe).
This problem will not solved when One person will go throughout the village and collect money for
Emplyoees.we are disgusted for there wicked and merciles actions.I have already complained against low
voltage but my complain was droled.Due to non avaliblity of documents what type of document could be
for low voltage?

I hope you will administer justice to us.and we will be given quick and favourable response.

Dated 24-4-2019

From all the citizen and poor community of piaro station