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Act up Answer back Answer for Ask after Ask for Back away Back down Back out Back up Bargain for Bear out Bear up Bear with Blow down Blow out Blow over Blow up Boil over Break away Break down Break in Break off Break off with Break out Break through Break up Bring about Bring back Bring in Bring off Bring out Bring over Bring round pia ane eoenuntenteteonen to behawe badly to reply tly A to be responsible for to enquire about health to invite trouble to reverse away to abandon one's opinion or position to move out backwards to give support to to expect to corroborate to keep up one's spirits to make allowance for to knock down to extinguish by blowing to pass away, as a storm to lose one's temper to spill-over after boiling to go away, escape to collapse, in tears; to fail completed to enter violently, to interrupt to detach by breaking, end suddenly = to have no further relation with to get out by breaking; to burst into speech = to overcome an obstacle titie @ to disintegrate, destroy or upset completely to cause to happen to return something to introduce something to achieve to make clear; to put before the public to convert to win over; to restore from ill- ness Bring together Bring up Brush off Brush up Build up Burst in Burst out Burst up But in Button up Buy off Buy over Call away Call back Call by Call down Call for Call in Call of Call on Call out Call over Call round Call up Care about Care for Carry away Carry it Carry off Carry on iow wed i] ie | i} to bring into contact to rear or educate; to vomit to ignore, dismiss to clean and tidy; to renew one's knowledge of to create, acquire, consolidate to enter suddenly into a room or into conversation to start violently into, e.g., scolding etc. to quarrel or disrupt to interrupt to fix or close by doing up buttons; to ready for action to get rid of by paying to bribe to summon to carry on another activity to visit again; to telephone again to visit in passing to invoke; to rebuke to ask loudly for; to demand; to require to visit; to demand repayment of to abandon; to cancel to make a short visit; to appeal to to challenge to fight a duel to read aloud (a list) to visit casually to summon; to mobilise to be concerned to attend; to look after to deprive of self-control by - exciting the feelings; to transport io to behave, demean oneself; to cause the death of; to gain, to win to continue; to have an affair Carry out Carry over Carry up Cart off Carve up Cash in on Cast about Cast away Cast back Cast down Cast off Cast out Cast up Catch on Catch out Catch up Chase up Check in Check out Check over Check up Clear off Clear out Clear up Close down Close with Clutter up Colour up Come about Come across Come across with ow ul ot fou ow Il Won ou we i oi i oil tot ol i) Il to accomplish; to complete a task to postpone to next occassion to continue a building upward to remove to divide; to injure a person esp. by slashing with a razor. to turn to one’s advantage to look about; to search for to waste; to wreck to revert to deject; to turn downward to reject to quarrel to throw up; to turn up to comprehend; to become popular to detect in error or deceit to draw level and sometime over-take to pursue for a purpose to arrive at a hotel to give up one's room and leave a hotel to inspect carefully to examine or verify to get rid of, dispose of to empty, a drawer etc. to explain; to make or to become clear to give up business; to come to stoppage of work to accede to; to accept ; to grapple with to make untidy by cluttering or crow with many things to blush, flush to happen to be understood; to meet or find by chance to provide