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Strzok-Page Texts 2016-11-17 19:47:52, Thu INBOX O16-11-17 INBOX [@ °/ @ think he has any idea what he's doing from one day to the (09:35:52, Thu next. 2016-11-17 INBOX Re your email, know briefed Pence, right 19:22:30, Thu | {just so there are no surprises)? 2016-17-17 |OUTBOX I don’t know if they would recall who did, but they know we sent 19:23:24, Thu lsomeone.| spoke ta about it. We both think there's no action for us to take. — 2016-13-17 JOUTBOX Re above re email, it might be more important for to know 19:32:32, Thu ‘that briefed Pence, no? - | 2016-11-17 INBOX I think that's a good idea. I" talk with so they build 19:33:48, Thu imessaging/don't overlap [2016-11-17 | INBOX (Harumph. | want to see you, Is Andy on/regular length wrap? 19:46:00, Thu _ 2016-11-17 |OUTBOX 'Yes, so far as I know, 19:46:19, Thu - 2016-11-17 INBOX "Talking with Bill. Do we want to go with instea 19:47:10, Thu for a variety of reasoms? 2016-11-17 |OUTBOX Hmm. Not sure. Would it be unusual to have show up again? Maybe another agent from the team? __ | ‘the Cl guy.” Same.might make sense. He can assess if Or, he 19:49:43, Thu Ithete are any news Qs, or different demeanor. If husband is lthere, he can see if there are people we can develop for potential z _— relationships . ee jaoig-ia-17 —_|auTaox [Should task Andy about it? Or Bill want to reach out for andy? 19:50:33, Thu - [2016-11-17 INBOX told him I'm sure we could ask you to make the swap if we 19:52:09, Thu - thought it was smart. It's not until Mon so Bill can always discuss . lwith him tomorrow. (ouTBox It's the regular mtg with Jim and Andy. 19:53:02, Thu - 2016-11-17 INBOX JOR. No you cant, WAH-wah, 19:54:54, Thu loursox Ha, This gave me a chuckle.\n\nN¥Times: A Trumpian Silver Jo2:12:18, Fri Lining\nA Trumpian Silver Lining, j2016-11-18 INBOX Nope. Fixed it. Fly Tues, arr Wed. Meet Thurs and Fri. Fly back Sat. Jou:47:35, Fri - |All that assuming the other side can do those dates. laoi6-11-18 INBOX ‘Was just reading NYT, Apparently 12:18:07, Fri _ _|Mike Rogers has been to NY to visit Trump 2016-11-18 INBOX ISessions for AG 2:40%5, Fri | __! 2016-11-18 |OUTBOX [Good god 12:49:19, Fri 2016-11-18 [INBOX Disagree with Bil on last topic 23:22:11, ri - _ 2016-11-18 | OUTBOX Lust hit you in Iyne but need to go see andy 21:45:39, Fri _ 2016-11-18 INBOX lok guess | missed you. Talking with and 22:48:17, Fri 159 oy-PROD-0000925